Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well today was day two of his months chemo cycle, and its not been a
brilliant day overall.

I have to take anti sickness drugs an hour before I take the chemo tablets,
but they make me feel sick - odd I know. Now normally they just make me feel
like I have eaten far too much and sick, but it passes within half an hour
or so. But today its not been so.

I have felt rough for the majority of the morning, which hasn't been good,
so I haven't done any work for the office and have not been online for
Facebook etc.

Will see what tomorrow brings, the hospital have suggested that I may be
able to handle the chemo tablets on their own without the anti sickness so I
may try that tomorrow.

Anyway am off to bed.

Update tomorrow

Steve x

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Good Day

Well today has been a brilliant day.

As my previous post said I had good results from the hospital. Although this
does not mean I'm cured or will be, things are looking good.

My prognosis wasn't brilliant and it has played on my mind since it was
given to me, but this small positive reminder makes me believe more that I
can beat the prognosis.

Anyway I feel so much better today and lots more positive comments have come
in too.

Off to bed now as I think I will sleep well - haven't slept well for a few
days as have been worrying about todays results.

Night all, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

And the results are in - round 2

Well I'm back from the hospital.

And the results are positive - there has been a marked improvement in my
cancer and its getting smaller - which means although am not out of the
woods yet it looks better all round.

I had to wait around for my blood tests as usual and again they came back

So all the Garlic, Q10, Immune boosting drugs that am taking and such are
really helping.

The positive attitude of myself and all the others around me (especially all
those around me) has also helped as there have been hard days when I have
thought I couldn't get through it.

One thing I have done though is I didn't tell anyone about my scan no
parents or anything I did it on my own, only Mark knew. It was hard sitting
waiting for a week without everyone knowing but was easier to deal with as I
could just push it out of the way, if the news had been different then I
would have had to discuss it another way.

I haven't intentionally blocked people out from this news its just made
things a whole lot easier for me to work with, and a lot less stressful too,
and it has been a stressful week too, I have been short tempered at the
smallest of things.

Anyway the news is good, they docs are not bothered too much about my
headaches, they have said as long as I am able to control them with
Paracetomol etc then its not an issue - there is loads going on in my head
and if thats the only side effect then am doing well.

Anyway I need to do the post run for the shop, and today is the first time
I'm using the post office account.

Will update later.

Steve x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well just a quickie before I head off to bed.

Today has been a long yet productive day and I feel positive because I have
managed to get stuff done.

On the other hand though I am actually really tired and have a headaches so
me thinks I have done too much, must listen to my body as I said the other

I'm just a bugger when it comes to work, I will just always do that last
little bit.

Its done now and I think I have learned my lesson.

I'm at Christies tomorrow ready for my next Chemo run, so I have the fun of
blood tests to come too - oh joy.

Will update again tomorrow.



Well I haven't worn one for a week, even though I still have a bald patch
over my scar area.

I'm just at the point now where I just don't care about people seeing my
scar, if they say something I can tell them why, if they have a moan then
its a good opportunity to let off some steam at them and have a moan

The other reason behind not wearing a hat all the time is I think it may be
slowing down the re-growth of my hair.

So as Tesco would say - Every little helps....

It looks like I'm actually doing loads of work today, I have set my reports
off for work and have managed to amend some of the eBay listings so that we
now ship worldwide.

Will get more done and will update you all later.


Monday, 28 March 2011


Well after this afternoons blog, I don't really have much to say other than
my brain hurts - information overload I think.

This evening has been a lot less thinking and more vegetating.

I did have a parcel from the post office today which means we are now all
set up to run our post office account, I have stickers and vouchers and
allsorts, it's a bit mad, I will effectively be my own post office. All I
have to do is just take the bags to the post office and drop them off, no
more queuing and upsetting the locals so it's good all round.

The one problem is the postman here has gone mad, he keeps delivering the
large postal sacks full of postal sacks, I have had three deliveries so far
which is about 50 sacks - I know the business is picking up but I don't
think we need that many just yet.

The compost bin is now in place and we have started to fill it up with veg
peelings and such, hopefully in the next couple of months we will have some
lovely rich compost, and not just a pile of teabags.

I'm hoping that the systems will running in the office tomorrow so that I
can get more donr tomorrow, if I feel a little bit better than I did today I
will actually go into the office as its easier, and will be te last
oppertuniy for the next few weeks as its chemo week starting on Wednesday.

I have upped my dosage of Echinacea too as I did start with a cold late last
week - this normally happens when the weather changes in any case so I
wanted to avoid it keeping hold of me so I'm being good and doing everything
I can to help me keep boosted.

Anyway am off to bed now, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Tweets, Blogs, HTML and SEO

Now to most people, the above will mean very little (in secret I'm the same)
But I have promised myself to learn a new skill in the next few weeks to
keep my little brain occupied and I decided to turn my hand at something
technical and useful for the business and learn all about websites and how
they are run with Google etc.
I didn't think it would be so technical and interesting.
I have been trying to do work for the office today but as that age old
saying goes "computer says NO" keeps coming back so whilst I have been
waiting for that I have been doing little bits of research online learning
as I go.
It's really interesting - although also a bit of a minefield. The bits I do
know im confident with, and then the new bits I'm learning im stringing
everything else together - which is how it should be really so its all
making sense at some point, its just getting to that point thats the hard
So now I can send one Tweet and it ends up on my Twitter, and on Facebook,
and on my Buzz site. I can blog on here and it ends up on all those sites
I have been playing arounf with the website
today and have managed somehow to lock myself out, so will have to reset
that and get back in. There is now a holding page for
so that is well under way too.
There is just loads to do and not a load of time in which to do it.
I really do think I could become a full time web geek at this rate, the days
fly by when am occupied, and working from home isn't the best place to be
anyway, so this is perfect.
This week for example is Chemo week again so I have to be careful what I do,
and my day is pretty scheduled because of the treatment but I hate it too,
so something like this is going to really keep me occupied.
One thing I will say though is I need to slow down too. This weekend has
been a bit hectic and I really felt it this morning when getting up.
I felt like I had single handed done the Oxbridge boat race this weekend
(how current is that for your) so I need a few early nights this week to
get in "Sleep Credit" as I know I will be really tired otherwise next
weekend which will spoil the whole weekend.
Listen to my body is the key phrase for this weekend, and to pipe up if I
don't feel like doing something as I'm a bugger for saying I'm fine and I
carry on.
Anyway have things to learn, I'm looking at analytics in a bit so will focus
on that, then it's time for the post office run (All the chavs will be drunk
now so won't be in the post office and the old ladies will be locked up
indoors scared of the chavs!) - It does happen sadly, and I don't condone
it, but it does keep the two sets of people apart and off the streets when
everyone else needs to go about their own business.
Will update later
Steve x

Sunday is Recycling Day

Today has been a "Green" Day

Yes our new green lifestyle really has started with a passion. We have been
Up=cycling some chairs for our dining room, which means we have been sanding
them down, priming and painting them and they will get a new set of fabric.
Old chairs have suddenly become New chairs again - much nicer too when they
have been finished.

Thanks to mum who helped sand them down this afternoon.

I have been preparing the Tartan material ready for making into the new
product range. I didnt realise how much tartan we had, and how mank
skirts/kilts we have unpicked in the last month or so.

They all have to be washed and ironed, so im now like Mrs Kwong at the
Chineese wash-house at the moment.

Mark has been making a recycled bag this afternoon too out of jeans and of
course a scrap of tartan.

Hese will be appearing on the website son too.

I'm into composting at the moment too as Lawrence wants to tourn part of our
garden into a vege plot, so I have bought a 330 litre composting bin, and
its amazing what you can put in there to put on your garden, we will have
the richest soil in Salford at the rate we are going on.

I'm off into work tomorrow if I feel upto it, I have felt achy today though
so will see in the morning.

The eBay sales for this week have been going OK and have had afew sales
directly from the website too so all is going well.

Will sign off now as I need to sleep ready for tomorrow.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Our little blue knight...

Today has been probably been th most random of days I have had in a while.

We got up this morning and processed the orders from our eBay shop and and I walked them down to the post office.

Mark followed me down in the car and we set off to the main sorting office
to collect our other parcels - this is becoming a daily task at the moment
as they don't appear to deliver to our house for some strange reason.

From there it was fill up with Diesel, and we were off to South Sheild's to
collect our latest eBay purchase a 4ft Suit of armour.

I have always wanted a suit of armour and this one came up on eBay and Mark
started ti bid on it, not realising where it was.

Anyway we won the bid and we had to go collect.

He's a fun little thing and is painted bright blue. He will be sprayed
silver/grey soon and will live in the garden. I will put a picture of
before and after when its done.

We also popped into see a friend Justian in Durham on the way home - we had
lovely twee sandwiches and sponge cake - perfect for an afternoon tea.

It was then time for the long drive home - which I found hard for some
strange reason even though I obviously wasn't driving. My body just decided
to not want to be in the car and ached all over. I was ok when we got to
ASDA to pick up some bits, I just needed to stretch my body I think.

Tomorrow is going to be another constructive day as we need to sand and
prime some chairs we are working on. I have already stripped the chairs down
of their covers. So after they have been sanded and primed they will be
painted in the week.

Anyway its late and have been up since early this morning so will sign off
and update tomorrow.


Friday, 25 March 2011


Well I haven't updated for a few days so think I should.

The last few days have been a little hectic with one thing an another and I
have also started to come down with a summer cold too because of the change
in the weather - Brilliant......

Just had loads to sort out over the last few days and fit in my BASIC on
Wednesday plus a massage, which I needed as I was really starting to ache
this week, probably because of the start of the cold coming on.

My head has been a little absent this week too, with everything going on I
have just been chasing my tail so much and forgetting things along the way.

I have had a few days off from the office though so that I can catch up with
myself and I do feel the benefit of it.

Plans are still underway for which is our Recycled,
green part of the business. The product range is almost there we just have
to build the website now and get it all running.

Justtheone4u is also the name of our eBay and Folksy store as the name
allows us to sell a mix of products all under the one name. Obviously we are
still selling our costumes of one eBay and these don't really come under any
other banner than the name, but we will not be
extending the sale of these as once they are gone they are gone.

We will be working on the website though and it
will be offering a full range of products including wigs and makeup etc
which are still also available on the Facebook and eBay stores.

My aim for the next few weeks is also to learn a new skill, and have decided
that this skill is going to be SEO and internet marketing in general, now I
know it's not something you can pick up overnight but is something I have
always dabbled with and been interested in so am going to add it to my list
of things to learn, it also keeps my brain active and something else I can
focus on.

Anyway am supposed to be doing work for the office as I'm on catch-up, but
will update later with more of my plans for world domination.

I haven't had headache yet but I know there is one coming along soon so will
just keep drinking my Green Tea and my juice to flush my body out, which
does help with the headaches and the achiness.

Till laters

Steve x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Orange pay and - oh sorry im gone

Today has been poop in the shame of an Orane Poop.
I have been with Orange (the mobile phone company_ fpr the best part of 10
years and have never had any issues with them, but since my contract was up
for renewal in March I have decided to drop my contract down as I don't use
my phone as much. And for obvious reasons I don't want to tie myself into
another 24 month contract
So have decided to take the less organised option (less organised for me
that is) and go Pay as you Go
What a fiasco.
This whole thing has so far taken from the 12th Feb till now, and were
nowhere near resolved.
Orange - you're a bunch of idiots.
Anyway I have moaned at them loads today and will hopefully get a resolution
tomorrow, shortly before I tell them to stuff their contract right in their
(fill in the blink) and move to another provider....
Headache today has been moving around too, im not surprised with all the
moaning that I have been doing....
Not much else to say either which is not like me but im sure I will make up
for it tomorrow.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Well after today's update I don't have much to say really.

I have been tired this afternoon though. I finished at 4.30 as I couldn't
concentrate on the work any more so I made my way to the post office with
all our eBay sales. There were none of the local in so nobody to complain
that I had loads of parcels to send.

One bit of news I hav had though this evening is that my brother is on 24
hours notice to go out to Libiya - its just something we have got used to in
the past, its his job being in the Army, and just part and parcel of what he
he has to do. Hopefully it wont happen but if it does then we have to live
with it.

Mark has been sending me emails all evening for companies that we would like
to stock their products so I have been sending out the emails to the
appropriate people, this should hopefully bring us loads more stock ranges
for the websites. Will keep you all updated as to what they are when they

We have also started to strip down our Boudouir chairs this evening we
managed to do one each, these will be our new dining room chairs when they
are done, jusy lots of work to go on 8 of them before then. Will post a
picture tomorrow of the progress if I remember.

Anyway its time for bed. Will update again tomorrow.

Steve x


Am sat at my desk working, and my machine is on a go slow so thought I would
write a little update on how things are going.

I have just been thinking about a conversation I had a the weekend with a
friend about this blog.

Her partner has also had cancer and knows what it's like to be a carer of a
cancer sufferer as well as a partner of someone with cancer too.

She said she didn't want to read the blog because of the content and she had
enough of the Big C in her life, not that she wasn't interested in how I

I said that my blog has very little to do with cancer and the C word doesn't
get mentioned an awful lot, and it's a conscious effort not to mention it,
as that's not what it's about, it's about me. Cancer just happens to be a
small part of me, if I write about it every day, talk about it every day etc
then it gets to be a bigger part of me - this is something won't allow to

It is odd though how sometimes I become the centre of conversation and then
am spoken about as though am not there in a very rapid movement. Stephen
becomes Cancer. I'm getting good at being thick skinned though and ignoring
it or steering the conversation back to somewhere else knowing that it won't
be long before were back to the C word again.

It all sounds odd but there is very little I can do though to avoid these
situations as it's something that's there - again it's a case of being thick
skinned and getting on with it.

Cancer is a small part of me, it's not what I'm all about, and it never will

Anyway, enough of my soapbox rants.

Will update later

Steve x

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Well its been a random day. And a bit non stop.

We got up this morning and mark had a bit of a hangover from last night. We just veged on the sofa and unpicked a couple of kilts.

Nick and Geoff arrived after a while. And asked us if we wanted to go out for the afternoon. Nick had to visit his dad in Chester so we made our way over that way via Tarporly and we ended up at the candle workshop. Then from there we headed off to the icecrean factory where they sell the widest choice of icecream I have ever seen.

From there it was off to see Nicks dad and then onto KFC for dinner - the healthy choice!!!

Back home it was time for the eBay auctions to finish and time to hit the wrapping table.

All items are now wrapped and ready for me to upset the local at the post office tomorrow morning...

Am now in bed for an early night. Loads to do tomorrow.

Will update again tomorrow.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011


I probably wont get time to update later as were going for dinner with Nick,
Geoff, Chris, Carol and Sue at The Nook

There will be lots of merriment I'm sure and we have been ordered to take
our Wii controllers with us, which im sure will mean dancing on Broadway has
been loaded up in readiness.

Woke up with headache, but I think that's because I slept for much longer
than I would normally, so probably my own fault, I haven't had any problems
for the rest of the day though.

As for today its been a quick scout round the charity shops for more tartan
but I think we have exhausted the northwest's supply. We get deliveries
every day though from the post office for items we have bought online so
that's still a supply, we just have to get round to actually making them up

Nick is here so off we go

Chat laters

Steve x

Friday, 18 March 2011

End of day

Well its the end of the day and am tired, so need to go to bed but a quick
updated is needed.

This evening has been a busy evening for the shop, looks like there has been
a lot of people staying in and shopping.... All those products are now
packaged up and will be making their way to the post office first thing.

Tomorrow I need to make more of an effort to drink more Green Tea, I haven't
been drinking as much lately and I can actually feel the difference. It's
not going to be bad tomorrow as Mark has work to do so am going to work on
the website, I would like it to be fully up and running with all the
products we have by the end of the weekend, time will tell.

I had to tale two painkillers earlier as I did have headache but have not
had anything since so I see that as a good sign.

Not much else to say as have said most of it earlier but will update
tomorrow as and when things happen.

Steve x

Sunshine and being green.

Well what a lovely day it is today. I woke really late today as Mark let me sleep, I must have needed it if I stayed asleep as I have been getting up lately. I was tired yesterday after being in the office though.

I did feel the benefit of the sleep though so all good.

Our new green life of self sufficient and recycling is going really well. We ordered our compost bins today so we should have compost within the next few months. Its almost time to start planting the first of the peas in my pots. I might start them on the kitchen window again.

Plans for the upcycled and recycled gifts for the store are going well too. Lots of ideas, just need either a fleet of people to put them into action or an extra 7 days a week for us to do them.

Will update later with more.

Steve x
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Woo hoo

Its sunny. I love it when the sun shines.
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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well today has been a random day. I have been into the office to work from
there and have managed to get loads done, which is brilliant, as I get a
positive feeling when I have managed to get loads done, its just one of
those things.

After I finished Mark picked me up and we popped into the wig warehouse and
bought some more stock for the website which we photographed earlier this
evening and Mark has been busy uploading to the eBay store. I will add them
to the Facebook group tomorrow to help with the advertising.

This morning was a bit odd, as last night we decided to go to bed early for
a change, which is unusual for us. However at 5am this morning we were both
wide awake and chatting, we decided it was too early to get up so we went
back to sleep and then got up a little later.

One problem I have had today though is achy body, My legs have become really
achy and I have had keep going in order for them to not be so achy.

I have just had to take a couple of painkillers though as I do have a bad
headache, and with going tobed shortly I wanted to be able to sleep well, so
I took some, its still not bad though as haven't had any for a few days.

Other than that its been a good day and I feel OK, ready for a good weekend.

Will update during the day tomorrow.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Well today has been a brilliant day all round. I have managed to achieve so
much. I worked from home this morning sorting the basics out then Mark had a
meeting in town so I hitched a lift and went into the office to sort the VAT
paperwork out.

I have also managed to have three visits to the post office with orders. Zak
at the post office says I'm keeping him in business and he needs more
customers like me. He wishes our business the very best, because at the end
of the day like he says its smaller traders like myself that are keeping his
business going.

This evening Mark made a lovely dinner and we had Asparagus on the say so of
Flick at the office, apparently its good for Chemo treatment. So that's what
we had with Risotto, wait till I tell her tomorrow.

Other than being busy with the jobs I have felt OK. My legs are a little bit
achy today but that's normal after chemo so I just carry on. That's my
philosophy at the moment, and has been since my diagnosis, just to carry on.
Stop moaning and get on with it. If I do moan and stop, that's when I feel I
will become ill.

Anyway, not much esle to say today other than I feel ok. The headaches are
still there but I haven't taken any pain killers again so that's another day

Maybe I can start to come off the steroids soo - who knows.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

and so to bed we go.....

Well it's been a good day, I have managed to get loads done for the office
and I was proud of Flick managing on her own, I knew she would be able to
and me not going in proved that point.

I have also managed to get some stuff done for us too, we have had quite a
few orders for new range of wigs we uploaded yesterday.

My mum came down this evening too which is always fun as she comes out with
some funny stories. Did you know that a Lama is like a sheep inbred (yes
that's the right word used) goat with a long neck. You had to be there to
see the funny side of it but my mum really does have some mad friends.

Haven't had any pain killers at all today although I have had a little
headache, not as much as yesterday though so to me that's a good sign. Will
see what tomorrow brings.

Anyway am off to bed, will update tomorrow.


Mini Update

Well it's been a while since I updated during the day so I thought I would
for a change.

Have been working from home all day today as I didn't feel upto going into
the office. It's not that I didn't feel upto it, I just knew it would tire
me out for the rest of the week and I really want to go in on Thursday to
help Flick and also to see the guys.

Managed to get loads done today though, and I don't feel too tired or

I do have a slight headache but nothing compared to how it has been. I just
take a rest every so often and it doesn't bother me, I'm trying desperately
to reduce the number of painkillers I take and have only had one so far in
three days so am doing well.

Mum is down this evening so will be cooking dinner shortly.

Will update later when I have more to say.

Steve x

Tired Again

Well I been tired today and didn't manage to log on to work till lunch, I
still managed to get loads done though this afternoon when I did finally get

I have just been tired, even though am not doing much physically.

I go to bed and am asleep before I hit the pillow and I'm actually sleeping
right through now as opposed to up every hour for the lo - so my Massage
Therapists recommendation of not drinking Green Tea after 6pm has actually
worked, I just have to drink a little bit extra during the day that's all.

Other than that everything is OK. I did have a headache earlier but I took
one pain killer and its gone away - that's one painkiller in 2 days so I'm
doing well.

We have managed to get a number of the wigs uploaded to the eBay store and they are
slowly being linked on Facebook, the two of us have worked all evening on
it, the plans we have are getting bigger....

It's nice the fact that we spend so much time together these days working on
new ideas. That's one good thing that's come out of this illness I suppose,
the re-evaluation of both our lives.

Anyway, its well past my bedtime and I need to go to bed otherwise I will be
even more tired tomorrow.

Will update during the day if I can.

Steve x

Monday, 14 March 2011


Well today has been one of those days where much has happened but loads has
been done.

After yesterdays goings on I was physically tired today, so haven't been
upto much today. I have sat in the lounge and worked on the website and
chatted on Facebook. It's amazing how I can link my business life together
and not leave my laptop.

The shop is coming along well and this week's items have been uploaded to
eBay we have
a great range of corsets suitable for a range of sizes from small to 6XL so
something for everyone.

We have some great wigs coming on this week too, and I hope to get these
onto the website at the same time too. Time will tell this week though. I
will be happy if we just get a couple up this week, and then more next week,
at least the stock is rolling that way. It's probably easier done that way
as we have different styles in different so if we get one style in all
colours up. That would be a real start.. Oh it's all technical.....

That's enough business for today me thinks. You can keep an eye out though
on as to where am upto.

On a health note other than being tired and achy I haven't been that bad, I
haven't taken any pain killers today either. I have had a slight headache
but nothing that I need to take something for, which I see as a good sign.

I hope this week is going to be quiet as I'm not upto much I don't think,
although I would like to go into the office Tuesday and Thursday to help
Flick with the payments etc as Antonia is off so would like to be there to
support her. Will have to see how I feel on Tuesday morning. If not it will
be from home.

Am off to bed now, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Today hasn't been the best of days, as we have been out in the store room and
moved loads of stuff around, thrown stuff away and disagreed about the
majority of it.
I did find some earrings though that were lost at Michelle's wedding a
couple of years ago, which is now ironic as we couldn't wear them when we
were performing and now we can't wear them because we're not performing....
Have worked a little more on and have managed to
add a number of other products, hopefully I will get the corsets and wigs on
this week some time, today was just not the day it was going to be done.
I'm having major issues though h with the pictures, I resize them and then
they grow when I add them to the site, I'm far too tired to even bother
trying to resolve the issue so am going to leave it and look at it again
Have been contacted by someone that possibly wants to buy our sound
equipment, so that's another big piece of Trouble moving on.
Mark is working on uploading more stock to the eBay store ready for
tomorrows run, so that's me busy next week with sales and trips to the post
I'm aching though today as I think I have done too much, tomorrow will be a
real chill out day, I will just curl up on the sofa with my laptop and try
and iron out the issues with the website. Hopefully they can all be done and
I can just then relax. Would like to get live
tomorrow too, we ust need to get a landing page sorted and then a shop can
be worked on from there.
Me and my headache are now off to bed.
Steve x


Well today has been one of those days, I was going to go into the office but
I woke up really tired and achy so I decided to work from home. I actually
wanted to go into the office today, but didn't want to get myself any more
tired than I am, it will just wipe out the weekend otherwise. Best just
listen to my body and do as it says.

Although saying that I still managed to complete all my work from home and
also do a bit of work on the website ( and the
effort is showing as I have had two orders directly from the website this
evening. Will be working on it this weekend as Mark has work to do from home
so that will occupy me this weekend.

The plans for World Domination are still bubbling over and are coming out
slowly but surely, it's actually quite exciting to have something to work
towards now that were not performing any more.

The headaches though today haven't been brilliant, they have been off and on
all day, although I have avoided taking pain killers until late this
afternoon, I haven't had any more since then though, I just have to keep
occupied and I don't notice it as much - good job I got loads of ideas then.

Will sign off now though as its well past my bedtime. Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

World Domination - Day 2

Well things are well underway for world domination and the infrastructure
for it all is taking place (I wrote some notes earlier)

You all probably think I'm crazy wittering on every day about world
domination, but that is exactly my plan, or should I say our plan. We just
want to dominate our bit of the world.

Long since before I was diagnosed, and we were both on the road performing
we have had plans to open a gift and craft store. Something we both enjoy
and would have liked to do, however working the circuit with Trouble and
then being involved in the pub and one thing and another its newer got off
the back burner.

However my illness has made us both make changes in our life and now the
idea has started to bubble over in the background and so it's been brought
forward. We have started to build the structure we need to enable us to do
this, and the first start was obviously to clear our dressing room of all
the costumes, both as we don't need them anymore, and we also need the room.

We are quickly racing ahead with lots of the plans and more plans are coming
out of these too. Those come to the house know that tartan is a big feature
here at the moment, I'm not going to say what or how it is, but it's a
different product.

As we head towards April and my birthday though time is ticking, and I
wanted to make plans. We have asked each other what we are going to do in
June when I finish my current regime of treatment. If the news isn't so
good, what do I want to do, if it's good news again what do I want to do.

We ultimately would like to own a shop, something we can work in together,
and manage our world damnation plans.... again this has always been the
plan, but since my illness it's been something we have looked into more
closely. Mark has been looking at premises and we have both been sourcing
new products. Everything is falling into place slowly, will just see what
the next few months bring us.

It's obviously going to be hard for us, but I'm sure we can do it, as it's
something we have looked at for about 4 years now. We will see.

On a health note I'm feeling tired today, it's probably all these ideas I
keep having. Have done loads of work for the office too so that's all good,
as I have now got an empty inbox ready for tomorrow. Have only taken two
painkillers today, which is a good sign as I managed to hold off for the
majority of the day - it's not bad if I am occupied I don't tend to notice
the ache. Which is now in my head not my neck. I wish it would just all
settle down up there and get back to normal.

Anyway am going to sign off and take the last of my immune boosting drugs so
that I rattle going to bed....

If anyone knows of a nice little shop somewhere close by that needs a new
occupier then let me know.

Till then


World Domination

What a day, I have worked so hard, my brain actually hurts.... OK so it
hurts anyway, but I have had so many ideas today that my brain is bursting.

I just need a few thousand pounds and I would be away with all these ideas,
than and a production warehouse somewhere in my back garden. I just need a
team of staff, and space and the world would be our oyster. All will come
clear in the next few weeks.

We have started to launch again as the main site
for the shop, I know it's been hanging around for a couple of years but I
like the name and I already own the domain so might as well use it.

Headaches haven't been too good today, I think it's because of all the
thinking I have been doing, but there you have it. I take pain killers when
I really have too but not until I am really uncomfortable, as I hate the
fact I'm putting so much into my body at the moment, what with the steroids
and the stomach protectors etc. I know I dose up on Vitamins and Immune
Boosting drugs, but I try and phase these through the day so that am not
taking them all at once, I literally do feel though that sometimes I am a
human maraca.

My mum came down this evening which was nice as she hasn't been down for a
while as the young lad she looks after has had a really bad cold, and even
though she hasn't seen any of the cold in herself, she didn't want to be a
carrier and bring it down to the house because of Chemo Week, especially as
its my lowest immune time, this is just something we all have to think about
now on a daily basis.

Mark said I was like a warthog last night in bed, I wouldn't know why as I
slept like a baby and woke up this morning really refreshed, which is the
first time in a while that I have slept right the way through and actually
felt the benefits of a good night's sleep.

I must admit though that wearing my ear plugs because of Marks snoring does
help and I drift off to my own little world when I'm plugged in and under
the duvets. I can still hear my phone though as it's my alarm when it goes
off in a morning (unfortunately)

Tomorrow I'm going to be working from home again and will be having more
ideas, and hopefully some things will come to fruition tomorrow, who knows,
I may have some good news to tell you.

Will sign off now and go and annoy Mark in bed, he's reading a book about
peoples habits etc - why do you feel better after expensive headache tablets
and not cheapo ones (my ibuprofen were 29p form Lidl and I feel ok) he said
I didn't understand, I just think he's bought a book that says we do odd
things (which is exactly what he's done) never mind, I'm sure I will read it
too. I understand the concept of what its saying.

Like when you feel ill - immediately after seeing the doctor you feel
slightly better, even if they have only examined you, the fact that they
have gives you a placebo effect of healing....

Anyway I'm rambling now my brain is tired and it does its own thing when
it's like that, so don't want to say anything too incriminating J

Till tomorrows next update from the "Rambling Idiot"

Steve x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Long Day

Today has been a long day as I have been tired from yesterdays goings on,
but I have managed to get loads done strangely.

I was working from home today and managed to totally clear my inbox of all
outstanding things, so am ready to hit tomorrow running.

Our plans for world domination are speeding up and we are getting ready to
unleash them on the world in the next few days.

I had a tidy up in the store room and its now slowly looking more like a
store room/warehouse than a dressing room, its amazing how the place has
changed over the last few weeks.

My headache and neck ache started first thing this morning, but it wasn't
until much later in the day when I took anything for it, which again is a
good sign. My muscles haven't ached as much either today so I am not feeling
as bad as yesterday, they ache first thing, but by the time I have had a
shower etc it its started to get easier.

Anyway must get off to bed,, need to do the post run first thing.


Monday, 7 March 2011

And it was time for home..

Well were on the coach on the way home. Its dark so will both probably nod off. Will set an alarm for later otherwise we will end up in Preston.

Headache and neck ache have been intermittent today. Probably something to with all the looking up at buildings and ceilings..

In all the day has been really interesting. I also met another of the BT Buddies trustee's who had the same diagnosis as myself over 5 years ago, he's now back in work full time. There was another guy there too who has been back in work full time for a while and he has same prognosis but has so far outlived that. So all in all its been a positive day for me and Mark. Knowing these people are out there is one positive. Chatting to them in person is another.

Might update later if I think of anything.

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Dinner and home

Well we spent the day in the Palace of Westminster and I can honestly say I never thought I would see pictures of the greatest people of this country like Gladstone, Churchill, kings and queens displayed next to a picture of Miss Whiplash.....

Ok so its the other way around, but still an honour...

The exhibition was good and seen by many people, that was simply the aim, to raise awareness, so its done its job for today.

It will be making appearances around the UK in the next couple of months before being shipped off to the USA to be displayed over there. Check out for more info.

Will update more on the journey home.


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Big Ben

You always know what time it is when this is outside your window
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Behind the mask.

Our masks displayed in the houses of parliament
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That London

Well we finally managed to get to london and have had a little walk round to stretch our legs. Were currently waiting for lunch to arrive before we head off to the exhibition.

Have realised that as much as I like london I hate it too as people just don't have the time and walk right through you if you happen to be in the way.

Never mind only here for a few hours.

Will update again later.

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Up and out

Well we made it out of the house for 5.30am ready for our coach trip to London.

Were attending the 'Behind The Mask' exhibition with BT Buddies. Will update through the day our trip so you know exactly where I am.

Steve x
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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Well, well, well.

Today has been a mammoth day for shopping, and I can honestly say it only
took us about 2 hours in total.

First pit stop was the craft warehouse for bit for the new products. In -
grab and out again....

Then off to the wig warehouse for new wigs for the site, again, was in
trolley dash and back out in 20 mins, we normally take hours.

Then off to Nick and Geoff's for a quick brew and watch them fit their new
garden ball pond feature, then it was off to Makro for supplies. In, grab
and out again in no time. Brilliant.

I'm Glad its been so quick though to be honest as its been the last day of
my chemo for this month today and its really startedto take its toll, my
knees and joints ache, but if I keep going I tend not to notice.

Off to bed early tonight as we have to be up and out the house by 5.30
tomorrow morning to get to London for the Behind The Mask Exhibition with BT

What do you wear to meet an MP? I have been suggested a couple of outfits,
but they all don't fit any more and I couldn't be doing with the heels

Anyway will probably update a few times tomorrow with pics and such as I go.


Garden Balls

Well today has been an interesting day, on the hunt for garden balls....

Nick and Geoff have wanted a stainless steel ball water feature to replace
the one they wanted and have been on the lookout for a couple of months,
they have eventually found one in Barnsley, so we took a trip over there to
pick it up. We also had a troll round the town too to see what delights they
had and sampled their fine chips and gravy.

I didn't feel particularly with it though this afternoon after I took my
chemo and was a little bit down, I slept in the car on the way back though
which did make me feel a little bit better.

This evening we have been working on our new product range and working on
the eBay sore.

Tomorrow we are off to the warehouse to pick up some more products which
should hopefully be on the website tomorrow night if I can get my arse into
gear and put them on.

All in all though its been an OK day, I have only taken 1 lot of pain
killers for my neck which is good as this is becoming less and less every
day, so maybe in a few days the problem will have gone away.

I'm off to bed now as its an early'ish start tomorrow.

Will update when I can.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Night out

Ok so not exactly a night out on the town but we went with Nick and Geoff up to Burnley to see Chris and Harold. Nice to catch up with friends.

Have had some rather exciting news today but I can't say anything about it... I will be able to tell you all in a couple of weeks but till then I have to keep it under wraps which is a bit of a bugger. Still exciting though and you will all see the funny side when I tell you.

Nothing much else happened today. Head and neck aches have been less and have had no pain killers all day which I see as a good thing.

My legs did ache this morning because of the chemo, but once I was up and mobile they were sorted and all the aches went away. I only have till sunday to go now though for chemo so not too bad.

Anyway will sign off as need to book coach tickets to london for Monday for the behind the mask exhibition.

Will update tomorrow.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tick Tock

Well today has been an odd day, I went into the office because my machine at
home wasn't working as it should, and there is technical issues in the
office too. I just hoped that by being in the office things might just work
- I thought wrong.

I did some of the work I needed to do but I just felt like a spare part
today as I had emails backing up and I couldn't do any of them as the
systems were not there.

I had to meet someone at 1.15 and I left the office at 1pm, 5 minutes before
the systems came back up will get them done tomorrow now.

David came over today to collect some costumes that he had bought and it was
nice to see another set go to someone who will enjoy wearing them. Still
working on ideas for th shop and I think Sunday might be a buying trip I

Had my massage this afternoon and I must say it actually got rid of my head
and neck ache, I do enjoy the massages and have asked if I can also attend
her Reflexology too, so I will alternate, I just didn't know if I could
stand someone playing with my feet for an hour, so during my massage today
she did 10 minutes on my feet, and I was honestly OK so next time I go I am
having reflexology. I'm enjoying all these alternative treatments, and I can
honestly say I do think they are doing me well.

All in all though its been a good day and a lot has been achieved.

Will update again tomorrow.

Steve x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well today is hospital day. And we arrived on time and I was given my orders to have blood taken. All routine and that was over and done with within seconds. We had literally sat down before we were called to see the doctor. All very quick. Normally we have to wait for ages.

It does look very quiet though today and my appointment is first thing so no delays have yet managed to kick in.

Will now wait for the doctor and he will prescribe the next lot of chemo tablets and I can tell him about the head and beck aches I have been having.

I actually feel bad for moaning about the headaches as all through my illness I haven't had anything that has made me ill and now I'm moaning about a headache... I know I need to tell them though just so they are aware of what's going on.

Overall though I'm in a good mood and feeling ok so today might be a positive day overall - even my PC might treat me nicely and work... Stranger things have happened.

Will update later with any news from the doc.

Steve x
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Today has been a great day, I spent this morning waiting for the gas man to
come and sort an issue out and sat in the window at home. I then attempted
to do some work, this is where it went wrong.

My machine simply said NO

I couldn't get onto any of the applications that I needed, and it really put
a dampener on my afternoon. I did manage to get some things done but not the
important stuff.

This evening Mark made dinner as I worked on the new stick items, they are
coming along well and am looking forward to introducing them as soon as

Headaches and neck aches have been relatively low key today and have only
taken one pain killer all day, which is brilliant, and I hope this is a sign
for things to come.

Tomorrow is Hospital day, and also the start of my Chemo cycle for March, so
that will be the majority of the day taken up. Will then hopefully be able
to get onto the system and do some work to catch up from today. Some people
think I'm mad for wanting to work but it's one thing that keeps me normal
and keeps my brain ticking over. My dad was recently between contracts and
had a few weeks off and he completely understood me wanting to work as he
was in the same boat and hated all the time off.

Nothing much more to say for today so will sign off and update whilst am
waiting in the hospital tomorrow, its normally a few hour appointment, so
plenty of time to update.

Till then

Steve x