Sunday, 20 March 2011


Well its been a random day. And a bit non stop.

We got up this morning and mark had a bit of a hangover from last night. We just veged on the sofa and unpicked a couple of kilts.

Nick and Geoff arrived after a while. And asked us if we wanted to go out for the afternoon. Nick had to visit his dad in Chester so we made our way over that way via Tarporly and we ended up at the candle workshop. Then from there we headed off to the icecrean factory where they sell the widest choice of icecream I have ever seen.

From there it was off to see Nicks dad and then onto KFC for dinner - the healthy choice!!!

Back home it was time for the eBay auctions to finish and time to hit the wrapping table.

All items are now wrapped and ready for me to upset the local at the post office tomorrow morning...

Am now in bed for an early night. Loads to do tomorrow.

Will update again tomorrow.

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