Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just A quickie

Just a quick update for today.

I'm off to the Hospital at 12pm for the results of my biopsy.

Obviously I'm hoping for a good result but know that there are other results
out there. Either way I'm gearing up for a fight.

Last night in bed was the first real time that I have broken down completely
and cried. Mark had fallen asleep and I was just allowed to think about
things on my own, and the whole thing just got to me and I ended up sobbing
uncontrollably with a whole host of feelings whizzing round my head. Mark
woke up though and managed to calm me down. He has been really nice and calm
through the whole situation. This is good, as most of it has just simply
passed me by in a whirlwind.

I will update later when I get my results.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And the results are.....

Well I have just had the phone call I have been both waiting for and not
wanting to receive.

It's the call from the hospital to tell me my appointment for the results of
the Biopsy.

I'm booked in at 12pm tomorrow with my Surgeon. After this meeting I will
know for definite what I am up against.

The call has really made it sink home now everything that is happening as
this is both the beginning of something and the end of all the waiting -
it's been the longest 3 weeks of my life. And I don't mind admitting here
that I am actually shit scared about tomorrow.

I didn't do a Blog yesterday as I had a relatively normal day and dint want
to do anything illness related like writing in here. I did some crafting in
the afternoon and then Mark took me for a walk in the park for fresh air.
Only half an hour though as I get tired very quickly. We were on the lookout
for Conkers but didn't see any at all - we were going to scatter them round
the dressing room to try and detract spiders, as apparently they don't like
them and avoid going near them, so though why not give it a natural go.

Today I have been attempting to put stock on Facebook, with very little
results, as I don't have the pictures so will have to get Mark doing some
photography. Will be done at the weekend now I presume.

I have been looking at other stock lines though so not a wasted day.

As for the rest of the day, I'm just going to try and not think about
tomorrow and take it easy.

Who knows I may even do another update.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Update 26/9/10

Well hello Guys, it's been a few days since I done this so I better be quick
and make sure I get it done within today's 24 hours.

The last few days have been a little whirlwind for me, with lots going in
both in and out of the hospital.

I was actually discharged from the Hospital at around 4pm on Friday
afternoon, as I was seen as fit and able to come home. This involved a
number of people doing various tests on me, one of which I had to make toast
and coffee for the Occupational Therapist, now I make poor coffee at the
best of times but when faced with a cheap powder coffee and only a large
table spoon to make it with, it was very poor, the toast was ok though so
that was that one passed.

There was also a number of vision and perception tests to complete, but
again I was seen as fit.

That all happened back on Friday and I was glad to be back home in my own
bed again that evening, although it was strange as our bedroom was so dark
and quiet, I couldn't sleep much as the surroundings were odd.

Saturday was an emotional day for me too. Both Mark and myself have made the
realisation that Trouble won't be making an appearances for the next couple
of months and so we have both made the decision to pack away the dressing
room to preserve the costumes that are in there, it was something we needed
to do anyway as it was getting very full, but we have done it now, and it
was like going through the belongings of an old friend - I knew the memories
attached to each item.

It's done now, and all there so that we can go back to it when I'm fighting
fit, which is sooner rather than later as a point of reference, a couple of
people have said it but you can't lee an old queen down, and this queen
doesn't intend to stay down for long.

That afternoon though I was tired and had to have a nap, this is one
unfortunate side effect of what I'm going through at the moment, I get tired
very quickly, and find that nod off easy.

Today has been a nice day as I have spent it all with Mark, both just been
doing our own thing, Mark is doing crafts again and I have been tapping away
on my Laptop, I find that my attention span wanes after a short time, so I
have a few things that I swap between to keep me engrossed.

Today I have also started to focus on Drag Queen Superstore, as that was
going really well before I took ill and has unfortunately suffered, It's
also something I can focus on to keep my mind occupied, and is something
Mark is happy to help me with so again we can do it together. I'm sure you
will see a few messages from me if you are on my Facebook group. If you are
not then look me up under Enid Whiplash.

Well until tomorrow as I'm off to bed as I had a nap earlier...


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Today's update

Well I'm going to do my first blog since I went under the knife.

Yesterday was all very speedy and I was in hospital for 7am all ready to be sent to surgery first off. I was sent down to the anaesthetic room just before 8.30. And I was on my merry way to sleep not much long after that.

I was next aware of time when it was about 1pm but I have been told that it was just a 11.30 when I wanted to get a message to mark that everything was ok.

I was linked to various tubes and monitors overnight which made sure I had as little sleep as possible. Every time I moved my alarms went off.. Thankfully they are gone now and the beeping has stopped...

I have been moved off the monitoring ward and onto a general ward, which again is another good sign for me. Just have the usual four hour checks of blood pressure and such.

At least they have now stopped asking me what day it is now though and who the king or queen is... Now I know who the queen is that's simple. But as for knowing the date! I haven't got a clue at the best of times never mind when am full of pain relief drugs. But I can gladly report that I managed to get it right so no problems there either. Who knows whilst they were in there they might have corrected my problems with dates as well and I will always know date it is...

Its lunch time now on the ward and am actually looking forward to lunch as all have had so far is tea and toast and a sandwich yesterday. (That and a load of miniature hero's)

At least the operation hasn't effected my appetite.

My head bandage will be coming off after lunch too which should again ease some of the pressure. So the picture of the Turbanator mark posted yesterday will be a thing of the past. The surgeon has said that the scar is going to be very minimal so shouldn't show under my hair.

Ok well I'm going to sign off now and update in a bit. Might have a nap after lunch as I do feel tired. That's one unfortunate side effect of head surgery...

Later guys

The Turbanator - Steve

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Well this is going to be my last blog post for a few days now, as I'm all
packed and ready for the hospital tomorrow morning.

I have to be in the surgical admittance lounge by 7am (sounds like a
departure lounge to me) but not such an easy flight going forward.

Basically check in, get prepped, and then it's a rollercoaster of
anaesthetic and operating theatres for me - not that I will know what's
going on as I will be fast asleep thinking of some strange exotic place - Do
you dream when they put you out?

I am actually quite nervous now of tomorrow and just want to get it all over
and done with, friends came over tonight and the enormous realisation
actually hit me of what is happening tomorrow. It's not just an operation,
this is possibly the biggest thing will happen to me, which now looking at
it scares me. I know I keep saying I have the easiest job going forward from
here, but I know that's not the truth.

No more food or drink for me from midnight, which isn't a problem because I
don't think I could face anything.

Off to bed now as need to be up early. Luckily Mark will drive me there in
the morning (its only round the corner though) just think it will be a
strange time.

Well guys wish me luck and I will update when I next can, Mark has said he
will update before then though.


Monday, 20 September 2010


Well folks, just a quick update on little old me. Today hasn't been the best of days, I think the drugs and everything else are playing with my emotions and I keep having little tearful spots. I could just say its just me but I know its not. So until all is fine I'm just going to have to accept I may cry over apple juice in Asda.

I also found out today that I will be being admitted to hospital on Wednesday morning. I have to be in the surgical departure lounge at 7am sounds like a holiday plan to me, unfortunately not so simple.

From there I presume I will be prepped and sent down for the surgery, which I have classed as an eviction. For those that are reading this will know I have a Cystic Tumour at the back or my brain, the evil squatte has become known as Clive the clump.

Clive has now officially been served with his eviction for wednesday. If he wants a fight, then so be it that's what he's going to get.

I'm going to try and update0this blog every day when possible and Mark (Bobbie Dazzler) has said he will fill in my off days. I'm going to be honest and say if I feel shit then so be it. But I will also say when am feeling good too.

Just off to a meeting now with my employers to fill them in and then its home to see my mum.

Will update later

Steve aka Whiplash
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Friday, 17 September 2010

Hospital, Seven sleepless nights

After being admitted on Wednesday 8th September the monitoring and medication continued, there's a few funny stories from Steve's first nights in hospital but they are lengthy, maybe we'll tell you one day...

With no more information on what the growth could be the weekend came and went and Monday 13th September Steve was taken for an MRI scan because this, we were told, would provide more detail for the Doctors to look at.

We were told the Doctors would discuss the results scans at a meeting to be held on Tuesday 14th September and we would then be informed as to the next stage of diagnosis or treatment.

Tuesday came and went without significant progress, we were told the meeting had gone ahead but that the outcome of which would be discussed with us at a different hospital the following day.  the meeting was scheduled for 11.30am and we were to wait.

Another night of worry and anxiety, seven sleepless nights, Mark worrying at home and Steve dealing with the snoring of what sounded like a wart hog convention on the ward.  Meds continued to be administered every 4 hours through the night and the nurse took her observations.

Every phone call Mark received sent his stress levels through the roof, every minute which passed in hospital felt like a lifetime for Steve and, after attending the hospital the week before feeling relatively well, (apart from an annoying headache), Steve now felt weak, tense, exhausted and very depressed,

The following morning, Wednesday 15th September brought more tension and anxiety with the realisation that today we would finally find out what was growing within Steve's head.

A Brain Tumor, from Optician to Hospital....

Well it's been a while sine we wrote and unfortunately it's not really great news.  Steve, aka Enid Whiplash has been diagnosed this week with a brain tumor.  I'll start at the beginning...

For around 2 or 3 weeks he's been complaining of migraines, as you'd expect it was the usual two paracetamol and get on with it, as he was due for an eye test he assumed his prescription needed changing so on Sunday Sept 5th 2010 we both went for an eye test.  The optician noticed irregularities pointing at high blood pressure and referred him back to his GP, writing a letter which we duly delivered to the Dr.

Monday 6th Sept the Dr called to book an appointment so on Tuesday 7th Sept Steve visited the Dr who then referred him to the specialist eye hospital the same afternoon.  We were at the hospital until after 6pm where after many different tests they had decided a CT (CAT) Scan was necessary and that he should return at 10am the following morning (8th Sept).

Following a restless night Steve made his way to the hospital and underwent a CT Scan, the results were immediately sent to the clinic and he was sent there to get the verdict from the scan.  Without hesitation the clinic decided it was necessary to admit Steve to hospital and he was taken direct to the medical assessment unit and then on to the ward.

Medication began very soon after although at this time we were not told what was being treated other than to say there was a "growth" behind the left eye which was 5cm by 3cm and that it was hoped the medication would help shrink the growth whilst  a different pill was administered to combat the side effects of the first pill and a different drug was administered to help reduce the pain. over 20 pills a day has become part of Steve's daily diet....