Thursday, 28 April 2011

Another long day.

Today has been a hectic day and we have fitted in loads. This morning we headed off to a Scottish Trust property in the centre of the city. The house was a brilliant and it passed an hour or two. From here it was time to split up and go shopping.

After more shopping we headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and change before we walked back in and had a Chinese for dinner. It wad then time to go on heist tour if the day which was the double dead tour. Two really haunted placed on one evening. Both Mark and myself felt a presence In one of the Locations. Anyway it's not so easy to do this blog when your tired and the keypad is odd so will sign off.

Steve x

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well am writing this on my iPhone so if it's a bit scrambled then am sorry.

Yesterday we set off to Scotland and we finally hit our first destination dour hours layer Culzeal castle on the west coast was lovely and we enjoyed a few hours exploring the house and cliff top gardens of the magnificent property.oh how the other half lives.

From there it was back in car and over to Edinburgh where we were spending the week.

Unfortunately I fell asleep in the cat an ended up with a sore neck and headache. A couple of painkillers and I was ok though.

Once we had checked into the hotel we went into the city And walked unto the castle and then back sown to the Mitre pub for dinner. Haggis Neeps and Tatties was had by all and was nice too.

Back to the hotel to change and freshen up and we headed back into town for a few quiet drinks on Rose St .

Early night for all after that ready for loads today

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

And were set

Well that's it, it's been a long day as I was up at the crack of a sparrows
fart so that I could go to my mum's photo shoot in town.

It was nice for her, as it was also her birthday as well as mine...

The shoot was over and done with by lunch so we went home and had lunch with
the rest of the folks, it was then time to start packing for our week long
expedition to the wilds of Scotland - or Edinburgh for everyone else. The
amount of clothing we are taking is silly, but you do have to prepare
yourself for anything up there as the weather can change at the drop of a

It's also been my birthday today so have had a lovely day, and had some
lovely gifts from my friends and family, the next week in Scotland is the
best part of my birthday - even though that's not what it's for its just
well timed.

That's it now though all packed, Nick and Geoff (who are also coming with
us) haven packed too and so were ready.

Up tomorrow early so that we can go visit a Castle on the way and then onto

Will update over the week from my IPhone as and when I can, will try and put
pictures in as well if I can......

Till the next time

Steve xx

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Today has been a mixed and busy day. We had some appointments this morning
and then we have been shopping

We popped all over town and bought the most random of things - as we usually
do and even managed to stop ourselves from buying lots of things we like, as
downsizing and shopping don't go hand in hand. There is some lovely items
out there suitable for barges, which I'm sure we will be buying when we get
when we buy the barge, which I hope won't be too long away.

The headaches have been around all day today but I didn't take any
painkillers till late this afternoon, so again thats a good sign, and I had
to take some about 10pm as I am tired and the headache has come back, will
be asleep shortly so won't make a difference.

Am up early in the morning to go with my mum to her photo shoot which we got
her for her last birthday, so tomorrow it's my birthday and my mum's
birthday too, so who knows what will happen, and what others have got

The eBay stores are coming along well and were learning all the time about
the little things that make a shop a success, one of these is OOAK which
means One of a Kind, which all Tanja's Handmade items are. The link to her
shop is
&_sop=12&_rdc=1 There is a whole list of unique things as well as CD's and
DVD's. She is also selling material suitable for a whole host of uses, from
Drag frock to bridesmaids dresses, more will be added over the next week as
she sorts stuff out.

Our shop at
is also going well, and I have uploaded a number of other DVD's this evening
there is some classics on here that we have had for years but are all in
brilliant condition all starting at 99p.

Anyway enough of the sales pitch, need to go to bed now as am tired and like
I said I need to be up at 7am.

Will update during the day tomorrow.

Steve x

And again

Well I did it again, I forgot to do a Blog yesterday. We were just so busy
yesterday that it slipped my mind, I was doing a thousand things at once.

We have estate agents coming to the houses today to do the valuations, so we
had the house tidy to do yesterday, and as we have been downsizing and eBay
and such there is piles of stuff everywhere.

It's amazing how much stuff we have actually got between us all, and how
much stuff we have decided that we can get rid of.

The while process is going to take weeks as when we have cleared one area
there is another to do, and we decide that something else can be sold.

We also cleaned the car yesterday ready for Mondays trip to Edinburgh with
Nick and Geoff.

That's one more job I have to do though I need to pack too, clothes for a
week, in Edinburgh generally means a whole wardrobe as the weather is
changeable at the drop if a hat, you can be in your thermals in the morning
and then in your Speedo's in the afternoon - not that your likely to see me
in Speedo's any time soon.

Anyway better crack on got the post to do from the auctions from yesterday,
and some more have just finished now.

It's all go.

Will update later after I have put some more on eBay.

Steve x

Friday, 22 April 2011

Yesterdays Blog

OK so I forgot to do a blog yesterday, so here it is.

Yesterday I was in the office for the second day on the run, which was good,
even though it did tire me out.

I feel better when I'm tired out, as I tend to sleep better than if I work
from home, going to work actually uses some of the energy that I have got
and this is something don't do when am working from home, so even though am
tired I don't feel the tiredness the same.

So going to work does have its benefits.

The eBay store is going well and sales are coming in on a daily basis now,
even Tanja's store is getting hits and bids so that's a good thing for her
as it can be disheartening if you upload all that stuff then it doesn't

I did really well with the headaches yesterday too, I took painkillers first
thing in the morning then late afternoon and have had nothing since, and the
headache this morning isn't too bad - much better than yesterday anyway, so
will try and not take any this morning and see how I go.

Today, were all off and I will be doing some more eBay and tidy the house,
and pack for next week, which will probably include doing a mountain of
washing too, even though I have been doing it every day this week - I'm sure
someone leaves all their washing in our washing basket....

Will update later

Steve x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well today I have been in the office for the majority of the day, which is
really good as even though it tires me out, I feel like I have achieved
something with my day rather than when I work from home, as I can see the
work being finished.

I have also been trying to get reception on my phone. I have changed from
Ornage over to 02 curtasy of my new IPhone (which was my birthday presnt
from my mum and dad.

Its not as easy as you would think, but at least it gives me something to
fiddle with for the next few days.

Anyway I'm going to keep this short as am off to bed, need to get up and
sort myself out ready for another day in the office.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day with Mum

I spent this afternoon with my mum which was lovely. We used to have our
random shopping trips years ago but haven't for a while, so was nice.

The sun has been shining today too which always makes me feel good, however
the weather has been heavy today which always gives me a headache (joy) and
so today I have had a double whammy headache but I have been without
painkillers for the majority of the day so again, that is a good thing, the
headache is like an ice-cream headache )when you get that sharp pain in your
head when you eat something cold)

My Mum bought me an IPhone for my birthday and I have changed suppliers too,
which for me is brilliant as I couldn't wait to get away from Orange. They
even had the cheek to put me through to the retention centre and the person
at the end of the line after reading all the issues on my account offered me
to stay with them, they didn't offer me any incentives just their word that
the service would be improved.

Anyway I, in no uncertain terms would be staying with Orange and asked for
my release code.

Anyway I will be the customer of O2 for the foreseeable future .

Anyway I'm tired now, so will be off to bed, will update tomorrow


Monday, 18 April 2011


Well after this morning's little grey cloud things did get better - apart
from the headache.

Its constantly there now and will definitely have to say something to the
oncologist when I next visit next month. Not long now till my next run of
Chemo, it goes so quick.

This evening both me and Mark gave been working on the eBay store and have
loads to post out, he has also made a Blanket for a friend which will be
speeding its way to her tomorrow via the brilliant postal service.

Nothing much more to report though this evening and would like to finish
this before midnight if I can.

Dont forget to check out our eBay store - more items have gone on this
evening and will be doing so over the next few days.

I have to get that cheeky link in there somewhere....

Right will update tomorrow with more exciting things (if I find something
exciting that is) otherwise it will just be another day in the little life
of me.

Till then

Steve x

I Want to be....


I woke up this morning - with a headache as usual, but also a little grey
cloud hanging over me, I soon got rid of it, but it did leave me thinking.

My prognosis of 12-18 months, all be it a bit pants, takes me to March 2012.
One month before my 33rd birthday.

Now when I was younger I never wanted to get "old" and the 30's was old in
my eyes. But now I want to be 33, I want to be 53 and so on.

With my birthday coming up next weekend (just a reminder for you all.... its
next Sunday) it just made me think.

I have promised myself that I will get to 33, and am having a party, and it
will be a right royal two fingers up to Cancer as I can then say, at least I
beat you.

Team Steve 1 - Cancer 0

That's my little grey cloud for today, its blown away though now, and the
sun is shining through.

Will update later.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

BBQ weather

Well today has been a busy day and we have managed to sort all sorts out.

I had a sleep in this morning as I was tired, although I woke up feeling
slow, so may have possibly slept for too long.

The headache was there this morning when I woke up, but I'm just getting
used to it now, I take two painkillers and just get on with it.

We went food shopping this morning and ended up at World Foods in Cheetham
Hill, which is brilliant, as it sells all sorts of weird and wonderful food.
We also bought food for a BBQ this evening.

It was nice to have a BBQ as it shows that summer is on its way, which is
always a good thing.

We have both been adding more items to eBay too. We are methodically working
our way through the house and adding everything and anything, who would have
thought that downsizing could be so hectic, at this rate its going to take
us weeks, and we haven't even started on the loft yet....

The whole eBay thing isn't just confined to me and Mark, as Tanja has been
putting her CD's on eBay too and has managed to put over 50, items today,
were slowly becoming an eBay family

To check out what items we have got go to:

to check out what Tanja is listing go to

Tanja will also be uploading a load of hand-mad items and materials, ideal
for drag and theatrical costumes. You will have to keep a check on what she
has uploaded, she is turning into a "One woman eBay machine"

Have another busy week ahead planned, as would like to go into the office
both Wednesday and Thursday this week to sort out a problem with one of our
suppliers, it's an issue that I have been dealing with since I started the
company so I am still being involved even though I no longer manage the

Anyway am off to bed, will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Getting Older

Well tonight has been a lovely night with Friends, but it has made me think
about something.

The people that we had dinner with Dan, yannis and Graham have been friends
for Years, Dan especially, and we only knew each other socially on the
scene, and drinking was the name of the game.

Now we're going to their house which they have just moved into and having a
sociable dinner.

We have done this a lot lately and it's just odd how you change as you get
older, I'm quite happy to stay in now of an evening and have friends round
for dinner and drinks. It's not the illness that has done this to me, Mark
is the same, we just enjoy socialising in a comfortable atmosphere - perhaps
were all just getting older.

On a health note I didn't start this morning very well, even though I was up
at 8am. I just felt like I was running on low batteries and everything was
just slow. I just couldn't get motivated and everything I did seemed to take
much longer.

Because I knew I was out this evening I had a nap this afternoon to try and
refresh myself, and it did actually work, although now I am tired and will
be asleep very soon after hitting the sheets.

The headaches is still there, but again I'm living with it, and just take
painkillers as and when I need.

The sale of all our items is continuing, and were adding more items every
day, one man's junk is another man's treasure as they say, and it definitely

We have both been looking at Barges again over the last couple of days and
have more or less decided what type were after, we just have to sort it all
out now.

Anyway am off to bed, and hope to have a sleep in in the morning so that am
fresh for the day- Maybe tomorrow I wont have a headache as it will have
been a week since I have been on the reduction of steroids, time will tell,

Will update tomorrow.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Headache 2

Well today I gave been playing catch up with work, I managed to clear my
inbox of everything that was in there and have sorted a few things out for
next week too.

I haven't been able to shake the headache though today, its constantly been
there all day but have tried not to take any painkillers, will have some
just before I go to bed now so that it doesn't keep me awake.

Have added some more D of our DVD's to the eBay shop, still piles of them to
go. Mark has also been adding other drag items.

The shop has been busy today we only mentioned that we hadn't sold a wig
yesterday and then today within the space of 15 minutes we sold 3.

Sue and Lynne came round tonight with gifts for us, they always bring random
gifts all with a funny meaning, and they always cheer all of us up. Today we
have got a teddy and a bubble wand.

We have been telling them Drag Queen Names and they were amazed at some of
those that we came up with. It was a bit of a scream as they are both older
ladies and haven't heard any of these before.

Anyway I'm off to bed, as would like to get as much sleep as possible, I'm
not setting my alarm tomorrow, will get up when I get up.

Will update more tomorrow.

Steve x

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Today has been a headache day again, but I have been able to ignore it for
the majority of the day.

Today has been a relatively quiet day other than that and have been able to
add more of our stuff to eBay. I have been uploading a lot of my DVD's some
of which I bought before I met Mark and haven't seen since they were bought.

They will all be going on eBay so if your in
the mood for a mooch and want some random DVD's then go and check them out
as there is there is something for everyone on there.

There really isn't much else to say today, bit of a boring day. I might go
to the office tomorrow depends how I feel, although saying that two of the
team have got a cold so will see in the morning.

Am off to bed now for an early night as I am tired again, I had a nap this
morning too.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back to the office

Well today I have been in the office for the majority of the day and it was
a good day, I managed to get so much done, it's amazing how quick I get
stuff done in the office compared to home because of the PC, Just one of the
things I have to put up with I sippse.

I would like to go back to work on a more pemanant basis, but I'm just going
to have to phase that back in. I know you probably all think I am mad for
wanting to go back to work, even part time but like I have said before its
the norm for me, its what I do, and am sure if a lot of you thought about it
you would think the same.

Today I have had my comedown headache for the majority of the day, nomatter
what I did I couldnt shake it. I'm getting good though at just ignoring it.
Hopefully over the next couple of days they will slowly subside even more
and I can drop again on the steroids, as I'm thinking the lower the quantity
I am taking the easier it will be to come off them totally.

One thing that really got me going today was an old woman at the bus stop. I
could hear her chatting with her friend about a person with a scar on thire
head, she was stating that it was probably becaise he was a fighter.

Of course they were refering to my surgery scar. I listened to the
conversation for a while and was saddened by how wrong and defamatory an
older woman could be, and I eventually tuend round and asked hr was she
taling about me, and was rather blunt and in a loud voice told her that the
scar wasnt from fighting but actually from surgery,and that the surery was
ro diagnose Terminal Brain Cancer. Her friend was more shocked and said
"told you so" and she tried to appologise profusely. Obviously she looked
stupid now in front of a large number of people. She kept saing sorry but I
told her that I wasnt interested and that she should keep her negative and
incorrect opinions to herself.

It doesnt bother me any more that people can see my scar though, I nolonger
wear a hat when I go out, I'm not bothered about what people think about me,
or say about me, I would just like people to know the truth and not asume
whatever it is they want to assume. Sadly the truth is there I cant hide
from it, so people around me may as well know the truth too.

Anyway its time I was off to bed.

Loads to do tomorrow

Will update during thr day tomorrow if I have anthing I think I shoudl blog
about before I forget - which is highly likel knowning me.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Evening/Morning all.

Well today has been a bit of an odd day, the headache is still there and am
used to that now.

Have been thinking about what we can add to the eBay store in order to help
us downsize. Have done the post run too of all the items that have already
been sold.

It's really odd seeing all our possessions going to other people, but am
used to that now with selling all our drag.

My mum came down this evening as she does every Tuesday, its nice to see her
as otherwise I wouldn't get all the gossip or get to see her any other time.

Other than that its been a bit of a quiet day, I haven't been that tired but
I am getting that way now, and Mark has just found me some more DVD's to put

Am off to the office tomorrow so will be heading off to bed shortly so that
am fresh for tomorrow.

Will update tomorrow night when I get back from the office.

Steve x

Monday, 11 April 2011


Well today has been another good day, even though I woke up this morning
with a headache, this is becoming the norm now so I just get on with it.

I managed to get loads done for the office as Mondays is a busy day as we
have to catch up from the weekend.

This evening after dinner I have been uploading more items to our eBay shop We have
loads of DVD's that we no-longer watch so they are all going on there, it's
sad that you spend all that money on something and then it sits in a
cupboard somewhere never to see the light of day again. Some of the DVD's
haven't been watched since before I met Mark, so think it's about time to
let them go to a new home. Will be doing loads this week as we have loads
there. CD's will probably follow next.

This whole life laundry and de-clutter is really addictive, I find myself
thinking about what else we can sell. We have the loft to go through yet so
I'm sure there will be loads of tuff up there that will see its way to eBay,
everything from cables for things to ornaments. Even Tanja and Lawrence are
getting into the eBay game and have set up their own account, after all its
not just us who has to downsize to move out of the house, they do too and
they have considerably more possessions than us.

I haven't been as tired today though having done what I have done, which I
see as a goo sign, this sort of happens every month. The week after Chemo is
a bit of a washout and then I start to pick up the following week, well am
picking up and even the headaches are decreasing slightly. I know my body is
going through a lot at the moment so am just taking every day as it comes.

I have been linked on Facebook to a woman in the states Cheryl Browley, who
I mentioned yesterday. She has been a GBM survivor for almost 11 years now
and provides talks on her positivity and provides help to others in the same

One thing I was asked yesterday is why I still use my Enid Whiplash account
on Facebook and not my own personal account.

The answer is simple.

Whiplash has far more friends than Steve does (and the steve account was
closed down way back) and everyone knows Whiplash, and its this profile that
people come to see my progress. If I ever message people now I always sign
off as Steve, people still call me Enid, bit a lot of people are now calling
me Steve, it's the same with Mark and his Bobbie profile.

Anyway got another productive day coming up tomorrow so will be heading off
to bed shortly. I know when its time to go now as my eyes go all funky when
am tired, so that's my que for bed.

Will update tomorrow with what am upto.



This was posted on the BT Buddies Website, and it is a lighter way at
looking at your illness, You could easily replace the word Cancer with any
other illness in all honesty and the meaning is true again.
Just something to lighten up the day, now that the sun has disappeared
Will update later

The Ten Commandments for Cancer Survival

1. Thou shalt regard the word, "Cancer", as exactly that: a word. Nothing
more, nothing less. For its original meaning hast changed mightily over the
years, as have such words as Smallpox, Tuberculosis. and Polio, all once
dreaded ailments, now no longer fearsome for, to them, hast come The Answer.
And thus, too, shall go thy cancer. The Answer shall come to those who shall
be present to hear it. Be present to hear it when it comes.
2. Thou shalt love thy Chemotherapy thy radiation,
thy monoclonal antibodies, thy vaccines, and thy other treatments even as
thyself, for they are thy friends and champions. Although they may exact a
toll for their endeavors, they are oft most generous in the favors they
3. Thou shalt participate fully in thy recovery. Thou shalt learn all the
details of thy ailment, its diagnosis, its Prognosis
its treatments, conventional and alternative. Thou shalt discuss them openly
and candidly with thy oncologist and shalt question all thou do not
comprehend. Then, thou shalt cooperate intelligently, and knowledgeably with
thy doctor.
4. Thou shalt regard thy ailment as a temporary detour in thy life and
shalt plan thy future as though this detour had not occurred. Thou shalt
never, at no time, nohow, regard thy temporary ailment as permanent. Thou
shalt set long-term goals for thyself. For thou will verily recover and thy
believing so will contribute mightily to thy recovery.
5. Thou shalt express thy feelings candidly and openly to thy loved ones
for they, too, are stricken. Thou shalt comfort and reassure them for they,
too, needest comforting and reassurance, even as thou doest.
6. Thou shalt be a comfort to thy fellow-cancerites, providing knowledge,
encouragement, understanding and love. Thou shalt give them hope where there
may be none, for in hope lies their salvation. And by doing so, thou
providest comfort for thyself, as well.
7. Thou shalt never relinquish hope, no matter how thou may feelest at
that moment, for thou knowest, in the Deep recesses of
thy heart, that thy discouragement is but fleeting and that a better day
awaits thee, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow.
8. Thou shalt not regard thy ailment as the sum total of thy life but as
merely a part of it. Fill thy life with other diversions, be they mundane,
daring, altruistic, or merely amusing. To fill thy life with thy ailment is
to surrender to it.
9. Thou shalt maintain, at all times and in all circumstances, thy sense
of humor, for laughter lightens thy heart and hastens thy recovery. This is
not an easy task, sometimes seemingly impossible, but it is a goal well
worth the endeavor.
10. Thou shalt have enduring and unassailable faith, whether thy faith be in
a Supreme Being, in Medical Science, in Thy Future, in Thyself, or in
Whatever. Steadfastly sustain thy faith for it shall sustain thee.

Paul H. Klein, September 3, 1993

Sunday, 10 April 2011

End of the weekend

Well its Sunday night and I'm off to bed early.

It's been a tiring weekend, even though I haven't done that much. The eBay
items are going on thick and fast at the moment in readiness for our life
downsizing. I have been going through a box today that has all birthday and
event cards in for me and Mark. It brings back memories, and is something
that we would like to keep, so that's one box already ready to move.

People are now realising that we mean business when we say we are moving to
a barge, they think were cuckoo - they are probably right but its something
that makes our life a whole lot simpler, so thats what were doing.

My headaches are still around, they are like old friends now that just don't
know when to go home. They longer and bother me in the respect that they are
just there, I don't want to keep taking painkiller but today I have,
although I only take one at a time and that does help.

Hopefully over the next week or so the headaches will slow down and go back
to normal as my body gets used to the reduced steroid levels.

Its two weeks today to my birthday, which I am and am not looking forward

I'm looking forward to it, as it's my birthday (and my mum's too) and I
enjoy my birthday, but I'm also not looking forward to it as it marks a
milestone in my life, milestones are more and more significant at the
moment, especially with the treatment I am getting from the hospital etc.
Even though they have said that the treatment is looking positive and things
are looking good inside my head, the fact is still there and the figures
they have given me are still there. The fact that I am also not through
with the treatment and anything could happen at any time still gets to me

But I'm strong and I plan to plod on for as long as I can, and am looking
forward to my 33rd birthday next year, where I plan on having a much bigger
party, the dates of my birthday fall one month after the "given" prognosis
dates of a GBM so will be a celebration all round - despite the fact I will
be 33, that I cant help I will just have to admit to being old......

Anyway I'm tired now and everyone else is in bed, its times like these when
am sat here, tired, think about things that I think about all this, and the
illness, I also read other peoples stories to see how they cope, some are
good and some are bad, but the one thing that always shines through is the
fight of everyone else, and the support network they have around them, even
if that support network is just one person, its still there and its all that
person needs to keep going.

My support network is brilliant, right from the hospital staff and Macmillan
and my office who have been brilliant through, and then down to my close
network of friends and family, these have been amazing - also stressfull at
times but overall they have been amazing. It has got to a stage now where
things are relatively back to normal in my life - or as normal as they ever
will be again and the support is there if I need it.

My brother who is in the army is of to Italy tomorrow as support for the UK
troops who are dealing with the whole Gadafi fiasco, I'm not one for
politics, but that's what it all comes down too, so will see him now when he
next comes home.

Anyway will sign off now and update tomorrow, who know I may do a lunchtime
update again.

Steve x

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Today has been a long day as I have been tired and I'm still suffering the
effects of me reducing my steroids. I have had to take some painkillers this
morning but have avoided them for the rest of the day, thisis good at least
I'm not constantly taking them.

We have been linked to Cheryl Broyles in the states, who like me has a Grade
4 GBM and has suffered this 5 times now and each time has fought back and
is now a motivational speaker for others.
is a link
to a motivational speech that she has given.

This woman is an inspiration to not only people with any form of illness but
also anyone on a daily basis. I must admit that this is religious speech,
and I'm not religious, if you listen to what she says though there is a
meaning, you have to interpret it as you wish. Her other videos are

On other things in my life. The plans to downsize to a barge are still
continuing and we have started looking at the mammoth task that is
downsizing, and going through all your wildly possession. I have asked
myself the simple question "Do I really need this" I'm not attached to
anything much materialistic these days, I have said there is only a few
photographs and personal items I would want to take with me, no more than a
storage box if the truth be know.

Anyway more sorting tomorrow, so am of to bed.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Life Priorities

Today has been the start if a our life de-clutter, now I know I started this
when I was first diagnosed with certain ex-friends and such, but we have now
started to do it with our physical possessions too.

As a lot of you will know we have decided to simplify our life and downsize
- having a nice big house is lovely, but it also means responsibilities as
well. So were downsizing DRASTICLY and moving to a barge/canal boat just the
two of us.

This means disposing of the majority of our physical possessions and only
taking with us what we really want to have around us. Therefore the eBay
store over the next few weeks will be filled with our life not just that of
Bobbie and Whiplash as It is at the moment.

Its amazing when you start to look at things how much stuff you accumalate
and keep with you - well not for us any more.

The idea behind all this is to simplyfy our lives and live happier. The
businesses is going to have to move to a Unit somewhere as we will be
building that up and eventually it will end up in a shop somehere so thats
not an issue. Its everything else. The whole Trouble Roadshow, soundsystems,
lighting etc needs to go (if anyone is interested give me a shout).

We watched a video the other night of a woman in the states that has had the
same diagnosis as me and she has so far survived for 10 years. She beleives
in 3 types of Medicines.

1. Western Medicine - Bog standard treatment, Radio and Chemotherapy

2. Nutritional and supplimentary treatment - Vitamins etc

3. Stress Reduction - Whatever stressed her out has been kicked out of
her life

The first two I do/have completed anyway so thats easy, the third is easy to
think about not as easy to achive but we have started. She moved to the
mountains to live a stress free life, were mooving to a barge.

And that in a nutshell is where were upto, so the mammoth task of downsizing
has begun.

Will update tomorrow when we have done more photography and eBay uploading.

Steve x

And so the comedown begins....

I forgot to do an update yesterday as I was so tired in the morning I fell

I was intending to go into the office in town but I sat down after breakfast
and fell asleep I finally got into work just after lunch. I then worked till
about 3.30 when Mark was in town and picked me up. I was really tired though
and shouldn't have gone into the office but I just wanted to get out of the
house. I did actually achieve a lot whilst I was there though, so that's a
bonus all round.

The comedown also started yesterday, which isn't good but I knew was going
to happen. As I'm slowly coming off the steroids I get withdrawal symptoms,
this in turn causes headaches etc. I knew what to expect but still not
wanted, hopefully as I'm doing it a lot slower this time it will be a lot
easier. I took two Paracetamol this morning as I had a dirty type of
headache (like a hangover) but thats cleared now.

It's not too bad if I'm working as I keep my mind on something else.

One thing I have noticed this morning is my hair is growing back (at last)
its not ginger, or any other colour, but its growing frizzy. It's not
straight like the rest of my hair, and the part at the back looks all fuzzy
and I simply cant do anything with it. At least its growing back though. It
may sort itself out as it grows more... If not it will be the GHD's for me.

Will update later


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

just a quick one

Well it's been a busy evening, there has been quite a few sales on the eBay
and Shop front and that's all I have done.

Nick and Geoff popped round earlier and we were discussing our trip to
Edinburgh at the end of the Month, we will need a holiday by the time we
come back because we want to do so much.

Headache is kicking in slowly now, its because am still sat at a computer
and am tired so am going to sign off and say will update again in the

Till then

Ciao Amigos


Lunchtime Update

I'm getting used to these lunchtime updates...

This morning has been really productive I have done loads for the office and
I can see the summer quickly approaching us now, it is going to be so busy,
and in one respect I'm glad I am able to work from home so that I am not
distracted by all and sundry, I can just work through my inbox at a cool
pace, although I did speed through it this morning.

I have loads of invoices to print off but as I share a printer with the rest
of the team I have to do them in batches, never mind, again keeps me

Have had some more work come in for I need an
act for Stoke on Satirday night, the best thing is its throgh an onother
agent so looks like the word is out and they know I'm the provider of Drag

More work on the shop has been done not that you can see any of it, but it
is there, and hopefully tonight I will get the rest of the stock on there.

The eBay store is slowly ticking over and we have a load of new stock to
photograph which will be going on at the weekend.

I am on day two of my reducing steroid dose, and at the moment I havent seen
any diffrenece in myself, I still have a slight headache but thats just my
normal day to day living now., and it is getting better every day so again
am still not taking painkillers.

Nothing much else to update really, will update later with how I get on in
the rest of the day.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

End of another day

Well my mum has just left with her dodgy leg and I'm going to do this blog
and head off to bed, as I m really tired, hopefully I will be able to sleep
all the way through tonight.

My headache is still at a minimum and I haven't had pain killers for 4 days
now, so that's all good.

The best thing about not having pain killers is the side effect on my
digestive system, which is now slowly kicking back into action - pain
killers = constipation which is not nice at all.

I have also started on my reducing dose of steroids today too so will give
that a week or so to see how that goes.

I want to go into the office on Thursday as I haven't been in for a while
and I am missing them all and I feel disjointed from the office.

Mark is sat at the table blinging up a top for a friend which looks really
nice. He enjoys doing stuff like that - I do too when I have the patience.

I have been working on more of the sites today
and so these should see a massive improvement in the
next few days, there just isn't enough time in the day in which to do
everything and some of the things I want to do take 24 hours to process so
it's not an instant fix.

Right well am off to bed after I have linked this blog to my Facebook so
night night all and will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Lunch Update

Well what a night last night was, I don't think I was suppose to sleep at
all, first I needed the loo, then I had heartburn, then I was too warm,
then, well you get the idea, I just couldn't sleep for more than an hour or
so, so I was really tired this morning when my alarm went off.
I only wish I had something on my mind at least I could say that was what
was keeping me awake, but I'm pretty clear headed at the moment and not
worried about anything.
This morning though has been really productive and have managed to sort
loads for the office, although for the last hour or so there has been an
issue where my computer simply says no, and its been really slow.
Have had some more ideas for and and its all behind the scenes stuff but stuff thats
really important, so have made a note of that and will work on it later. I
make so many notes for the sites at the moment and follow various links that
I now have one pad for them all.
Will update later as my mum is down this evening for dinner as she does
every Tuesday.
Till then
Steve x

Monday, 4 April 2011

its the end of the day.

Well its the end of the day and I intend to be in bed very very shortly.

I have had a tiring day but a good day as have managed to get loads done,
which always makes me feel better as at least I have then achieved something
with my day.

Will be back to my desk tomorrow morning and hopefully have another busy
day, the time passes much quicker if I'm busier and it's what I am used too.
Working from home does have its benefits though, although I try and use the
work as a distraction.

One thing that has been pointed out to me today, and I have realised it
myself but not thought about it, is my reading speed has slowed down since
my opperation, its not something thats a major issue but something I will
let the oncologist know on my next visit. It sounds daft but I just dont
skim read like I used to any more I read the whole thing. Will probably make
me read things properly now rather than skimming and making it up as I go.
Will update on that one - maybe its just one of the side effects of having
my head fiddled with as I'm still only just over 6 months after my surgery.

Still on the head front I havent had painkillers again today, which I'm
loving as I hate taking them, lets hope the headaches that I do have
continue to decrease and I can not have them alltogether. I just hope that
this week when I start to reduce my steroids they dont come back. I'm going
to reduce them much slower though this time so fingers crossed I wont have
any nasty comedowns as with previous times.

Another thing I have noticed over the last few days is, my life has gone
back to normal, or as normal as it ever was/will be. People don't just phone
up randomly now every few day, the emails have slowed down, the Facebook
messages etc have slowed down too. It sounds awful of me to say it but its
great. Its as though I don't have an illness that people have to ask about.
Although it's still nice when people hone like they used to every so often,
I suppose there is a fine line between the two.

Anyway that's enough of me rambling, I might have slowed down at reading but
my typing hasn't been effected even though all the words are misspelt
(that's always been like that not a side effect of the surgery, spelling was
never my strong point, you should get a text of me when am tired, even
code-breakers cant figure them out)

Anyway again, will update tomorrow

Steve xx

PS Hello to my mother who I know reads this blog in her dressing gown every
morning..... Boy s that a dodgy nightie is that beans or a egg down the
front? must get you a new one for your birthday - Webcams are brilliant for
spying on your old folks... J


Well its lunchtime and I'm feeling OK.

I'm a little tired but that's something I have become to expect. The best
thing I have can say is I haven't had any pain killers for 3 and half days.
Which is really good, I still have a slight headache but not anything I
think I should be taking painkillers for. If I can avoid using loads of
drugs then I will, as I put so much into my body with all my other
treatments it causes other issues.

I'm so glad that today is Chemo free though as I can get back to normal and
not have such a structured day, eat, hour wait, anti sickmess, hour wait,
chemo, hour wait, ear, feel sick, so on and so on.

Anyway have loads to do and its lunchtime so will update later.


Emailing: IMG00091-20110403-1533, IMG00090-20110403-1531

I forgot to put the pictures in of the Church.


Small Church

One thing o forgot to mention yesterday in my Blog was our little visit to
the little Church.

Its officially the world's smallest church - or so Nick tells us.

If you blink you miss it as its surrounded by trees on the side of the road.

We made our little pilgrimage yesterday on the way home.

The two pictures enclosed are of the church and of the blurb, I forgot to
take one of the sign that showed the times of services - not that you could
get many people in there it was seating for 6 only.

Anyway nice little bit of history though.

Will update later


Sunday, 3 April 2011

End of Chemo Week

Well that's it for another month, my Chemo is all over and I'm free for
another 23 days. I can honestly say this month I am glad to see the back of

Have had a few issues this week with the Chemo and Anti Sickness drugs, and
today I feel shattered and like I have run a million miles.

Never mind its don and dusted now, I know I need to tak my anti sickness no
matter what and the fact it makes me feel sick for a while is something I
have to put up with, its better than wiping me out and making me sick all
day if I don't take them.

I didn't update yesterday as we were so busy, we had friends coming over for
dinner so we had to tidy up and I helped Mark prep the dinner, it was nice
to do it through the day rather than rush do it all towards the end o the
day, it was actually a nice day just plodding on, although I was tired
through the day and I had to stop for a rest several times (see I am
listening to my body)

It was however a late night and I was flagging towards the end but I don't
like to disappoint people and head off so I stayed up.

Saying that though we got to bed at abut 2.30am when we finally got to bed
and then we were up not long after 9am so not as though we wasted the whole
of today.

Nick and Geoff text us to ask if we would like to go on a Magical Mystery
Tour today and if we did they would pick us up at 11am

We ended up heading off to North Wales (Llandudno) to be precise and walked
down the pier and along the prom, it's a lovely place am sure, but the
weather wasn't the best and as we were all cold and there wasn't much to do
it was a nice trip out just let down by the weather, and the fact we got
stuck in two traffic jams on the way home.

We did have chips though (which is law when you go to the seaside) and were
followed by the seagulls who are very cheeky.

One of them obviously wanted my chips and so decided to poop in my tray so I
couldn't finish them - out of principal Mark threw them in the bin, so it
was a failed attempt at getting chips from that bird all round.... and who
says being pooped on my a bird is good luck.....

All in all its been a lovely weekend with friends just tiring and
problematic, I'm hoping that Monday will be the start of another good week
and I get loads done.

Happy Mother's day to my two mums too, and any mothers out there have a good

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Friday, 1 April 2011


What a mixed bag of a day.

I got up this morning without a headache - bonus

Although I had confused the office and they assumed I was going in, although
I had arranged for Meesha to come over to the house, so after clearing that
up I got up.

Anyway I sorted a couple of things out at home and then Meesha Phoned to say
she was near and I had to head out to meet her.

I have decided to take my tablets differently today, and because the anti
sickness drugs were making me feel sick I tried the Oncologists
recommendation that I may be able to get away without taking them.


I was fine for the first two hours or so, but then I was as sick as a dog,
even though I had taken my secondary anti sickness tablet.

So tomorrow I think I will be just putting up with the anti sickness drug
sickness for the half hour or so that I get, it looks to me like a simpler
and easier option.

The rest of the evening is now going to be spent in bed - an early night as
I think I need it.

Will update tomorrow at some point.