Friday, 8 April 2011

Life Priorities

Today has been the start if a our life de-clutter, now I know I started this
when I was first diagnosed with certain ex-friends and such, but we have now
started to do it with our physical possessions too.

As a lot of you will know we have decided to simplify our life and downsize
- having a nice big house is lovely, but it also means responsibilities as
well. So were downsizing DRASTICLY and moving to a barge/canal boat just the
two of us.

This means disposing of the majority of our physical possessions and only
taking with us what we really want to have around us. Therefore the eBay
store over the next few weeks will be filled with our life not just that of
Bobbie and Whiplash as It is at the moment.

Its amazing when you start to look at things how much stuff you accumalate
and keep with you - well not for us any more.

The idea behind all this is to simplyfy our lives and live happier. The
businesses is going to have to move to a Unit somewhere as we will be
building that up and eventually it will end up in a shop somehere so thats
not an issue. Its everything else. The whole Trouble Roadshow, soundsystems,
lighting etc needs to go (if anyone is interested give me a shout).

We watched a video the other night of a woman in the states that has had the
same diagnosis as me and she has so far survived for 10 years. She beleives
in 3 types of Medicines.

1. Western Medicine - Bog standard treatment, Radio and Chemotherapy

2. Nutritional and supplimentary treatment - Vitamins etc

3. Stress Reduction - Whatever stressed her out has been kicked out of
her life

The first two I do/have completed anyway so thats easy, the third is easy to
think about not as easy to achive but we have started. She moved to the
mountains to live a stress free life, were mooving to a barge.

And that in a nutshell is where were upto, so the mammoth task of downsizing
has begun.

Will update tomorrow when we have done more photography and eBay uploading.

Steve x

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  1. WOW big changes are a coming for you both! I have to say, despite my current poor health, making the decision to move up here was a lot to do with trying to de-stress and get a bit more me time. It's taking a while as brain tumour awareness month kinda caused a whole heap of stress, but, as soon as I got on the ferry to come home I immediately felt relaxed.

    I really hope all the changes you guys are making enable you to both live happier :)

    Now I need to get myself down your way for a visit before you make the really big move!

    I am guessing that you guys managed to watch Cheryl's video? She is a wonderful lady who has supported me ever since I first joined one of the brain tumor groups back in 2006 when Rose was diagnosed. She has written a great book about her journey, I'd be happy to send you my copy if you'd like to read it? And, if you haven't done so already, I'd also be happy to put you in touch with her - just say the word :)

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya xx