Friday, 8 April 2011

And so the comedown begins....

I forgot to do an update yesterday as I was so tired in the morning I fell

I was intending to go into the office in town but I sat down after breakfast
and fell asleep I finally got into work just after lunch. I then worked till
about 3.30 when Mark was in town and picked me up. I was really tired though
and shouldn't have gone into the office but I just wanted to get out of the
house. I did actually achieve a lot whilst I was there though, so that's a
bonus all round.

The comedown also started yesterday, which isn't good but I knew was going
to happen. As I'm slowly coming off the steroids I get withdrawal symptoms,
this in turn causes headaches etc. I knew what to expect but still not
wanted, hopefully as I'm doing it a lot slower this time it will be a lot
easier. I took two Paracetamol this morning as I had a dirty type of
headache (like a hangover) but thats cleared now.

It's not too bad if I'm working as I keep my mind on something else.

One thing I have noticed this morning is my hair is growing back (at last)
its not ginger, or any other colour, but its growing frizzy. It's not
straight like the rest of my hair, and the part at the back looks all fuzzy
and I simply cant do anything with it. At least its growing back though. It
may sort itself out as it grows more... If not it will be the GHD's for me.

Will update later


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