Sunday, 22 November 2009

Beofre the gossip starts...

Well before the jungle drums start beating and people come up with all sorts of wild fantasies about the goings on at The Crown we’d like to confirm that yes, we have removed some items from The Crown today.  The items we removed represent just part of the money we put in to The Crown.  It is no secret we bought some of the kitchen equipment necessary to open the kitchen along with providing various decorative items for the bar area.   In addition to this we invested quite heavily in wet stock for the bar and food stock for the kitchen, which obviously, we have not removed.


The items we bought and we removed were supposed to be paid for from the profits of the bar, only a small token gesture has been made in this regard but despite numerous requests nothing has been forthcoming for over 12 weeks or so.  After a recent request for payment or even a payment proposal made to our ex business partners,  they have asked us to remove the items we paid for from the bar, which we have reluctantly agreed to.


We are sorry it has come to this, we wanted an amicable arrangement as we’d rather receive the money we are owed slowly but surely than some second hand bits of equipment which are now effectively worthless but, it seems this was not meant to be.  As for any other monies owed to us we will need to take advice on how to move forward from here.  We suspect though that any further communication will be ignored, the same as we have been since we left.  There will doubtless be a number of comments, opinions and grievances aired now about our recent activities all we will ask is that people consider how they may feel if they were in a similar situation.


It is not nice to be bitched about regardless of which side of the fence you are on, many people will have our ex business partners points of view as they have, no doubt been aired freely to the customers.  Our version of events though has not been aired at all, there is much guessing and supposition but very few people know the full details, the truth will out eventually though.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Pissed Off

We are well and truly fuming!  Found out about some gossip being spread about us, all untrue but what is unusual is that we know who the perpertrator is – not a credible source but still FUMING!!! If people want to know the TRUTH then ask us, we don’t have an issue telling all but we didn’t want to air our grievances in public!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Small Pleasures

Well it is true, life is full of small pleasures and, every cloud DOES have a silver lining.  We were both quite upset at the thought of not working this weekend and missing the company of our friends in Southport so, to commiserate we have decided to have a nice meal in tonight and then retire to the snug with a bottle (or three) of wine.  We’re both sat here now having finished the first bottle and getting stuck in to the second, very enjoyable.  We have scoffed some of the Bombay mix hand made by Meesha’s mum and are now tucking in to the box of chocs that Mike & Elaine got us, I’m snuggled in the deepest part of the corner suite with my feet up and just relaxing.



Usually about now we would be warming up for our night at the crown but seeing as we have left we are enjoying a night off – hence the small pleasure and the silver lining is that I don’t have to drive home at silly o’clock in the morning so I am able to have a drink.



Things have not been great this week, we have heard that our ex business partners are gossiping about us and generally being malicious, it’s disappointing more than anything as we had credited them with being more adult than that but hey ho.  We could retaliate with and be very difficult but then that’s not our style, we believe in karma, what goes around comes around and also I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, only when they take the piss out of us do we retaliate... it’s heading that way but we are trying to be patient.... in fact we are being more patient than we have ever been!



Either way nothing is gonna spoil our first Friday off work since April so “Bottom Up!”  Thanks for the suggestion Elaine xXx

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Mini facelift has just had a mini facelift. Loads planned for next couple of weeks... Go check it out.
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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gutted but we know we have done the right thing.

Well last Saturday, Halloween, saw us take to the stage at The crown for the very last time, if you missed the "announcement" then it is still live at on the news link.

It was a decision we made after lots and lots of deliberation, we loved being at The Crown, the customers there felt more like family than friends or customers and the feeling seemed mutual, this was even more apparent after we announced our departure, so many messages asking us to stay or to re-consider but unfortunately we just couldn't go on any longer in the situation we were in, it was so tough to make the decision but when we had made it we knew it was the right thing to do.

Over our time at The Crown we have been working 7 days a week every week and have not had a night out ourselves since April when Whiplash celebrated a "special" birthday. This was something we had planned for and had accepted so make no complaints of it, our nights out were every weekend at The Crown, the best nights we have had because we didn't have hangovers the following day and got to see so many happy faces and form great relationships with our friends there. It was tiring but worth it however, not drawing a wage from the business and allowing our day work to subsidise our weekend work has taken it's toll.

Being a professional performer and entertainer we need to keep our act fresh and alive, this includes adding in new numbers and re-working older ones, this usually means more costumes, wigs and of course consumables such as make-up and tights, at £13 to £17 a pair you can imagine how annoying it is when you ladder a pair! For DJ'ing we also need to keep up with the latest music too so the cost of performing is constant even without incurring additional costs. We cant wear the same gown week on week and it's not cheap you know kitting out two hefty birds in glitz and glam, it's not a case of poppping to Primani for a £10 frock either, as Dolly Parton said, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!"

These are not all complaints, it's a job we love and a career we have chosen to pursue but they are considerations when you assess your future and even though your heart wants to do one thing it is still important to listen to your head which is telling you all the business reasons as to why you shouldn't, we tried listening to our hearts and ignoring the sensible head and managed to do that for a while but eventually the business head won through, and, even though we didn't really like the conclusion we came to we had to follow through.

As for the future then who knows what it holds for us. We have taken a few bookings between now and New Year but essentially we are stepping back and re-assessing what and where we want to do next. We would love to go back to working a residency as it is so nice making friendships and seeing your friends every week and performing for them every week too is what we love but, we are open minded and have planned to go back on the road with a fresh new show.

Hopefully we will see our friends in Southport again soon and maybe one day we will have the pleasure of entertaining them again but for now we're retreating to our Drag Queen Dressing Room and taking a well earned break!

Don't forget though keep checking we will be updating this soon.

Love to you all,

Bobbie D & Whiplash

It's a sign of the times

Well it's official Christmas isn’t very far away, but it's getting closer and closer, point proven today when I received my first Christmas card.


I'm only just getting over Halloween….


What next Easter cards in December?