Monday, 31 January 2011

Sales Sales Sales

Well today has been another busy day for sales in the eBay shop, and so have
spent my day split working for the office and managing the sales coming in,
this evening then I have been out in the dressing room packaging all the
sales. Hopefully next weekend will be the same as we have over 70 items on
there all finishing the same day so should be a busy weekend.

We also popped to Nick and Geoff's to say Hi. They have suggested that we go
to the Lakes at the weekend for a drive out, so weather permitting we will
be off up there for a drive, obviously if its tipping down with rain we
won't be going, but we don't mind a bit of cold.

Today health wise I have consumed my mass of Vitamins and Immune building
drugs as well as my steroids which am really now starting to loath and can't
wait to start coming off them again, I might just have to push myself a
little more this time when coming off them and put up with the headaches a
little more - I know I will expect them and have been told this so will just
have to wait and see, hopefully because I haven't got any other issues like
a cold etc it should be easier this time.

Tomorrow will be another busy day with work as got a few things I need to
do, I don't mind as it really does keep my gray matter ticking over, and
stops me from vegetating watching daytime TV. Some people say I shouldn't be
working as I'm supposed to be ill, but in my eyes working is actually
keeping me healthy and active. I now know my limits and if I'm getting to
the stage where I'm tired, I simply stop, or as I did the other day at Nick
and Geoff's I just fall asleep. It's actually quite nice to have a nap of an
afternoon if you feel like it....

Anyway I got some interesting stats from Natalya at BT Buddies today

More people under 40 die of a brain tumor than any other cancer.

Brain tumors have recently overtaken leukemia as the most common malignancy
and cause of death in children.

16,000 are diagnosed with a primary brain tumor in the UK every year.

65% more women die of a brain tumor than from cervical cancer.

20% of all cancers now spread to the brain.

Brain Tumor research receives less that 1% (0.7%) of cancer research
spending in the UK.

With more than 120 different types of tumor, brain tumors are a notoriously
difficult disease to diagnose.

Brain tumors are a particularly devastating form of cancer with one of the
lowest survival rates.

Patient personality changes as a result of a brain tumor cause massive
family disruption.

Will be using these in my interview on Friday for the radio. I know it makes
grim reading but not widely known, its mad we all know about Breast and
Testicular cancer but as for the brain, it tends to be widely forgotten.

I will let you all know how the interview goes and what radio station it
will be aired on, as he does for two radio stations, and when it's on. Will
also try and upload it to my website if I can get a digital cophy.

Anyway am on my way to bed now, will update tomorrow

Steve x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Well thats it

Well that's it, all parcels done and ready for collection by the couriers
(it's easier than going to the post office and cheaper)

Mark has uploaded more stock

If you want to check them out, I'm sure there will be more to follow this
week as Mark is on a roll with all this.

Anyway only came on to say goodnight to you all and will update tomorrow
with more goings on.

Steve x

PC Screwups

Well I thought today would be a good day for eBay, but looks like a little
technical issue thwarted our planes.

We have spent the majority of today getting items on the eBay listing tool
we use.

We had over 20 items on there and as it takes so long to to uploaded the

Anyway, we started to upload at 4.30 ready for the best time of 5pm and the
bloody thing crashed and deleted all the listings, and now my machine just
wont work again, so Mark is having to go through and re-do all the listings.

Last week's sales finished just after 5pm so I have been packaging the
orders up ready for postage tomorrow. So at least I have managed to do
something constructive today.

The whole eBay thing is getting to be a bit of a bug now for the both of us
and will be something that we end up doing for quite a while, as one of the
things we would like to do is make things both of a craft nature and also
for the Drag market so I'm sure we will need a retail outlet for it
somewhere, (that and I keep making cards at BASIC so will be overrun with

Anyway will go and check to see if anyone else has made a payment so that I
can wrap their products for tomorrow.

Steve x


Well Yesterday was an early night for me, we went to bed at 9 to watch a
film, and am sure we were fast asleep not much after 10, so I'm taking
peoples word and actually having more rest.

Today is a hectic day for us as we have to get all the items we photographed
yesterday uploaded to eBay by 4pm.

Those that don't get uploaded today will go on Thursday

The link to the eBay store If your interested is

There will be lots of unique items being listed on there over the next
couple of weeks from the Trouble Wardrobe, and then who knows what we will
sell. We have offered to sell my mother but she's not that interested.....

Will update again later when it's all done if I'm not all listed out.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mini Update

Well it's been another busy day for us here at Trouble Towers (haven't
called the hose that for some time now, as that's the operational centre of
Trouble, who no longer exist since they went into retirement when I came
ill. But today has been a very Trouble Day. We have been photographing stock
ready to be uploaded to the shop. We have photographed gowns today we
haven't seen in some time, which has brought back a lot of memories too.

The eBay sales are looking goof for this week and can be

found at

More will be uploaded tomorrow at 4 so that there is an overlap of items on
there. They will also be linked on my Facebook and Mark will too, so were
going for maximum exposure.

The thing is the more we sell the more room we have to photograph the other
items in there so it looks like a never ending task, but I'm sure we will
get there eventually.

Am going to spend this evening putting the adverts together ready for
tomorrow and then will start again tomorrow ready for next week, oh it looks
like we have weeks of fun ahead.

Need to order some more eyelashes too as we have had a sudden rush of
eyelash orders.....

Will update in a while when I'm all stocked out.


Scans, and falling asleep

Well yesterday was my scan, and as expected went without a hitch.

I'm becoming an old pro at these things now and don't tend to worry about
them, if I need a line in my arm, them I need a line in my arm, not an

I still find it fascinating that the machines are multimillion pond machines
and they make one hell of a noise. I understand why they are noisy, but I
still find it comical.

I should hopefully get the results on Wednesday when I next have my meeting
at the hospital.

Last night Matt Martin came round as he was having a photo shoot with
another friend for his new business venture.

We had dinner, (chippy tea) and then all went round to Nick and Geoff's
where Chris was there too so we had a laugh about all old things and watched
a very low budget film, very predictable but funny. One problem is we didn't
leave till gone one, I was asleep well before midnight on the sofa. The
problem was I had had a small drink too, Nick decided that I could have a
Martini and Lemonade. Was nice to actually have a drink and as it was only a
low ABV wasn't really not an issue.

Today is eBay sales day so I have to make my way to the post office with a
load of parcels, then this afternoon its upload more ready for Sunday.

Will update later with what am upto, need a shower and get to the post
office before 12 so need to get a wriggle on.

Steve x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

All day in work.....

Well today has been one of those days when I shouldn't have got out of bed
because no matter what I did I knew someone would see it as being wrong.

I started this morning tryng to go to work, and I just couldn't get out of
the front door. I forgot my wallet, then I had to go back because I forgot
my phone, then I had to pick my medication up at the pharmacy and they are
not the quickest, they go at their own pace even though I was the only

The bus journey was a typical slow joirney and I finally managed to get to
town and enjoy the stroll from the stop to the office,, all going well.

In work I managed to gt everything done so much quicker as the systems are
quicker there and it is just easier. This afternoon we have been
interviewing for a new member of staff which we need to take on pretty
quickly. The one problem was that the interviews went on and on and I didn't
finish till 5.30pm which mark was angry at. He wanted me to finish at around
3pm as that's more than enough for me 10 - 3pm

I know he's right and that I shouldn't throw myself into the office that
much but with being in the office and enjoying being out I didn't notice the
time and such, although I will have to ensure that I don't do it again as I
know its not beneficial to myself.

I'm off to bed shortly as its another early start tomorrow as I have to be
at Christies for 9.15am ready for my scan. I should hopefully know the
results of this scan on Wednesday at my next Oncology Appointment, so will
be a long weekend for me. Not that I'm going to focus on it though as I know
this scan is not the most important one I will have at the moment.

Will just have to occupy myself with other things and then have the meeting
on Wednesday.

Anyway off to bed for me I think.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Im going to do it.....

Well I thought I would wrote an update before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I am in the office as its recruitment so im combining this with a
day in the office.

This evening I have been doing something really therapeutic. Applying
Diamante to a throw that me and mark are making, it takes so long to do each
one but you can get into the swing of it and do it whilst watching the TV,
being so small though it doesn't appear to be getting any further, so a
couple more nights curled up on the sofa with it yet.

If anyone wants me to make them one (they are lovely) let me know and will
book you in for some time next winter lol, I might just have finished this
one then.

After my visit to BASIC today I have realised that Craft is something that I
could actually do more of, as it does keep me occupied and is varied which
is my main problem, so doing the craft might just keep me occupied on the
dark cold nights. Time will tell.

Anyway mark is still out at his dinner so am off to bede so that am fresh

Might not get chance to do an update during the day tomorrow so will
definitely have to do one tomorrow on my day in the office.

Steve x


Well, again last night I didn't manage to do another Blog entry, but then
again I had done some entries during the day so its not too bad.

I actually find it easier to do entries during the day as and when they come
up rather than trying to put it all down at the end of the night when I'm
clearly tired and not in the mood.

Last night was another early night in bed after we watched the program My
Big fat Gypsy Wedding. It's just amazing the lifestyle they have and how
closed it is to the outside world.

Anyway, today I have managed to get all my work done for the office that I
need to do and will soon be having lunch. This afternoon is my weekly trip
to BASIC, which I am really enjoying as its time out from everything where I
can talk freely to other likeminded people.

This evening I will be adding crystals to a throw that me and Mark are
making as he is at a dinner presentation so will be home alone, so might as
well get it done.

Thursday is my day in the office so will have an early night tonight to
ensure am fresh and ready as I will be interviewing new people for the
office ready for summer. It's great to be back in the swing of things at the
office even though its only one day a week at the moment then hopefully can
build this up to a few.

One problem I am having at the moment is sleeping through.

This green tea although its doing me the world of good and is really
detoxing my body, it makes me want to go at all times of the day, I have
stopped drinking after 7pm to see if this helps and no, so I just have to
put up with it, I was hanging washing up this morning at 4.15am as I was
wide awake, oh well at least the washing was dry when I got up this

Oh well almost lunchtime, will update later maybe after BASIC

Steve x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Direction West

Well today I'm supposed to be thinking about work little else, the problem
is I'm thinking of little else and no work.

I suppose I have managed to get quite a bit done this morning so I am at
least well ahead in that respect but this afternoon I just haven't got it in
me to focus. I keep finding something else to distract myself. eBay is evil
and needs to be blocked for working hours, why would I want a 1000 pieces of
jewellery making bits for a bargain price of £4.99, I don't know either, but
I was strangely tempted.

I know I need to do the dishes too, but I'm resisting temptation as if I
leave my desk that will be it I will be on a whole new road to nowhere...

I thought if I wrote this it might just push me in the right direction,
between me and you - It didn't...

Never mind.

Till later


10pm that's my lot

Well again last night I didn't manage to complete my blog as I fell asleep,
before 10pm

This is now becoming a regular occurrence again, it can't be a bad thing
though as if my body needs sleep then it needs sleep simple as.

That and I have been getting up several times a night to go to the loo as
the green tea is really clearing me out, good in one respect bad in the
other that it keeps me awake. I do feel the benefits of the tea though so
that's a good thing.

As for the 10pm cut off this is becoming a standard time, and have set
myself this limit now so that if I do have a late night at any point in the
week or weekend then I'm in credit as it were, at least then I can still do
all the things I want to do and not be as tired.

This week is a strange week coming up as I have my MRI scan on Friday and
so that I can have the results ready for my next oncologist meeting on the
2nd. I can't say I am not worried about the scan but I do understand that
this is not the most important one I will be having and is simply an
indicator of how things are going. The one downside of the scan is I have
the have an injection of dye to highlight my brain etc, and this has some
strange reactions as its going in and coming out again, let's just say the
smell it produces on the way out is like a pack of wet dogs, so not

I'm working a full day again today for the office and want to go into the
office on Thursday as we have interviews for new members of staff if it can
be arranged with the candidates. I will go in any way as it's nice to get
into the office at least once a week o integrate with the social aspect and
catch up on all the politics.

Will update later after my mum has been down.


Monday, 24 January 2011

End of the weekend

Well I didn't do a Blog yesterday so will catch up this morning whilst I
work for my Work PC to catch up with itself.

Yesterday was a good day although I did have headache for most of it, I
think I slept funny the night before and have twisted my neck so that isn't

Over the weekend we have started the massive task of uploading all our drag
to eBay as its not selling quick enough via Facebook, so at least its now on
Facebook and on eBay so reaching a much broader audience.

It will be sad but also interesting to see the costumes go, as it's the end
of one part of my (and Marks Life) over with but it also means the start of
something completely new.

It's also exciting watching people bid on the items that your selling. And
it makes you want to list more and more, and push the bidding.

The only downside now is the fact I have loads of parcels to go to the post

We did 30 auctions as a test this week to ensure we were getting the right
mix of advert on and now we know the secret we will be uploading more this
week ready for Sunday, as Sunday is the magic eBay day.

One nice thing I have heard this weekend is the little task I sent out on my
Blog and on Facebook regarding mason in Kansas, who wanted valentines cards
from all over the world so he could put a little pin of love on his Map,
loads of my family and friends from all round the world have sent him one
and passed on the message. I really hope he gets thousand as it's such a
sweet thing to do.

Today am trying to get myself back into work mode as I really want to start
returning to the office more, so am working as normal a routine as possible.
I have to check with the Oncologist again in Feb if it is OK but he did say
there shouldn't be any issues as long as I know that I have to limit myself,
which is something I'm getting good at, I will now put my hand up and say
I'm tired and need to stop.

Will update later.

Will have to go and check my sales, its really exciting watching the bids go


Saturday, 22 January 2011


Well it's the weekend, as you may know I didn't do a blog yesterday as I was
tired, and had very little that I could say.

My mum and Gran came down all day, but I don't feel this is special, this is
normal and not noteworthy, that sounds awful but I know what I mean,

It was good to see my Mum and Granny though as well as my friend Justian who
popped by.

As for the evening I was in bed by 10pm as I was pretty tired and wasn't
much after that, that I was well into the land of nod, I was that sleepy
that I didn't even wear my earplugs and slept all the way through.

As for today, its been another pretty normal day for us, tidy the house this
morning, then lunch and then Justian came by again, He's a real tonic as we
don't get to see him often so was nice for him to come round, that and Mark
was working yesterday when he came round, so we had tea and cake.

This evening we have been adding more of our costumes to eBay , we really
need to get onto the whole thing and get it cleared out, hopefully not that
Xmas is out of the way and people are returning back to normal, things will
start to sell again.

Once our dressing room is empty we have plans to do loads of other stuff so
we need to get onto that pronto.

It's sad getting rid f all the costumes, but also therapeutic in the same
light so something I can do without an issue now.

Will add the link to the shop on my blog tomorrow but you can always look up
some of the thing on my Facebook already, they will always be uploaded on a
Sunday as that's the best day to finish eBay sales.

Another thing I have been informed about via the BT Buddies website founder
Natalya is a little chap in the USA Mason. He is 9 years old and has been
diagnosed with DIPG Tumour. His mom has come up with the idea of people
sending him Valentine's day cards from all around the world, he will then
pin a little love heart on his huge map at home from wherever they are from.

This is both a sweet idea for mason and his brother and sister but also
educational too.

If you would like to send him a card, please send it to:

Mason Kempf

7700 W. 96th terrace

Overland Park



I will be sending him a card with my details on so that he can pin a little
heart of love t his map, and if you have it in your heart you will too. If
you want to pass this on to any of your far flung friends that would be
brilliant too.

I'm also getting ready this week to have a full week in the office (or as
full as I can make it, will be working from home Monday and Friday and then
the office Tuesday and Thursday, I will then phase the Home working over to
Office working. I enjoyed working last week at the Office last week, and the
whole getting back to normal is brilliant.

I have also finished the concoction of Antibiotics I have been on all week
today, which is a godsend as the tablets were huge and I didn't like taking
them, I know they were good for me but I hated the monotony of having to
take tablets at certain times of the day and being tied to a clock, I know I
have to do this when am on Chemo but that is a while structured routine for
5 days and is a little simpler.

Anyway will sign off as I have to take the last of today's pills and then
its bedtime.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Back to normal

Well today was my return to the office world in a normal state.

I managed to work in the office 9.30am till 4, I will admit I was tired, but
I loved every minute of it. Its the biggest step I have taken in the last
couple of months to getting some kind of normality and structure back in my
life. Yes I have been normal at home and such but returning to work is a big
change for me, as working from home doesn't appear too have made much of an
impact, just serving to occupy my mind whilst at home.

It was great to be back in the office and immediately fall into the role
that I left over 4 months ago, and the whole team just carried on as normal,
they even pestered me to do little bits, which is just like old times.....

I had the discussion with my boss about returning and the are happy for me
to do it as and how I can.

My hair is still trying to grow back slowly but surely and everyone that
strokes my head says its bristly and definitely some re-growth there, its
thicker on the right and back than on the left where I had the Radio
therapy, but its at least a start, let's just hope that it doesn't grow back
ginger or curly, otherwise it will be funky hair colours, head shaving etc
for me going forward.

Anyway, I'm off to bed my legs are aching today, something I haven't seen
for a couple of days, it comes and goes but something I have to put up with.
Its probably the fact I have been continuously sat at my desk today and I
haven't been walking round, will have to ensure that when I do go to the
office I walk around etc to keep my legs going, it works at home so it
should work in the office.

Night all

Steve x

PS someone again said today that I am an inspiration, all I will say is I'm
no more special that anyone, I'm just a normal person that has had some
really crappy news, and has taken one of the only two decisions I had, sit
back and let this illness consume me or stand up and fight and see where it
gets me. I chose to stand and fight, stay positive and keep on going. If I
can encourage other people in the same situation to do the same then that's

Positivity, love and a bloody stubborn determination to keep going is my new
philosophy, if anyone else wants to share it then its free for the taking, I
hope it stands you in as much good stead as it appears to be doing me.

Back on the right path

Well today has been a good day and am on the mend now, just need to get rid
of the chesty part of the cough that is slowly coming out.

I have had my weekly visit to BASIC today and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's
very therapeutic being with other people in similar situations, I even feel
comfortable to sit there with no hat on.

One thing I have noticed though whilst there today is that my hair is
starting to grow back ever so slightly, all be it slightly bristly...

My Fatigue is starting to drop again which is good, and I actually made the
visit to BASIC myself although I did need a cuppa when I got there....

The fatigue comes and goes now on its own, I just have to put up with it
when it's here, like a miserably aunty who just won't go....

After BASIC Mark and myself went to the Cinema because its Orange Wednesday,
which makes it much more affordable, although it's not expensive if you can
get it cheaper it's a bonus. One thing I have found out though at BASIV is
if you're on DLA you are entitled to a CEA Card
this entitles the holder to go to the cinema with a carer and the carer to
attend free, this is any time of the week not just Wednesdays.

It also acts as a discount card at theatres and other venues to, you just
have to ask (they advertise the UB40 discounts but Disability benefits are
rarely advertised.

We discussed the number of benefits available to people that do not get
highlighted to people I need, and I think between the few o us we could come
up with a list and pass it round, as there doesn't appear to be anywhere
with a concise list, when it's done will publish it on my blog.

Anyway am off to bed now, as it's been a long day and again am tired.

Will update tomorrow

Steve x

Monday, 17 January 2011

Day of rest

Well its official, today I haven't done anything, I have been perched on the
sofa all day watching daytime TV, and I can honestly say I feel better for

I'm having another early night tonight and then will decide in the morning
if in going to work or not. I know I have BASIC tomorrow afternoon so will
see if im going in or not.

My legs are really achy today though, they were yesterday too, I feel like I
have done a thousand miles. I have been trying to stretch them out but its
not getting any better, must just be fatigue getting to me, but I wont let
it get to me, will just work my way through it.

Had a conversation with my mum today about living in a bubble, and know it's
not possible to completely block myself away from coughs and sneezes
completely but any of the situations that I can block out the better and I
will be doing, because of the fact that I have been well for the last couple
of months we have all become complacent with the small things and this
weekend was just a reminder that I'm not superman and I do need to take a
little extra care.

Those around me understand this which is good, so hopefully I won't offend
anyone if I say I can't see them if they have any sign of bugs.

One thing that has intrigued me the last few days is the number of people
that ready this blog. And Whilst watching Casualty there is a guy on there
that's also a regular blogger.

It would be great if you could just leave me a little msg on the comment
section of this blog (you don't have to sign up) just to say who you are and
where you're from, I think it would be really interesting (don't worry you
don't have to use your real name)

Anyway its shower time and then off to bed.

Steve x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

An Unexpected Visit

Well its been a funny weekend, but not in the funny Haha way.

I haven't been in the best of health this weekend, the chesty caught that I
was suffering from has got hold of me more than would normally happen, and
as a result I felt terrible, this combined with the issues I have whilst
coming down from the steroids, I was a really unwell bunny and after a call
to the Christies Hotline they suggested that I come in for a check-up. So on
Sunday afternoon, when all I wanted to do was relax and feel sorry for
myself, we were Christies bound.

Several doctors and nurses gave me a complete onceover and it was suggested
that I stay in under observation. They also gave me a high dosage of
Antibiotics to help with the chest complaint. They have also put my steroids
back up again so at least that solves that problem for today, just have to
work on it now ready to come back down again.

I also had a Chest X-Ray to ensure that there was no underlying issues. I
had to wait till 10pm last night for that but from what the radiographer
said, there was no issues, this was then confirmed this, so again that was

They sent me home this afternoon with a couple more days of antibiotics and
more steroids.

The whole weekend has helped to remind all of us of how I need to look after
myself a little more, and the fact that I have done so well has only lulled
us all into a false sense of security, just a small sniffle for one person
is a likely to be a big issue of me, especially considering that fact that
next month I will be on the full strength Chemo and my immune system will be
compromised even more.

The long shot of all this is I need to avoid anyone and situations that
would expose me to bugs, this sounds awful as its blocking the access to
family and friends, but I have to be selfish going forward and think of
myself first. Hopefully people will understand this situation and won't be
offended if I ask them not to come. I have even said to Mark, that if he has
a sniffle I will be moving to the other bedroom, it literally does mean
cutting all the situations out that I can.

Anyway I'm having an early night, something else that I need to ensure I do
more regularly, as sleep is one of the most important things for the body.

Night, till tomorrow.


Friday, 14 January 2011


Well am bored, the whole new trying to get myself into work mode just isn't working today, I have even asked the office is there is anything I can do and they have all said they are quiet too, so no help to me.

I have checked Facebook, sent a snotty email to PayPal, and deleted all my junk mail, nothing much else to do sat at my desk. Might have to go and make lunch.

I am tired today, although I did sleep right through last night which is good as I normally male a trip to the loo every couple of hours, I have set myself a limit of 8pm to stop drinking, it so far works.

Will update later


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I'm tired. I just can't get myself motivated.

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Fresh Air

Well it's been a strange day, I woke up in a really crap mood, I felt ill,
not physically just down and really unhappy.

I don't know why I felt like that but I did.

That and I have a really croaky voice today, again it's not sore it's just
really croaky, it does this sometimes so am not worried.

Anyway we ended up at Cheshire Oaks and the fresh air and the general hustle
and bustle of the place cleared my head, and after an hour or so of walking
round I was OK, perhaps I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed....

We're off to Nick and Geoff's now to play Wii so will have a fun evening,
will update later.



Well I did it again yesterday. I forgot to blog. The day was pretty mundane. I worked all day for the office. I'm getting myself into a routine of a full day at my desk ready for when am allowed to return to the office.

It does make me tired but of anything its the change of routine that am working to break. No more homes under the hammer for me. Even the small jobs I were doing like dishes etc now get left to when I come home from the office as it were, therefore I'm back to normal.

Last night we popped to Nick and Geoffs for a few hours then back home ready for Shameless and bed.

Other than that I'm finding my life is pretty mundane and getting back to normal.

Will update later on today. Have only done this as my machine is crawling..

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The only real thing can mention about today is the fact I'm tired.

Although saying that I have still managed to get a lot done.

My mum came round this morning and we did the post office run again things
are really hotting up with the shop and have a number of parcels to go out
every day, so again that's something that gets me out of the house and makes
me have my walk every day.

This afternoon I was again at BASIC doing a recreational course, this is an
effort to socialise myself with people in the same boat as myself and also
do something that I cannot think about cancer for a few hours.

The group is great and we had a laugh so I will be going again next week, I
eve managed to teach the group something too.

After the group Mark picked me up and we went off to the Trafford centre to
watch a movie as its Orange Wednesday, but everything we wanted to watch
started late and I as I'm tired now I didn't want to be out too late so we
ended up at ChaoBaby - it's an all you can eat Thai Buffet, hence were both
now waddling around feeling rather full.

Another thing that happened today is the arrival of the Radiotherapy Masks
that both me and Mark will be decorating for BT Buddies, They will be going
into an exhibition in London later in the year.

It was a little odd though seeing the masks again as that part of my
treatment is now over and am moving on to other areas. The other thing is
one of the Masks was a child's mask, and it just made me think of the child
having to go through the same thing as I did.

Anyway that's about all for today, am sure there is more but I can't think
as I have headache ad am tired, so will sign off and see you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Day

Well another full day for me, and am still preparing myself for my return to
work, I just have to prove to myself and Mark, that I am capable of working
a full day in the office, once I can do this I can then explain to the
olcologist and he will allow me to go back on a phased return.

I will admit tio being tired, but this is probably two things, the treatment
but also the fact that I'm getting back into a 9 - 5 routine, which is
obviously a change to my system.

I'm coping well with it though. Its nice though that I'm being included in
the office and that fact im working with the team rather than assisting on
minor things.

I'm off to bed shortly as im tired, and its Shameless so will watch that and
fall asleep.... ) probably in the wrong order)

Health Wise I do have headache today, but that's probably down to the fact o
have work a baseball cap all day, my own fault I know....

Tomorrow I'm taking a day out and have a number of things I need to sort out
so that will be me.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Office Based...

Well it's been another busy day in my little world, I have worked a full day
for work, which for me is a positive step forward for me returning to work
whilst my treatment continues.

I really want to go back to work as I'm literally going stare crazy at home
so today has been a good indicator that I can do it, although I won't be
going back full time as that would simply tire me out, as I'm am tired today
so early night for me I think.

One of the issues I do have though working out of the office is the speed of
my PC, I simply can't do everything I could do in the office, my machine
just doesn't go as fast as I need it to or I want it too. This again is a
good thing as it stops me from doing too much and taking too much on.

The bookings for the Drag acts are coming in again, and am enjoying being
part of that whole drag network again. I'm hoping to expand this area over
the next couple of months as part of the Drag Queen Superstore network.

Anyway am off to bed as am tired, although I may watch Shameless in bed
until I fall asleep.

Till tomorrow when I'm doing another full day


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Last day of Chemo

Well today has been the last day of my chemo on this month's cycle (that
sounds so American) and I now have 23 days off, and to be honest I feel
fine, which I'm only taking as a good sign.

Today I haven't stopped though which again is a good sign. We went this
morning to the Museum of Museums to use marks entry tickets bought by Nick
and Geoff (they came with us too) and we went to see the Tutankhamen
exhibition which is really good so thanks to Nick and Geoff that gift again.

After the exhibition we wandered round the ships at the Trafford centre, we
managed to buy a Christmas present in the sales so that's us now with two
presents already bought for next year...

This evening has been spent sorting sales out from the shop (which are going
mad this evening strangely) and also the entertainment diary for the pub
which is now complete and am moving onto February.

Tomorrow looks like a full day at my desk for the office as I have loads to
catch up on.

Going to sign off now as were playing Monopoly on the Wii and its getting
high level.... Basically Marks winning.

Till tomorrow


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Well it's the penultimate day of this round of Chemo and I'm doing well.

Today we have been back to Makro and have bought two new mattresses (both
memory foam) one for my mum and dad and one for Nick and Geoff. We must have
started a trend, who else wants one???

We then delivered said mattress to Nick and Geoff and then back home for a
royal visit from our friend Stephen who has bought us some lovely presents
that fit with our new lounge.

It was then back up to my mum and dad's to deliver their bed and dinner with
them, lovely curry......

Then back home and catching up on some emails, and sort the entertainment
out for a bar that am working with, they wanted trouble but I explained that
were on a sabbatical for obvious reasons, and so they have asked me to
manage all the drag entertainment. Which isn't easy trying to sort out
several nights a week with different acts at such short notice, but it's
done now, I just have to write the contracts and posters.

I have had one rather random message though on Facebook today from an ex
business partner, that has rather perplexed me, and I don't know what to do
about it, should I contact them or leave t well alone....

Anyway, am off to the Tutankhamen exhibition in Manchester with mark, Nick
and Geoff, it was actually a present for Marks birthday in December, so we
have decided o go tomorrow.

Anyway will sign off I have a mountain of contracts to write and posters to

Till tomorrow



Well I done it again.

I didn't do blog yesterday as I just got wrapped up in the daily routine of

I did a load of work for the office, did a little washing, did a little bit
of tidying and then when everyone else came home we took down the rest of
the Christmas Shizzle. It's a mammoth task at the best of times bit it's all
done now. It's all in boxes ready to go back in storage.

Then in the evening we played Monopoly on the Wii and Nick and Geoff joined
us. Was nice just not to do anything in particular.

Today its boxes in storage then no plans other than Muffy will be making an
appearance at some point.

Will update later on what I get upto.


Friday, 7 January 2011


Well I have a confession.

I didn't do a blog yesterday, I basically forgot....

I had a good day yesterday, I worked from home for most of the day and had a
really productive day.

I managed to clear my inbox of old items that needed to be done but just got
left because of Christmas and New Year.

I now want to go back to work, as I'm beginning to feel like a house
prisoner during the day. I did ask the Oncologist if I could go back on
reduced hours and he said that I should get the first cycle of my Chemo out
of the way first to see how it makes me feel. I finish on Monday so
hopefully one day next week I will make it into the office.

Even if it was just 2 days a week I could at least get out of the house and
socialise with people again, I'm sick of talking to the cats, as they argue
the point and I'm never tight (OK so they don't argue with me but the scrap
with each other and wander off when I want a conversation)

One thing that did happen yesterday was GTEN television, who we were
supposed to be doing a cooking program with last year have asked would I
like to do a video diary for their website, on who I am how am feeling etc
and how Cancer has affected my life. I said I would think about it, it might
me another therapeutic outlet for me who knows, I said I would let him know


Will sign off for now and update on my day today later this evening.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll

Well today has been a long day as have spent most of it in the hospital
waiting for various things.

First the appointment was half an hour late and then we had to wait for the
prescription for my new load of medication.

For various reasons it took over 2 hours for them to dispense my new meds,
but I have them now so I can't complain.

My new regime (well for the next 5 days anyway) is a mix of Chemo, anti
sickness, stomach protectors, a reduced dosage but increased number of
steroids and my usual dose of immune boosting drugs too, so I would
literally rattles if you picked me up.

Anyway I have now taken all my medication for today and I can honestly say
that the only side effect I get is that they give me heartburn and the
burps, which is what I discovered last time, so I just have to go with the

I also asked if I could go back to work after this first cycle of Chemo, and
they haven't said yes and they haven't said no, they said that I should see
how I am when I'm under the treatment, which is a positive sign for me, but
will see when I get through this next stage.

Tomorrow is the first day back to normal in the house, Mark will be back to
work, and I will be working from home again, and I will hope to catch up on
the few items I have missed over Xmas and New Year. Working from home will
occupy my time though and get me into a mind frame ready for when I do
manage to get back to the office.

Anyway am tired now so am off to bed.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back to reality

Well we finally made it back to Manchester after winding our way back home.
We stopped at Shrewsbury and a number of Garden centres on the way home, we
then also stopped at marks and Spencer to buy things for dinner.

Mark has done his usual master chef routine and whizzed up a lovely curry
for dinner.

Last night was what we both needed, just to get away from it all and not
think about anything other than ourselves, were both ready now for
tomorrow's meeting with Dr McBaine at Christies for the start of my next 6
months of treatment.

One thing I did do yesterday that didn't bother me at all is I went to
dinner last night and breakfast this morning without wearing anything on my
head. I'm getting used to appearing in public with my baldy head. I don't
find it much of an issue any more, although if I was to go shipping I would
still wear a hat as my head gets cold.

Because we haven't done much thinking about anything in particular today, I
don't have a lot on my mind.

I'm a little tired though today as have done a lot of walking.

Will update tomorrow with the details of my meeting with the Oncologist.

Steve x

End of a lovely day.

Well were in our lovely bed in the castle. We had a lovely dinner and I even had a couple of glasses of wine too.

Back to the room we have just relaxed and enjoyed the fact we have nothing to do.

Were going to get up in the morning so we can have breakfast and then take some pictures round the castle as its such a photogenic place. Then we have no plans at all will just take the day as it comes.

This may be posted at any time between midnight and breakfast as I don't have signal on my phone and I only get sporadic coverage when the wind is blowing in he right direction......

Anyway going to sign off as early start.

Till then.

Steve x
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Monday, 3 January 2011

Peckforton Castle

Well we have finally arrived at the hotel after stopping at a few craft shops along the way.
It takes ages to drive through the castle grounds, but eventually you arrive at the fairy tale style castle.

There are Peacocks wandering round the inner castle walls which is nice and tranquil.

Our room is lovely and was nicely provided with a chilled bottle of bubbly. Mark has just finished his bath in the slipper bath with a glass of bubbly and I will be jumping in shortly.

Were then off for dinner in the restaurant. The rest of the evening is unplanned so who knows. Will update later.

Steve x
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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Out with the old....

Well like I said yesterday, today was going to be a sorting out day, and we
have, the pair of us, its actually been an infectious sorting out as Mark's
mum has been doing the same too.

Between the three of us we have managed to sort out 4 large black bags of
stuff to go to the charity shop, which means we all have more space in our

Even though its been a hectic day and very productive, its also been a good
day as its helped keep me occupied and not think about the last few days,
and the simple fact of clearing out drawers and having a clear and fresh
start has also helped mentally too as I appear to have had a mental clear
out too whilst I was at it.

Also this afternoon we have paced for our evening away at Peckforton Castle
(its the CSL advert castle in the background). We will be staying tomorrow
night and will be driving down tomorrow morning, it will be nice to just get
away from it all and not think about anything in particular, were just going
to go and relax and soak in the atmosphere.

As for the rest of the week its going to be pretty hectic and I have
literally run into 2011 with a full diary.

I am back at Christies on Wednesday for the start of my next 6 months of
treatment and then on Friday I am having my second full body massage.

All this whilst also trying to fit in my daily duties for the office. I
want to get this first week of Chemo out of the way so that I know how I
feel as I would ideally like to go back to work, at least part time from the
office, as im simply bored to tears at home. Mark has said there is loads of
things I can do at home to occupy myself, but the whole being at home is
what bores me. Even if I could just do a couple of hours in the office every
day that would alleviate the problem, and I would probably achieve more
overall. Time will tell.

Anyway am supposed to be watching Dirty Dancing, as Mark has insisted I
watch it (I have never actually seen it) so will sign off till tomorrow when
I will be updating via my mobile.


It started better than the last one finished.

Well 2011 has started much better than 2010 finished.

I woke up this morning after going back to bed in a much more sociable mood,
Mark too was in a more sociable mood.

E have had a lovely day and have been spoiled too, we were collected by Nick
at about 3pm to be taken to their house for dinner and we played Wii
afterwards, now four of us sat there giggling like school children isn't
something that should be allowed (but oh so much fun)

Thanks for the afternoon guys, it's really put a spring in our step and am
now ready to hit the coming week with gusto.

Am off to bed now as have loads to do tomorrow, I feel a day of sorting
coming on.

Steve x

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year Bles

Its am on new years day and I have just got up, I was actually in bed at 9pm
last night because things were shitty.

Yesterday wasn't a particularly good day anyway for two reasons, first
everyone is excited about the new year looking forward making plans planning
the year ahead etc etc etc, and for obvious reasons I just ant get into that
thought of mind even though I am being positive, it still bites inside. I
cans even plan simple things sometimes as treatments and the fact I don't
know how I will be feeling all stand in the way.

The other reason yesterday wasn't ery good was its the 1st anniversary of
the death of my aunt, she too died of cancer a year ago today, so this
really hit home.

So all in all it wasn't a very good day for me, and I will admit I was quiet
and did want to be on my own.

On the other hand Mark hates NY anyway so he too was in a crabby mood and do
the majority of yesterday we spent blanking each other - he thinks I was
blanking him I think he was blanking me so were both at fault. Not a good
end to the new year as we were both in bed silently at 9pm like I said.

I have woken up in a much less bitter mood this morning and hope he does
too, either way it will be sorted out.

As for the day ahead were off to Nick and Geoff's for dinner which will be
nice and will give us chance to start the new year on a positive.

One thing that did keep me occupied yesterday was the arrival of my new
gadget my new Pet Nabaztag ( and I spent some of the
afternoon trying to get that set up over the internet. Its basically an
entertainment system in the form of a rabbit that sits wherever, connects to
your WIFI and tells you the time, plays music, brings you the news and can
be programmed to do a number of other things too - these Ii have yet to do.
You can link it to other Nabazag bunnies around the world and they interact
with each other. I'm later going to figure out how to get it to work with my
Skype account so I can chat more with Leon in Israel

I'm going to sign off now as am going to go bck to bed for an hour, I have
had a cup of tea so might sleep for an hour or so.

Will update more later.

Happy New Year too