Monday, 31 January 2011

Sales Sales Sales

Well today has been another busy day for sales in the eBay shop, and so have
spent my day split working for the office and managing the sales coming in,
this evening then I have been out in the dressing room packaging all the
sales. Hopefully next weekend will be the same as we have over 70 items on
there all finishing the same day so should be a busy weekend.

We also popped to Nick and Geoff's to say Hi. They have suggested that we go
to the Lakes at the weekend for a drive out, so weather permitting we will
be off up there for a drive, obviously if its tipping down with rain we
won't be going, but we don't mind a bit of cold.

Today health wise I have consumed my mass of Vitamins and Immune building
drugs as well as my steroids which am really now starting to loath and can't
wait to start coming off them again, I might just have to push myself a
little more this time when coming off them and put up with the headaches a
little more - I know I will expect them and have been told this so will just
have to wait and see, hopefully because I haven't got any other issues like
a cold etc it should be easier this time.

Tomorrow will be another busy day with work as got a few things I need to
do, I don't mind as it really does keep my gray matter ticking over, and
stops me from vegetating watching daytime TV. Some people say I shouldn't be
working as I'm supposed to be ill, but in my eyes working is actually
keeping me healthy and active. I now know my limits and if I'm getting to
the stage where I'm tired, I simply stop, or as I did the other day at Nick
and Geoff's I just fall asleep. It's actually quite nice to have a nap of an
afternoon if you feel like it....

Anyway I got some interesting stats from Natalya at BT Buddies today

More people under 40 die of a brain tumor than any other cancer.

Brain tumors have recently overtaken leukemia as the most common malignancy
and cause of death in children.

16,000 are diagnosed with a primary brain tumor in the UK every year.

65% more women die of a brain tumor than from cervical cancer.

20% of all cancers now spread to the brain.

Brain Tumor research receives less that 1% (0.7%) of cancer research
spending in the UK.

With more than 120 different types of tumor, brain tumors are a notoriously
difficult disease to diagnose.

Brain tumors are a particularly devastating form of cancer with one of the
lowest survival rates.

Patient personality changes as a result of a brain tumor cause massive
family disruption.

Will be using these in my interview on Friday for the radio. I know it makes
grim reading but not widely known, its mad we all know about Breast and
Testicular cancer but as for the brain, it tends to be widely forgotten.

I will let you all know how the interview goes and what radio station it
will be aired on, as he does for two radio stations, and when it's on. Will
also try and upload it to my website if I can get a digital cophy.

Anyway am on my way to bed now, will update tomorrow

Steve x

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