Sunday, 4 January 2015

Another year is draws to a close.

Another year is drawing to a close so it seems appropriate to write a blog.   It is less and less frequent that I blog at the moment. I'm not sure I will go back to it in a personal capacity but I plan on starting to blog "professionally" for the charity. 

As I look back at 2014 and read my blog at the end of 2013 I am again made acutely aware of my complete dislike of "New Year".  I've disliked it since being a child and rarely has it changed over the years.

This year though I am not at home for New Year.  Jonathan and I are in Egypt, (Sharm-El-Sheikh) and New Years Eve is our last night here.  We will be pleased to go home, we have been here almost three weeks as we came out earlier in December so I spent my 40th birthday here in addition to Christmas and New Year. 

It's been nice to be away but after this long it will be nice to go home too, even more so for Jon as I've now discovered, (the hard way) that, if he is away from the hustle and bustle of juggling home life with work then this causes more problems than it solves.  I guess we all have our quirks and we know now not to plan any long vacations again.

There have been a lot of changes this year.  I've learned a few things too.  I've finished fitting a new kitchen at the big house, put a new shower room and bathroom in so thats a lot of plumbing, joinery and tiling.  I've learned how to erect scaffolding and fitted new uPVC windows, (including a bay window).  I didn't doubt myself but I'd never had the necessity to do many of these things before.

I should add that fitting a new bathroom and shower room sounds simple but the prep took a very long time.  Firstly I had to cut the old cast iron bath into four to get that out down a spiral staircase so you get an idea of the challenges I faced.  There are still a few finishing touches to add but it all looks very different now and I'm pleased with the results.

It wasn't just me who got old this year.  Jon turned 40 this year too and amongst other things I got him two kittens for his birthday, Arthur and Martha.  They are very cute and very mischievous too, especially Martha.  That makes us a six cat household now but fortunately, (because Jon Googled it) we are not crazy cat ladies, that happens when you have seven apparently.  

In saying that, Hugo had been poorly and on antibiotics before we came away.  Jon took him in as a stray many years ago and he has lived like a king since then.  Jon has spoken to Ann, looking after the cats, and she said Hugo is holding on but "be prepared".  The vet told us a few weeks ago he has a tumour but he wasn't in pain and seems well in himself, (well for him anyway) but that given his age and his heart murmur then an operation was not advisable as he may not even survive the anaesthetic let alone the trauma of surgery so it was best to just keep him as well as possible for as long as possible.  I guess you could call it palliative care however, with a human we would make them suffer until their body gives up.  At least we have the ability to give Hugo a humane and dignified end of life.

The other main change this year has been that I have kick-started the charity again, It had been dormant whilst I changed career then for a few reasons we had a change of trustees.  Alongside that there is still two issues to resolve.  They are both with legal advisors.  It is saddening and I am bitterly disappointed but I have also learned the hard way that not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

On a positive note though the charity is set to grow and grow throughout 2015.  It is really exciting and pleasing to work with other trustees passionate about our cause and keen to get results.  We've had a brief video made by which explains who we are and why we exist.  The website is still under construction but our video is there already so please take a look,

When I said, right at the beginning of this post, that I hope to write more for the charity, that is where the blog posts will apear.  If you follow the charity on twitter though @lgbtcancersupp then you'll have all the latest news etc as and when it happens.

For now I am signing off.  It is currently 16:00 on 30th December 2014 here but even though I am publishing this now it probably wont "send" until I am home on 1st January 2015.

Whatever you get up to for new year, enjoy it.  Don't look back at the year and dwell on the negatives, pluck out the positives and look forward to a brighter and better 2015, oh and there is some other news to tell too but I will save that for another time.

Until next time, take care.
Mark x