Friday, 19 June 2009


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Monday, 15 June 2009

Catch up...

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written an update but I’m trying to think what newsy stuff I have for you, and the truth is not a lot!


We’ve had a busy few weeks recently and there is no sign of it slowing up, we have so many projects on the go at present plus we’ve committed to doing a lot more work, not all of it related to but it will impact on that too both in terms of increased workload and exposure.


This weekend was particularly busy and after working until 4am on Sunday morning we didn’t get hopme until around 5.30 ish so decided not to go to bed and to make the most of the day.  We ended up catching 40 winks on the sofa before getting up and about off to the warehouse to buy some bits in preparation for our Christmas in July event at The Crown ( the place will be having a full on Chrimbo theme but before that we have the Kings & Queens at The Crown event, basically is’t an excuse for everyone to come out as a Drag Queen or Drag King or for the less adventurous simply fancy dress, a proper party atmosphere where we’re encouraging people to “show us your bits”, not in a rude way though, we want people to come and book a slot to show us their party piece, from singing to dancing and everything in between, there has been quite a bit of interest so should be a fun night.


We’re trying to get involved with the TV/TS community too and arrange a regular night at the Crown for them, the plan is for plenty of fun and dancing, a light and cheesy atmosphere where people can come and let their hair down.


There are lots of other things planned too for The Crown including a mini re-vamp but our next big event is our School Disco on 27th June with a special treat for all the girls and boys, a Freddy Mercury tribute, I’ve not seen him yet myself but have it on good authority he sounds identical to the man himself and that he looks the part too.  Sounds like it’s going to be a great night though so we’ll see.


Well gonna sign off for now, just taken an interesting phonecall.... I’ll let you know more about that as I get more info but watch this space!


Take care and be good,

xXx Bobbie D xXx




Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Well another weekend has flown by, and already we're planning next weekend – and beyond. There doesn't appear to be a free time when we're not planning another event or something for one of the websites.

This week is mainly centred around after a couple of weeks of not a lot of activity there will be a mountain of work completed on the site, you guys may not see 90% of what we actually do, but it's beginning to take up more and more time. Bobbie has also been updating the website. This is the website of the lovely lady that does all our costumes – she's a dab hand with a sewing machine and can make anything out of a roll of fabric, the only limitation she has is your imagination.

We have already ordered our July Gowns and our August Gowns are well under construction. We also have a really exciting parcel being delivered in the next few weeks from the USA, the contents of this parcel will be unveiled very soon…

  • Update, as I was writing this Blog I had an email to state that the parcel should be shipped tomorrow, so who know the unveiling might even be this weekend….

The crown is going from strength to strength, and Saturday nights the Crown is THE place to be, if you're up for a laugh and a good time.

Anyway, I just realised I left this blog unfinished overnight.

It's Tuesday morning now so I'm going to submit this one now and attempt to write another one today.

Until Later.



Saturday, 6 June 2009

Trouble on the road

Once again were in the trusty (or should that be rusty) tranny wagon - I get in trouble from Bobbie for saying that! Its apparently the Glitter Bus. Anyway were off to the Crown in Southport for another fun evening!

Anyhow got to go and update Facebook so will see you all around

Whiplash xxx
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Thursday, 4 June 2009



Well it's that time again, an update on the weekend ahead! We're at The Crown again this Saturday ( and we have another great night planned for you, get yourself down there on Saturday, we'll be there from 9pm making sure your weekend goes with a bang - a great big trouble sized bang!

We have lots going on at The Crown over the next few weeks. First of all we're having a re-vamp, yes, I know it's all new anyway as Charlie & Lynne re-vamped it before they opened the doors in March however we're injecting a bit more sparkle and glam to the place, it's gonna be fab, if you're lucky you may even see Miss Whiplash up a ladder with a paintbrush whilst Aunty Bobbie stands outside with a ciggie telling anyone who passes that she has the decorators in!

To go with the new look we have new entertainment planned too as on Saturday June 27th we have our School Disco, get your uniform on and get on down to The Crown, Head Mistress Whiplash will be spanking naughty boys n girls and Bobbie Dazzler will be the most glamorous P.E. Teacher you've ever seen! Charlie will be the grumpy caretaker and Lynne and Kirsty will fit in beautifully as your cheery dinner ladies, Ooooh just think Grange hill and add some glitter and fun - thats where we will be! Oh and we are working on a special appearance from the Nit Nurse so watch this space!

The following day on Sunday June 28th (Mummy Dazzlers Birthday) we'll be starting Sunday afternoon entertainment with Bobbie & Whiplash hosting the Sunday Service bringing a mix of all your favourite showtunes from the musicals and beyond, mixed in with some cheeky games including our naughty quiz and your chance to win the contents of the Trouble Drag Bag of Swag!

There are also lots of other ideas bubbling away in the Crown think tank so be sure to keep visiting us at The Crown and check out our facebook group - if you know anyone else who should join the group make sure you invite them to join - the more the merrier!

Well thats all for now, hopefully we will se you all over the weekend, and don't forget Karaoke this Sunday with DJ CJ!

Sending you lots of sparkly hugs n kisses,

Bobbie D x