Tuesday, 31 March 2009

More website developments

Well chaps and chapasses I've added a forum now to the website, pop along and let us know what you think of the site www.troubleonline.co.uk tell us what you'd like added or what you want to know that you cant find out from our site – before you ask, next weeks lottery numbers will be available after next week and not before!

bobbie dazzlers desk

If she can do it so can I at least my desk is tidy!
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The Desk of Whiplash

A picture of Miss Whiplash' Desk note the huge rubber band ball. "I was busy that day"
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Just testing

Well just thought I would have a meddle whilst I have time to test this blogging from blackberry it means I can update my blog on the move ooh the possibilities are endless!

XXx Bobbie D xXx
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Why am I still SOOOO busy?

Well here I am again, today it's time to whinge about why I am so busy. Not only am I working on www.troubleonline.co.uk but also a few other websites too also trying to get the shop site sorted for www.dragqueensuperstore.com but the e-commerce tools are well complicated – in addition to that I am working on a few other sites so there seems to be no break from the computer! All that and working full time (yes you've guessed it – sat at a computer) so I'm going cross eyed squinting at the screen all day and all night!

I have had plenty of brainwaves too for new costumes over the past few days, I've got a beautiful emerald gown in mind to make next, it will look gorgeous, not decided if it will be off the shoulder yet or halter neck but a nice fishtail on it - I'm thinking sophisticated elegance – it may end up more like the green giant but in my minds eye it looks gorgeous! I thought I may have time over Easter to do it but it's not looking likely with bookings all over the weekend. Who said the life of a Drag Queen is glamorous?!? Hmmm it takes time to look glam – something I am VERY short of at the mo!

Anyways enough of my whinging (for now), till next time – be good and if you can't be good be FAB!

xXx Bobbie D xXx


Another new day dawns on Trouble Towers and Bobbie and myself have started thinking about our plans for the future – Well I have anyway Bobbie is currently driving over to Blackburn. I have been thinking about where Trouble will be in the next few years.

At the moment Trouble is a growing entity – and I'm not just talking about our waistlines!!!

The trouble brand is expanding into our Shop www.DragQueenSuperstore.com as established performers we understand what performers want and we also know how expensive it all is, so we decided to set up the shop, bringing all the items together in one place at affordable prices.

We're currently in talks with a number of suppliers regarding a number of exciting items, and we keep getting asked for other items that we then go and source.

Over the next couple of month's thee will be a whole host of new items added to the store, so check us out on www.DragQueenSuperstore.com or via our link on our web page www.TroubleOnline.co.uk or you can look for us on Facebook.

As you can see we're covering the majority of the web and were easily contactable through any of these portals.

Anyway got piles of things to do so will dash off and will try and update again later, Bobbie just emailed me so I'm sure she will be along in a while to give you her words of wisdom.

Ciao for now.

Whiplash x

It's time for bed

Well another day is over and a lot has been achieved today.


Have organised a gig at the Viaduct Club over in Leeds on the 12th April.


All contracts are signed and returned so it’s all sorted.




Off to bed..


Night All



Monday, 30 March 2009

We can blog from our Blackberry's too

Being the tech savy queens that we are me and Bobbie have got Blackberry phones! It helps us organise our busy schedules and reminds us to do the washing (you would be surprised at the amount of washing we get through over a week)

Anyway were all over the place and not always in front of our Trouble PC so we can blog from any of the venues or locations at any time.

Watch out blogging world there's going to be Trouble

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Just a thought

Just a thought about all this blogging, twittering and whatever about how we now live our life in the digital world.

We all increasingly follow our friends on these websites and sometimes don't even meet them for weeks or month's but we know exactly what they are doing, it's all very odd. The reason behind this thinking is

When will Big Brother start again?

And you lot thought I was having a deep and meaningful thought!!!

Anywho back to my cups of tea, I'm still tired, and have a mountain of things to do.


Whiplash Writes

Well I see that Bobbie has beaten me to adding a Blog. I have been twittering away on Twitter for the last couple of weeks, but this gives us a chance to vent more….

As Bobbie has already said, we had a really busy but productive weekend which is quite often the case for us two – we're always on the go, why we're not stick thin I don't know…..

Anyway the wheels are well and truly in motion for www.DragQueenSuperstore.com and our eyelash catalogues are flying all over the world as I type. The eyelashes are a lovely collection of timid to wild styles and I'm sure that there is something in there to suit everyone!

We're also in talks with a number of other suppliers to bring you an exciting range of products over the next couple of weeks – some of which we collected yesterday afternoon!

Well I'm tired at the moment and I'm in need of a strong cuppa so will head off to the kettle and might update later today.


Woo Hoo! I can do it too!

Right, well even though I am tired beyond belief I have still managed to get this blog up and running – hah- Whiplash thinks she is the technical genius – well move over darling because you aint all that – I can do it too! Woo Hoo look out bloggers here I come!

TTFN xXx Bobbie D xXx

Phew! what a weekend!

Well what a weekend that was! Phew! Friday was a busy day, a funeral in the morning and a birthday party in the evening, quite a contrast really but both went well.

On Saturday we had to go to have a fitting for a new costume, think Vegas showgirl and add a few kilo’s and voila! That’ll be our new costumes, very bling, and very showy, they won’t be ready for a few weeks yet but they will look ace!

Saturday evening we worked at the Crown in Southport again, it was a great night, a decent crowd in all up for a good time, dancing and partying till we left at 3am, (they carried on dancing until the bar closed- too much energy !)

Sunday saw us scouting around again for more suppliers for various other projects we have ongoing. Found some really interesting stuff so need to continue working on the shop but we will be bringing it all to you as soon as possible via www.troubleonline.co.uk !

Today, well being a Monday it’s a “tired” day not enough sleep and too much to do combined with losing an hour sleep due to the clocks going forward is all bad so it may be a day of coffee and sugary snacks!

TTFN xXx Bobbie D xXx