Monday, 30 March 2009

Phew! what a weekend!

Well what a weekend that was! Phew! Friday was a busy day, a funeral in the morning and a birthday party in the evening, quite a contrast really but both went well.

On Saturday we had to go to have a fitting for a new costume, think Vegas showgirl and add a few kilo’s and voila! That’ll be our new costumes, very bling, and very showy, they won’t be ready for a few weeks yet but they will look ace!

Saturday evening we worked at the Crown in Southport again, it was a great night, a decent crowd in all up for a good time, dancing and partying till we left at 3am, (they carried on dancing until the bar closed- too much energy !)

Sunday saw us scouting around again for more suppliers for various other projects we have ongoing. Found some really interesting stuff so need to continue working on the shop but we will be bringing it all to you as soon as possible via !

Today, well being a Monday it’s a “tired” day not enough sleep and too much to do combined with losing an hour sleep due to the clocks going forward is all bad so it may be a day of coffee and sugary snacks!

TTFN xXx Bobbie D xXx

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