Friday, 29 May 2009

Another busy weekend

Well hello.

I know it's been a while since either of us updated the blog, so here's my attempt at an entry.

The last week has been hectic and nonstop with upcoming events, and this weekend is no different. This leads me on to my first point.

Working on a school night – we we're in Wigan last night for the launch of G-Spot @ Envy, the club is a swish venue with lots of areas where you can sit and relax – unfortunately though due to working there and then driving back to Trouble Towers we didn't get into bed until 2am, then it was back up at 7.45 to start all over again in the day job.

Today has been a long and slow day, the nice weather outside doesn't help, I keep sitting and staring longingly out of the window at the people passing in their shorts…

This evening we are performing at a charity event in Leigh, it's for a girls dancing troupe so not all bad, only a show to do tonight so we could then just come home and have a relax.

Saturday we're going back to Southport, our weekly home at the Crown ( – it's our Neon Party so we have some lovely outlandish outfits for the occasion!

And then to finish the weekend off we're over to Oscars in Crewe to do a double show to launch their new monthly entertainment program, so looks like we won't be home much this weekend – the dishes will just have to wait!

Anyway must dash, got some things to finish off before I finish so until some point over the weekend.

Don't forget to check out for the latest goings on.


Whiplash x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Why would you want to?

Well many people ask us how can they be like us, Glamorous Drag Queens, my first thought is “Why would you want to?” but hey, it’s each to their own!  Anyway most Drag queens have a very distinct style. You can definitely spot them on the streets, with their flamboyant outfits and crazy make-up. If you've got a hankering to dress like a drag queen for a costume or for a fetish, keep these tips in mind.


Step 1:

Find a great wig. Drag queens usually have a loud hairstyle. If you haven't got the locks or the volume to pull off a drag queen ‘do, then it's necessary to buy yourself a wig. Understand that all wigs can be fitted to your head. If this is more than just a one-time event, you may want to consider a a better quality wig. Find a wig that compliments your skin tone if you want to be a pretty drag queen. On the other hand, if you want to stand out as a drag queen, just about any hairstyle will do. The more colorful it is, the more you'll get noticed. A few bobby pins will hold the wig in place. Just make sure that none of your natural hair shows through.


Step 2:

Apply your makeup. You can't dress like a drag queen without laying on the makeup. Start by shaving your facial hair. Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped. (Yes, this may necessitate waxing them.) Once your face is clean and free of hair, start your drag queen look by applying foundation. Then add some blush to your cheeks, eyeliner, colorful eye shadow (sparkles are great for this), and then mascara. If you have thin lashes, consider using fake eyelashes to pull off the drag queen look. Finish up with some lip liner and lipstick. A little spritz of your favorite perfume and you'll look and smell great!


Step 3:

Give yourself some breasts. You can either use gaffa tape or a bra to create the illusion of boobs for your drag queen costume. Either one will need to be stuffed with socks or other soft materials. Make sure there are no lumps or uneven areas on your fake breasts. You want them to look as real as possible, so make sure they're both equally sized too.


Step 4:

Find the perfect dress. Try and avoid the high street unless you want to be wearing the same as the local girls look at charity shops or in your mum's wardrobe for a loud dress. Old bridesmaids dresses are usually great for the drag queen look. Whatever you choose to wear needs to show off your curves and your chest. and tights are a must (especially if you're not going to shave your legs).


Step 5:

Put on your heels. You can't be dressed like a drag queen without a great pair of heels. Choose boots, or go for a jazzy pair of stilettos. It will probably take some practice to be able to move around in heels, but your drag queen look wouldn't be complete without them.

There you have it, you’re ready to go!  If you need help though with any of these visit even if you don’t buy anything you can email them and they will give advice where possible to help you with your new look!


Have fun!

xXx Aunty Bobbie xXx




Monday, 18 May 2009


Well what a weekend that was.


Quick Roundup


Friday was spent finishing a costume for Saturdays Show at the crown ( and having a well earned rest – it's nice for us to actually have a night off.


Saturday was spent sorting a number of other shows out that we are doing over the next couple of weeks – and we we're also in the studio rehearsing some new live numbers – both of us have colds at the moment so it's not as easy as you think to sing with a blocked nose – but like true professionals we did it anyway.


Saturday Night is Party night down at the Crown and it's a night I really enjoy. We performed our Eurovision Show. Congratulations go to Norway who won on the night – you can take my word for this, but that songs going to be a hit and remixed to buggery over the next couple of month's – just remember when you r dancing away to it in a couple of month's that you heard it from DJ Whiplash first…


Sunday was an early start – we we're thinking about buying things for at the wholesalers, and unfortunately they all close at 1pm so we we're up with the larks (we actually went to bed just before they started) and out in the Tranny Wagon round our favourite industrial estate visiting our wholesaler friends (they call us friends because we spend money – we call them friends because we get nice things from them)


Anyway, we looked at shoes, didn't like any of those and looked at wigs, have decided on a number of those so they will be appearing soon. And then we went on the hunt for Dance Tights. Now the dance tights we wear are like an endangered species – you can only get them from certain places , and because of this they are pretty expensive. They are more expensive when like Miss dazzler you have sausage fingers and when putting them on you stick your finger right through – she does this quite often with a brand new pair – so as you can imagine our tights bill is pretty big.


Anyway – we stopped off at one knicker shop and they said that Danskin are an elusive product (his words not mine) – there ends the search with them, out of the shop and into next door, and lo and behold there on the shelf is just what we we're looking for…. DANCE TIGHTS


Now they are not Danskin but they are as close to Danskin they could possibly be which for us and the shop is perfect. The guy said they we're new on the market, so we bought all the supply he had. These are now for sale via and sales are already coming in. In fact a few of them have gone out in this mornings post.


The best thing is they are half the price of Danskin at only £6.50 delivered which is brilliant.


Anyhow, I have more tights to pack and post, and must order some more as I'm sure we will run out today, and Bobbie hasn't had a 2nd pair yet.


Chat soon


Whiplash x

Friday, 15 May 2009

Where does time go?

Well it seems like only yesterday we were re-capping on last weekend and another is upon us, like a heaving hetro humping his new beau!


The week has flown by, we’ve been busy compiling a new show for The Crown ( this weekend, it’s amused us so we hope it will have the same effect on the punters on Saturday night.  We have a few shows coming up to prepare for.


We’ve ordered some new bling for DQS ( this week, it should be lovely, can’t wait to see it however if it’s too nice I will be taking it and letting the shop wait!


We’re going live with a few amendments over the next few weeks on not major changes just tweaks but all meant to improve the site.


We’ve put another order in with for more costumes, our little seamstress should be busy sewing them as I speak although I guess she’s more likely to be supping sherry in the kitchen!


Tonight Whiplash and I are going to attempt a costume for a new number we are doing on Saturday night, not sure where the inspiration will come from but I guess after we’ve been in the attic for fabric and to the dressing room for accessories we should get some inspiration.


Well I’m signing off for now oh but before I go I wantched The Apprentice this week on the BBC and was really annoyed by comments made by one of the contestants so I’ve been on their forum/message board thingy this week ranting… Aunty bobbie told em!


Well till next time chikkadees!


Xxx Bobbie D xxX


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Showgirls and Milkshakes

Well well well.

It's been a number of days since I updated so think it's worth me putting in my point of view.

As Bobbie has said, we haven't been doing nothing we have been really busy. I have also been doing a bit of technical digging around, and trying to find out why MacDonald's don't serve Milkshake after midnight.

And it's all about money apparently. They only sell a limited stock range after midnight, so basically when the lonely showgirl is travelling home from her performance you can't get a Strawberry milkshake – you can have a BigMac and fries but not a shake….


Other news is we're booked in on the bank Holiday Sunday over at The Liverpool Arms in Chester – a lovely quaint little cabaret pub at the top of the town.

Will be a camp night over there with all the Cheshire Gays out in their best Bank Holiday Spirits (or is it bank Holiday Spirits are in them?!?)

Loads of events planned for the next few weeks, and our costumier has her sewing machines are going overtime to cope with the costume demands, we keep coming up with the ideas and she keeps making them, as well as a couple of gowns for loads of other entertainers.

Anyway it's sunny outside and have a pile of washing to do – there is nothing like line dried smalls to wake you up first thing in the morning.

See you later



Feathers and Hairdressing

Well that just about sums up our Sunday, Feathers and Hairdressing!  I was up early on Sunday to take a trip to the warehouse to get some feathers, we have some lovely emerald gowns on order and want to add a little feathery-ness to them so I went to get them and also bought some bits ready for our xmas costumes, sounds like a long way off but it’s good to be prepared!


When I got back whiplash was tidying the dressing room so I helped a little then, when the coast was clear and after I had done the other things I needed to do I started washing my hair and Whiplash’s hair ready for next week!  I’m re-styling two of Whiplash’s “do’s” so had to wash them first then brush them out and then there was mine, it was a new wig so no need to wash it but it had been styled (badly) before so took a little bit of work to get done, lots of product and rollers and heat and brushing etc etc but finally it looked OK, similar to an old one I have  but it’s nice and bright and glossy, mmmm can’t wait to wear it, I’ll also post something on as in “how to style a drag queen wig” or something similar as and when I have time.


Whiplash wants me to style some wigs for but I don’t think I will have time, also hairdo’s are very personal so I think if I provide a guide of how to get a style started then other DQ’s can have a pop at styling their own and creating their own look.


Well thats about it for me for today, yesterday was just busy with more admin work than anything else followed by an early night to catch up on sleep lost over the weekend so not a lot to report there.


Well until next time....


Aunty Bobbie xXx




Monday, 11 May 2009

Milkshake Conspiracy!

Good Afternoon,


Well yet another hectic weekend has flown by.  Friday night ended was a blur, so much so I’m leaving it where it is – in the past!  Saturday was a much nicer day, well, sort of!


Saturday daytime was spent mainly applying individual gems and diamante to costumes, VERY time consuming and tedious but worth it, it’s so nice to be able to customise and create your own costumes rather than having to rely on whatever is available in the shops, more so because the shops tend to make women’s clothes to fit women and not men, surprisingly!  Baggy hips and tight shoulders are all regular trademarks of an ill fitting shop bought garment rather than the perfect fit of bespoke gowns and costumes which is why we love our seamstress, so much, getting everything just right.  In saying that though we do but some bits n pieces on the high street but these usually need altering by our seamstress too.


Saturday night we were at The Crown in Southport, after a slow start to the night it turned out to be a great night, a decent fun crowd all bopping away, so much so at one point I was virtually trapped in the DJ box as the dancefloor was too busy (and dangerous) to cross!


On the way home on Saturday we noiced a lovely Scottish restaurant, McDonalds, still open so in an attempt to refresh ourselves we stopped by the drive through.  We fancied a thick shake, nice and sweet and cooling, yum yum Vanilla and Strawberry are our favourites.  Well, imagine the disappointment as the order taking bod told us that they cannot serve shakes after midnight!  What sort of 24hr drive thru is that where you cant get it because it’s after midnight?! Is it some EU ruling or just a conspiracy?  Hmm VERY disappointed so, without further discussion we left and went home for a nice cuppa and slice of toast, ahhh then end of a VERY busy day.


Sunday was spent washing my hair, but more about that later.


TTFN, Aunty Bobbie xXx




Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just a little update….

Well another weekend has gone and another is quickly chasing at its heels,

This week seems to be flying by, there just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

This week I have been in talks with a costume jewellery – who has promised to deliver me an exquisite range of Drag Jewellery for The range will be going on eBay and on Facebook too so no getting away from it. is still being updated and hits are coming in daily. We're actually shocked at the number we're getting every day now – we're getting good at this web ranking.

On another note, and I'm sure Bobbie will update you as well, The Crown in Southport is going from strength to strength, and there is now a new bar manager. The venue is now open 7 days a week from lunch right through to late.

Serving tea and coffee during the day (you can still get your favourite tipple as well) so it's an ideal place to hold social gatherings or business meeting. Just drop in for a chat if this is something your after.

Bobbie and me also have lots of plans for the Crown. We have a number of themes planned for our Saturday Nights "Double Trouble" and a couple of surprises too, so keep posted.

Other things happening at Trouble Towers:

  • New frocks are in production – we have designed with our stitching fairies a lovely range of gowns for us.
  • although it doesn't look like it's done much in the last few weeks has been going like a s team train a lovely range of Bling will be added in the next few days.
  • is currently having a mini face lift and there are new areas being added – are you a member of the secret area yet?
  • the lovely people that make our outfits for us have gone all technical and redesigned their website – it's currently still being tweaked but looks really good (I have to say that I might get a discount on my next frock!!)

Anyway I have a million things to do and the staff in the office are currently eating lunch so the smells are really making me hungry – I'm off for a liquid lunch today (unfortunately it's a soup – but if you squint and hold your nose you can make believe it's a vodka martini)

Anyway I'm off

Chat Later folks


Whiplash x

Another Late Shift

Well just so you don't think the life of a glamorous drag queen is easy, with house boys servicing your every need, drinking champagne and bathing in asses milk I thought I'd message you to let you know what's going on at The Crown and what Whiplash and I have been up to at Trouble Towers!

At the Crown I guess our best news is that we have a new Bar Manager, much better looking than Charlie and just a few (cough cough) years younger than him too, don't worry, Charlie is still the "Gaffa" and he and Lynne are still going to be there but the new appointment of a Bar Manager will mean Charlie and Lynne have more time available to work on making The Crown even better, bringing you the best in entertainment, atmosphere and all round fun!   I'm not saying who the Manager is you'll notice, you have to pop in and see but to capture the essence of them I'd say, Cute, Smiley, Smart and a Top Singer! (on karaoke at least!)

At Trouble Towers, (Drag Queen HQ), Whiplash has been working on new ideas for The Crown, forthcoming cabaret, our Eurovision night and something special for the next bank holiday, the little sewing fairies will be VERY busy making our costumes over the next few weeks, we just hope the Trouble Choreographer comes out of hospital soon, it was not my fault he put his foot under my heel at all and Whiplash has promised not to pinch him too hard next time!

I have been working on and have now added an Offers page so you can plan your poison before you get there, remember what Aunty Bobbie says, "if in doubt make it a double!"  There's a new cocktail menu available at The Crown too and for those of you lucky enough to be able to pop in during the day we are new serving Teas and Coffees so you don't have to go back and deliver granny's shopping with beer breath!  Just to give you the 'heads up' though The Crown is hoping to be able to provide bar snacks etc later in the year, but watch this space, Aunty Bobbie will spread the goss as soon as I know more.

Well at this unholy hour my bed is calling, I have a man servant ready to massage my feet and sing me sweet lullabies until I drift off to the land of nod – hmm I wish, just a bad attitude cat who always sleeps on my side of the bed and the sound of next door's gate creaking in the wind!

Well goodnight,

xXx Aunty Bobbie xXx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A long weekend…

Well there we have it, another long weekend done and dusted! Why is it that those long weekends when you have more time to do what you want end up being more tiring than a normal weekend where you have to cram everything in to two days?! Hmm one of life's mysteries I think!

Friday at glitterbomb, ( was really good fun, the club looked amazing and the hosting team all dressed for the occasion which meant the night had a real fun feel to it all in all everyone there had a great time and it was busier than the promoter expected so all in all it was very successful.

We left the club pretty early on the night, about 2.30 so we finally got home to Trouble Towers at 4am then by the time we had a shower, checked emails and had a cup of tea and a slice of toast it was 6am before we got to bed!

Saturday was a busy day, we had a few bits of shopping to go out and do, then called in to a friend's leaving party, she's emigrated to Australia now, she flew on Monday so should be there now no more Manchester rain for her! Saturday night we trekked over to Southport but unfortunately due to a work related injury I couldn't wear heels on Saturday night L So.... I wore slippers, I guess that's what I get for bashing my toes and wearing killer heels! Still, the regulars at The Crown ( didn't seem to mind, they had more fun laughing at my tiger feet slippers!

Sunday was a nice relaxing(ish) day, some tidying up in the morning then out to dinner in the evening with friends, something we have not done for a while so it was lovely, we then had a few sherries and eventually made our way home. All in all a very pleasant day and so nice to spend time with friends.

Monday well that was the bonus, it was like a Sunday for us, we did VERY little, just a bit of shopping, (we bought a vase – woo!) and then home for a chilled out night still didn't get to bed until well after 1am though, guess it's just what we are used to now but it makes getting up at 7am the following day VERY hard!

Well not a lot else to report really has had a few minor changes and not a lot has been done on but behind the scenes we have been speaking to jewellery suppliers, wig suppliers and we are also investigating the possibility of supplying shoes and cosmetics, the possibilities are endless but unfortunately the time to execute all these projects is limited!

Well talking of time I am pretty pushed for time at the mo – loads to do so will sign off for now and will write soon.

Be good and play nicely!

Bobbie Dazzler xXx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Birmingham and Southport all in a weekend

Well it's the end of another working week and the weekend is upon us.

I'm in a really funny mood today sat at my desk. I just can't wait for the Town Hall Clock to chime Half Past Five. It's then home for a quick shower and back out onto the Motorway in the trusty Tranny Wagon.

With Bobbie behind the wheel and me as navigator we hope to Birmingham in about 90 mins

Once we get to the Club in Birmingham it's on with our new outfits and we throw open the doors to a sparkling new night Glitter Bomb more info can be found on

The event promises to be a sparkling event of camp, with me and Bobbie, there are going to be dancers, two rooms of music and a couple of surprises (me staying sober will be a surprise for all) so come check it out.

It's at club Sense opposite the Hippodrome in the Arcadian centre (get me knowing full details) so come and check us out we're open First Friday of every month from 10pm – 3am

Once we finish there it's back in the Tranny Wagon and back up north to Manchester where we will get a few hours sleep and a change of costume and it's back out on the road to Southport to our Saturday Home at The Crown (check out

Saturday nights has to be my favourite night of the week, everyone is up for a laugh and everyone can have a drink as there is no work in the morning and a good time is had by all, it's a great crowd that come down so check that out too if your ever in that neck of the woods, it's been commented that the crown is like a Phoenix from the Ashes of the former venue.

All new Staff, new owners and new entertainment team it really is a great venue so come on down and check it out.

Anyway got to go, and get ready for our night in Brum (that's the city not the car)

Till next time

Keep Safe

Be happy

Live Long and prosper (yes I do like Star Trek)

Whiplash x