Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just a little update….

Well another weekend has gone and another is quickly chasing at its heels,

This week seems to be flying by, there just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

This week I have been in talks with a costume jewellery – who has promised to deliver me an exquisite range of Drag Jewellery for The range will be going on eBay and on Facebook too so no getting away from it. is still being updated and hits are coming in daily. We're actually shocked at the number we're getting every day now – we're getting good at this web ranking.

On another note, and I'm sure Bobbie will update you as well, The Crown in Southport is going from strength to strength, and there is now a new bar manager. The venue is now open 7 days a week from lunch right through to late.

Serving tea and coffee during the day (you can still get your favourite tipple as well) so it's an ideal place to hold social gatherings or business meeting. Just drop in for a chat if this is something your after.

Bobbie and me also have lots of plans for the Crown. We have a number of themes planned for our Saturday Nights "Double Trouble" and a couple of surprises too, so keep posted.

Other things happening at Trouble Towers:

  • New frocks are in production – we have designed with our stitching fairies a lovely range of gowns for us.
  • although it doesn't look like it's done much in the last few weeks has been going like a s team train a lovely range of Bling will be added in the next few days.
  • is currently having a mini face lift and there are new areas being added – are you a member of the secret area yet?
  • the lovely people that make our outfits for us have gone all technical and redesigned their website – it's currently still being tweaked but looks really good (I have to say that I might get a discount on my next frock!!)

Anyway I have a million things to do and the staff in the office are currently eating lunch so the smells are really making me hungry – I'm off for a liquid lunch today (unfortunately it's a soup – but if you squint and hold your nose you can make believe it's a vodka martini)

Anyway I'm off

Chat Later folks


Whiplash x

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