Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another Late Shift

Well just so you don't think the life of a glamorous drag queen is easy, with house boys servicing your every need, drinking champagne and bathing in asses milk I thought I'd message you to let you know what's going on at The Crown and what Whiplash and I have been up to at Trouble Towers!

At the Crown I guess our best news is that we have a new Bar Manager, much better looking than Charlie and just a few (cough cough) years younger than him too, don't worry, Charlie is still the "Gaffa" and he and Lynne are still going to be there but the new appointment of a Bar Manager will mean Charlie and Lynne have more time available to work on making The Crown even better, bringing you the best in entertainment, atmosphere and all round fun!   I'm not saying who the Manager is you'll notice, you have to pop in and see but to capture the essence of them I'd say, Cute, Smiley, Smart and a Top Singer! (on karaoke at least!)

At Trouble Towers, (Drag Queen HQ), Whiplash has been working on new ideas for The Crown, forthcoming cabaret, our Eurovision night and something special for the next bank holiday, the little sewing fairies will be VERY busy making our costumes over the next few weeks, we just hope the Trouble Choreographer comes out of hospital soon, it was not my fault he put his foot under my heel at all and Whiplash has promised not to pinch him too hard next time!

I have been working on and have now added an Offers page so you can plan your poison before you get there, remember what Aunty Bobbie says, "if in doubt make it a double!"  There's a new cocktail menu available at The Crown too and for those of you lucky enough to be able to pop in during the day we are new serving Teas and Coffees so you don't have to go back and deliver granny's shopping with beer breath!  Just to give you the 'heads up' though The Crown is hoping to be able to provide bar snacks etc later in the year, but watch this space, Aunty Bobbie will spread the goss as soon as I know more.

Well at this unholy hour my bed is calling, I have a man servant ready to massage my feet and sing me sweet lullabies until I drift off to the land of nod – hmm I wish, just a bad attitude cat who always sleeps on my side of the bed and the sound of next door's gate creaking in the wind!

Well goodnight,

xXx Aunty Bobbie xXx

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