Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A long weekend…

Well there we have it, another long weekend done and dusted! Why is it that those long weekends when you have more time to do what you want end up being more tiring than a normal weekend where you have to cram everything in to two days?! Hmm one of life's mysteries I think!

Friday at glitterbomb, (www.glitterbomb.co.uk) was really good fun, the club looked amazing and the hosting team all dressed for the occasion which meant the night had a real fun feel to it all in all everyone there had a great time and it was busier than the promoter expected so all in all it was very successful.

We left the club pretty early on the night, about 2.30 so we finally got home to Trouble Towers at 4am then by the time we had a shower, checked emails and had a cup of tea and a slice of toast it was 6am before we got to bed!

Saturday was a busy day, we had a few bits of shopping to go out and do, then called in to a friend's leaving party, she's emigrated to Australia now, she flew on Monday so should be there now no more Manchester rain for her! Saturday night we trekked over to Southport but unfortunately due to a work related injury I couldn't wear heels on Saturday night L So.... I wore slippers, I guess that's what I get for bashing my toes and wearing killer heels! Still, the regulars at The Crown (www.gaycrown.co.uk) didn't seem to mind, they had more fun laughing at my tiger feet slippers!

Sunday was a nice relaxing(ish) day, some tidying up in the morning then out to dinner in the evening with friends, something we have not done for a while so it was lovely, we then had a few sherries and eventually made our way home. All in all a very pleasant day and so nice to spend time with friends.

Monday well that was the bonus, it was like a Sunday for us, we did VERY little, just a bit of shopping, (we bought a vase – woo!) and then home for a chilled out night still didn't get to bed until well after 1am though, guess it's just what we are used to now but it makes getting up at 7am the following day VERY hard!

Well not a lot else to report really www.troubleonline.co.uk has had a few minor changes and not a lot has been done on www.dragqueensuperstore.com but behind the scenes we have been speaking to jewellery suppliers, wig suppliers and we are also investigating the possibility of supplying shoes and cosmetics, the possibilities are endless but unfortunately the time to execute all these projects is limited!

Well talking of time I am pretty pushed for time at the mo – loads to do so will sign off for now and will write soon.

Be good and play nicely!

Bobbie Dazzler xXx

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