Friday, 1 May 2009

Birmingham and Southport all in a weekend

Well it's the end of another working week and the weekend is upon us.

I'm in a really funny mood today sat at my desk. I just can't wait for the Town Hall Clock to chime Half Past Five. It's then home for a quick shower and back out onto the Motorway in the trusty Tranny Wagon.

With Bobbie behind the wheel and me as navigator we hope to Birmingham in about 90 mins

Once we get to the Club in Birmingham it's on with our new outfits and we throw open the doors to a sparkling new night Glitter Bomb more info can be found on

The event promises to be a sparkling event of camp, with me and Bobbie, there are going to be dancers, two rooms of music and a couple of surprises (me staying sober will be a surprise for all) so come check it out.

It's at club Sense opposite the Hippodrome in the Arcadian centre (get me knowing full details) so come and check us out we're open First Friday of every month from 10pm – 3am

Once we finish there it's back in the Tranny Wagon and back up north to Manchester where we will get a few hours sleep and a change of costume and it's back out on the road to Southport to our Saturday Home at The Crown (check out

Saturday nights has to be my favourite night of the week, everyone is up for a laugh and everyone can have a drink as there is no work in the morning and a good time is had by all, it's a great crowd that come down so check that out too if your ever in that neck of the woods, it's been commented that the crown is like a Phoenix from the Ashes of the former venue.

All new Staff, new owners and new entertainment team it really is a great venue so come on down and check it out.

Anyway got to go, and get ready for our night in Brum (that's the city not the car)

Till next time

Keep Safe

Be happy

Live Long and prosper (yes I do like Star Trek)

Whiplash x

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