Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Naked Butlers and Showgirls

Well I am a naught girl aren't I. Not updating this in a number of weeks now.


Well all I can say in my defence is "I been busy your honour"


Things are moving so quick at Trouble Towers we don't know if we're coming or going sometimes. It's a good job we both have a Blackberry – it beeps when we need to do something so keeps us on our toes.


We also had a weekend away in Wales for the passing of my youth. I'm now in the 30 something Bracket – I'm actually 30 but it's a wide bracket so plenty of room to fill.


Other good news has now gone live, and will be updated over the next couple of weeks as we get upto more hi-jinks at The Crown in Southport, check out the Gallery to see if your pictured.


The weather is lovely today I really should be outside, but as ever the professional, I have been to a Trade Show at Manchester Central…


Lots of ideas for new costumes and some ideas for events and the contacts to deal with them all. Met a lovely guy who works as a professional Pap (that's Paparazzi for the uneducated) and he may be attending a number of our events over the next few month's.


I also got to have a drink in the Naked Butler Tent – all professional I can assure you, and it gives me an idea for an event that we could run soon too.


All details will be published on as and when we finalise them so keep checking back


On that happy note – I'm going to sign off and do some work.


Tra then


Whiplash x

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