Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Shock Horror!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! I've just checked and it's been a week since our blog was last updated! I must be punished, put me over your knee and spank me with an ostrich feather! If that's not your style you can put Ms Whiplash over your knee and spank her with your Dad's slipper, she likes that a lot!

Well what excuse do I have I hear you ask, well quite simply I have been away to a land far far away, a land where men are men and sheep are scared! Yes we took a trip back to the motherland – Wales!

As a result no work has been done on www.troubleonline.co.uk and no work has been done on www.dragqueensuperstore.com either although some work has been done behind the scenes on www.sewwow.co.uk although that site is not live yet, in addition to all that I have started work on another website for one of the venues we regularly appear at…. that will be rolled out soon.

On Thursday last week we collected the feathers on the way to Wales for our new head-dresses, they cost a fortune (almost) but were worth it when we got home on Sunday and put them all in the headdresses – they look amazing, (although are very heavy)!

Whilst in Wales we spent time catching up with old friends, doing some touristy things, and a few other bits and bobs. It was nice to have a change of scenery and get away for a few days, even if not completely relaxing it was a nice break all the same.

This week we have a hectic schedule planned, there are the final finishing touches to do on our costumes for Friday plus a few things we need to do for Saturdays gig too and as usual, there is not enough hours in the day!

On Friday we are at Glitterbomb (www.glitterbomb.co.uk) in Birmingham, it promises to be a fantastic night and is the launch of Birmingham's newest gay night, we cant wait!

As for the bank holiday we're planning a wardrobe review. Basically that means we will be trawling through our costumes evicting those that are past their best or we simply don't like any more. Earmarking costumes for repair or alteration, from sewing sequins back on or turning long gowns into short ones etc and then planning our forthcoming costumes. We have just taken delivery of April's batch and have more or less planned May's batch of costumes but with a few big events coming up we need to plan what we want for those events – this is the fun part of being a drag queen, choosing and designing fabulous gowns – oh the excitement of it all!

Well with all the excitement of our planned wardrobe review my head now hurts, it's swimming with new ideas, colours, hair-do's, shoes, jewellery etc etc…. I think I need a lie down!

Well I'm off to my boudoir for an hour, I'll see you next time.

xXx Bobbie D xXx

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