Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Backache and Hangovers

Well here I am again having a proper whinge. My back is aching like hell today, don't know why, just think it may be poor posture or just a damned uncomfortable chair in the office, either way it's aching!

Woo Hoo newsflash! Those head dresses we were having made, well they weren't ready last Friday when we went to collect them and the costumier has just called to say he's finished them and is on his way to deliver them! Woo Hoo! Cant wait to see the finished article!

Anyways back to hangovers, I never usually suffer with them, but, last weekend I really did make up for it. Whiplash and I met up with some friends on Friday from Wales, we had a few drinks early, (around 6ish) then went home got changed and went out for the evening into Manchester. Well we ended up having a fab night out and eventually went home after the pubs closed at 3am but boy did I pay for it! My hangover not only lasted all day Saturday but all day Sunday too! I have not been that drunk in a long time and don't plan on getting that drunk anytime soon either!

The whole weekend sort of turned in to one big party weekend with us being out on Friday, Whippy's birthday party on Saturday and then Sunday having a a few guest pop in for coffee before they headed home as well as those who had stayed with us at "Trouble Towers! It was lovely to have lots of people about and generally being sociable with our closer friends as usually we're out and about working.

This week is a bit of a mad week, I have 5 days work to cram in to 3 before we jet off to Wales for a long weekend on Thursday, that too will be nice, another sociable weekend catching up with friends and family, we're really looking forward to it now, as a result there will be very little work done on www.troubleonline.co.uk and www.dragqueensuperstore this week but don't fret, I will be back at the grindstone next week!

Well must dash as don't have a lot of time but do have a lot to do.


Bobbie Dazzler xxx

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