Monday, 11 May 2009

Milkshake Conspiracy!

Good Afternoon,


Well yet another hectic weekend has flown by.  Friday night ended was a blur, so much so I’m leaving it where it is – in the past!  Saturday was a much nicer day, well, sort of!


Saturday daytime was spent mainly applying individual gems and diamante to costumes, VERY time consuming and tedious but worth it, it’s so nice to be able to customise and create your own costumes rather than having to rely on whatever is available in the shops, more so because the shops tend to make women’s clothes to fit women and not men, surprisingly!  Baggy hips and tight shoulders are all regular trademarks of an ill fitting shop bought garment rather than the perfect fit of bespoke gowns and costumes which is why we love our seamstress, so much, getting everything just right.  In saying that though we do but some bits n pieces on the high street but these usually need altering by our seamstress too.


Saturday night we were at The Crown in Southport, after a slow start to the night it turned out to be a great night, a decent fun crowd all bopping away, so much so at one point I was virtually trapped in the DJ box as the dancefloor was too busy (and dangerous) to cross!


On the way home on Saturday we noiced a lovely Scottish restaurant, McDonalds, still open so in an attempt to refresh ourselves we stopped by the drive through.  We fancied a thick shake, nice and sweet and cooling, yum yum Vanilla and Strawberry are our favourites.  Well, imagine the disappointment as the order taking bod told us that they cannot serve shakes after midnight!  What sort of 24hr drive thru is that where you cant get it because it’s after midnight?! Is it some EU ruling or just a conspiracy?  Hmm VERY disappointed so, without further discussion we left and went home for a nice cuppa and slice of toast, ahhh then end of a VERY busy day.


Sunday was spent washing my hair, but more about that later.


TTFN, Aunty Bobbie xXx




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