Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Feathers and Hairdressing

Well that just about sums up our Sunday, Feathers and Hairdressing!  I was up early on Sunday to take a trip to the warehouse to get some feathers, we have some lovely emerald gowns on order and want to add a little feathery-ness to them so I went to get them and also bought some bits ready for our xmas costumes, sounds like a long way off but it’s good to be prepared!


When I got back whiplash was tidying the dressing room so I helped a little then, when the coast was clear and after I had done the other things I needed to do I started washing my hair and Whiplash’s hair ready for next week!  I’m re-styling two of Whiplash’s “do’s” so had to wash them first then brush them out and then there was mine, it was a new wig so no need to wash it but it had been styled (badly) before so took a little bit of work to get done, lots of product and rollers and heat and brushing etc etc but finally it looked OK, similar to an old one I have  but it’s nice and bright and glossy, mmmm can’t wait to wear it, I’ll also post something on www.troubleonline.co.uk as in “how to style a drag queen wig” or something similar as and when I have time.


Whiplash wants me to style some wigs for www.dragqueensuperstore.com but I don’t think I will have time, also hairdo’s are very personal so I think if I provide a guide of how to get a style started then other DQ’s can have a pop at styling their own and creating their own look.


Well thats about it for me for today, yesterday was just busy with more admin work than anything else followed by an early night to catch up on sleep lost over the weekend so not a lot to report there.


Well until next time....


Aunty Bobbie xXx




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