Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Showgirls and Milkshakes

Well well well.

It's been a number of days since I updated so think it's worth me putting in my point of view.

As Bobbie has said, we haven't been doing nothing we have been really busy. I have also been doing a bit of technical digging around, and trying to find out why MacDonald's don't serve Milkshake after midnight.

And it's all about money apparently. They only sell a limited stock range after midnight, so basically when the lonely showgirl is travelling home from her performance you can't get a Strawberry milkshake – you can have a BigMac and fries but not a shake….


Other news is we're booked in on the bank Holiday Sunday over at The Liverpool Arms in Chester – a lovely quaint little cabaret pub at the top of the town.

Will be a camp night over there with all the Cheshire Gays out in their best Bank Holiday Spirits (or is it bank Holiday Spirits are in them?!?)

Loads of events planned for the next few weeks, and our costumier has her sewing machines are going overtime to cope with the costume demands, we keep coming up with the ideas and she keeps making them, as well as a couple of gowns for loads of other entertainers.

Anyway it's sunny outside and have a pile of washing to do – there is nothing like line dried smalls to wake you up first thing in the morning.

See you later



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