Friday, 15 May 2009

Where does time go?

Well it seems like only yesterday we were re-capping on last weekend and another is upon us, like a heaving hetro humping his new beau!


The week has flown by, we’ve been busy compiling a new show for The Crown ( this weekend, it’s amused us so we hope it will have the same effect on the punters on Saturday night.  We have a few shows coming up to prepare for.


We’ve ordered some new bling for DQS ( this week, it should be lovely, can’t wait to see it however if it’s too nice I will be taking it and letting the shop wait!


We’re going live with a few amendments over the next few weeks on not major changes just tweaks but all meant to improve the site.


We’ve put another order in with for more costumes, our little seamstress should be busy sewing them as I speak although I guess she’s more likely to be supping sherry in the kitchen!


Tonight Whiplash and I are going to attempt a costume for a new number we are doing on Saturday night, not sure where the inspiration will come from but I guess after we’ve been in the attic for fabric and to the dressing room for accessories we should get some inspiration.


Well I’m signing off for now oh but before I go I wantched The Apprentice this week on the BBC and was really annoyed by comments made by one of the contestants so I’ve been on their forum/message board thingy this week ranting… Aunty bobbie told em!


Well till next time chikkadees!


Xxx Bobbie D xxX


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