Monday, 18 May 2009


Well what a weekend that was.


Quick Roundup


Friday was spent finishing a costume for Saturdays Show at the crown ( and having a well earned rest – it's nice for us to actually have a night off.


Saturday was spent sorting a number of other shows out that we are doing over the next couple of weeks – and we we're also in the studio rehearsing some new live numbers – both of us have colds at the moment so it's not as easy as you think to sing with a blocked nose – but like true professionals we did it anyway.


Saturday Night is Party night down at the Crown and it's a night I really enjoy. We performed our Eurovision Show. Congratulations go to Norway who won on the night – you can take my word for this, but that songs going to be a hit and remixed to buggery over the next couple of month's – just remember when you r dancing away to it in a couple of month's that you heard it from DJ Whiplash first…


Sunday was an early start – we we're thinking about buying things for at the wholesalers, and unfortunately they all close at 1pm so we we're up with the larks (we actually went to bed just before they started) and out in the Tranny Wagon round our favourite industrial estate visiting our wholesaler friends (they call us friends because we spend money – we call them friends because we get nice things from them)


Anyway, we looked at shoes, didn't like any of those and looked at wigs, have decided on a number of those so they will be appearing soon. And then we went on the hunt for Dance Tights. Now the dance tights we wear are like an endangered species – you can only get them from certain places , and because of this they are pretty expensive. They are more expensive when like Miss dazzler you have sausage fingers and when putting them on you stick your finger right through – she does this quite often with a brand new pair – so as you can imagine our tights bill is pretty big.


Anyway – we stopped off at one knicker shop and they said that Danskin are an elusive product (his words not mine) – there ends the search with them, out of the shop and into next door, and lo and behold there on the shelf is just what we we're looking for…. DANCE TIGHTS


Now they are not Danskin but they are as close to Danskin they could possibly be which for us and the shop is perfect. The guy said they we're new on the market, so we bought all the supply he had. These are now for sale via and sales are already coming in. In fact a few of them have gone out in this mornings post.


The best thing is they are half the price of Danskin at only £6.50 delivered which is brilliant.


Anyhow, I have more tights to pack and post, and must order some more as I'm sure we will run out today, and Bobbie hasn't had a 2nd pair yet.


Chat soon


Whiplash x

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