Friday, 29 May 2009

Another busy weekend

Well hello.

I know it's been a while since either of us updated the blog, so here's my attempt at an entry.

The last week has been hectic and nonstop with upcoming events, and this weekend is no different. This leads me on to my first point.

Working on a school night – we we're in Wigan last night for the launch of G-Spot @ Envy, the club is a swish venue with lots of areas where you can sit and relax – unfortunately though due to working there and then driving back to Trouble Towers we didn't get into bed until 2am, then it was back up at 7.45 to start all over again in the day job.

Today has been a long and slow day, the nice weather outside doesn't help, I keep sitting and staring longingly out of the window at the people passing in their shorts…

This evening we are performing at a charity event in Leigh, it's for a girls dancing troupe so not all bad, only a show to do tonight so we could then just come home and have a relax.

Saturday we're going back to Southport, our weekly home at the Crown ( – it's our Neon Party so we have some lovely outlandish outfits for the occasion!

And then to finish the weekend off we're over to Oscars in Crewe to do a double show to launch their new monthly entertainment program, so looks like we won't be home much this weekend – the dishes will just have to wait!

Anyway must dash, got some things to finish off before I finish so until some point over the weekend.

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Whiplash x

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