Monday, 30 March 2009

Whiplash Writes

Well I see that Bobbie has beaten me to adding a Blog. I have been twittering away on Twitter for the last couple of weeks, but this gives us a chance to vent more….

As Bobbie has already said, we had a really busy but productive weekend which is quite often the case for us two – we're always on the go, why we're not stick thin I don't know…..

Anyway the wheels are well and truly in motion for and our eyelash catalogues are flying all over the world as I type. The eyelashes are a lovely collection of timid to wild styles and I'm sure that there is something in there to suit everyone!

We're also in talks with a number of other suppliers to bring you an exciting range of products over the next couple of weeks – some of which we collected yesterday afternoon!

Well I'm tired at the moment and I'm in need of a strong cuppa so will head off to the kettle and might update later today.


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