Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Another new day dawns on Trouble Towers and Bobbie and myself have started thinking about our plans for the future – Well I have anyway Bobbie is currently driving over to Blackburn. I have been thinking about where Trouble will be in the next few years.

At the moment Trouble is a growing entity – and I'm not just talking about our waistlines!!!

The trouble brand is expanding into our Shop www.DragQueenSuperstore.com as established performers we understand what performers want and we also know how expensive it all is, so we decided to set up the shop, bringing all the items together in one place at affordable prices.

We're currently in talks with a number of suppliers regarding a number of exciting items, and we keep getting asked for other items that we then go and source.

Over the next couple of month's thee will be a whole host of new items added to the store, so check us out on www.DragQueenSuperstore.com or via our link on our web page www.TroubleOnline.co.uk or you can look for us on Facebook.

As you can see we're covering the majority of the web and were easily contactable through any of these portals.

Anyway got piles of things to do so will dash off and will try and update again later, Bobbie just emailed me so I'm sure she will be along in a while to give you her words of wisdom.

Ciao for now.

Whiplash x

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