Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why am I still SOOOO busy?

Well here I am again, today it's time to whinge about why I am so busy. Not only am I working on www.troubleonline.co.uk but also a few other websites too also trying to get the shop site sorted for www.dragqueensuperstore.com but the e-commerce tools are well complicated – in addition to that I am working on a few other sites so there seems to be no break from the computer! All that and working full time (yes you've guessed it – sat at a computer) so I'm going cross eyed squinting at the screen all day and all night!

I have had plenty of brainwaves too for new costumes over the past few days, I've got a beautiful emerald gown in mind to make next, it will look gorgeous, not decided if it will be off the shoulder yet or halter neck but a nice fishtail on it - I'm thinking sophisticated elegance – it may end up more like the green giant but in my minds eye it looks gorgeous! I thought I may have time over Easter to do it but it's not looking likely with bookings all over the weekend. Who said the life of a Drag Queen is glamorous?!? Hmmm it takes time to look glam – something I am VERY short of at the mo!

Anyways enough of my whinging (for now), till next time – be good and if you can't be good be FAB!

xXx Bobbie D xXx

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