Saturday, 8 January 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Well it's the penultimate day of this round of Chemo and I'm doing well.

Today we have been back to Makro and have bought two new mattresses (both
memory foam) one for my mum and dad and one for Nick and Geoff. We must have
started a trend, who else wants one???

We then delivered said mattress to Nick and Geoff and then back home for a
royal visit from our friend Stephen who has bought us some lovely presents
that fit with our new lounge.

It was then back up to my mum and dad's to deliver their bed and dinner with
them, lovely curry......

Then back home and catching up on some emails, and sort the entertainment
out for a bar that am working with, they wanted trouble but I explained that
were on a sabbatical for obvious reasons, and so they have asked me to
manage all the drag entertainment. Which isn't easy trying to sort out
several nights a week with different acts at such short notice, but it's
done now, I just have to write the contracts and posters.

I have had one rather random message though on Facebook today from an ex
business partner, that has rather perplexed me, and I don't know what to do
about it, should I contact them or leave t well alone....

Anyway, am off to the Tutankhamen exhibition in Manchester with mark, Nick
and Geoff, it was actually a present for Marks birthday in December, so we
have decided o go tomorrow.

Anyway will sign off I have a mountain of contracts to write and posters to

Till tomorrow


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  1. Ihave been reading ur blogs and all I can say is u r amazing u have such inner strength and I so admire u ..I dont know how u r doing it I wish u all the luck and love in the world xxxx