Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll

Well today has been a long day as have spent most of it in the hospital
waiting for various things.

First the appointment was half an hour late and then we had to wait for the
prescription for my new load of medication.

For various reasons it took over 2 hours for them to dispense my new meds,
but I have them now so I can't complain.

My new regime (well for the next 5 days anyway) is a mix of Chemo, anti
sickness, stomach protectors, a reduced dosage but increased number of
steroids and my usual dose of immune boosting drugs too, so I would
literally rattles if you picked me up.

Anyway I have now taken all my medication for today and I can honestly say
that the only side effect I get is that they give me heartburn and the
burps, which is what I discovered last time, so I just have to go with the

I also asked if I could go back to work after this first cycle of Chemo, and
they haven't said yes and they haven't said no, they said that I should see
how I am when I'm under the treatment, which is a positive sign for me, but
will see when I get through this next stage.

Tomorrow is the first day back to normal in the house, Mark will be back to
work, and I will be working from home again, and I will hope to catch up on
the few items I have missed over Xmas and New Year. Working from home will
occupy my time though and get me into a mind frame ready for when I do
manage to get back to the office.

Anyway am tired now so am off to bed.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x

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