Friday, 7 January 2011


Well I have a confession.

I didn't do a blog yesterday, I basically forgot....

I had a good day yesterday, I worked from home for most of the day and had a
really productive day.

I managed to clear my inbox of old items that needed to be done but just got
left because of Christmas and New Year.

I now want to go back to work, as I'm beginning to feel like a house
prisoner during the day. I did ask the Oncologist if I could go back on
reduced hours and he said that I should get the first cycle of my Chemo out
of the way first to see how it makes me feel. I finish on Monday so
hopefully one day next week I will make it into the office.

Even if it was just 2 days a week I could at least get out of the house and
socialise with people again, I'm sick of talking to the cats, as they argue
the point and I'm never tight (OK so they don't argue with me but the scrap
with each other and wander off when I want a conversation)

One thing that did happen yesterday was GTEN television, who we were
supposed to be doing a cooking program with last year have asked would I
like to do a video diary for their website, on who I am how am feeling etc
and how Cancer has affected my life. I said I would think about it, it might
me another therapeutic outlet for me who knows, I said I would let him know


Will sign off for now and update on my day today later this evening.

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