Thursday, 27 January 2011

All day in work.....

Well today has been one of those days when I shouldn't have got out of bed
because no matter what I did I knew someone would see it as being wrong.

I started this morning tryng to go to work, and I just couldn't get out of
the front door. I forgot my wallet, then I had to go back because I forgot
my phone, then I had to pick my medication up at the pharmacy and they are
not the quickest, they go at their own pace even though I was the only

The bus journey was a typical slow joirney and I finally managed to get to
town and enjoy the stroll from the stop to the office,, all going well.

In work I managed to gt everything done so much quicker as the systems are
quicker there and it is just easier. This afternoon we have been
interviewing for a new member of staff which we need to take on pretty
quickly. The one problem was that the interviews went on and on and I didn't
finish till 5.30pm which mark was angry at. He wanted me to finish at around
3pm as that's more than enough for me 10 - 3pm

I know he's right and that I shouldn't throw myself into the office that
much but with being in the office and enjoying being out I didn't notice the
time and such, although I will have to ensure that I don't do it again as I
know its not beneficial to myself.

I'm off to bed shortly as its another early start tomorrow as I have to be
at Christies for 9.15am ready for my scan. I should hopefully know the
results of this scan on Wednesday at my next Oncology Appointment, so will
be a long weekend for me. Not that I'm going to focus on it though as I know
this scan is not the most important one I will have at the moment.

Will just have to occupy myself with other things and then have the meeting
on Wednesday.

Anyway off to bed for me I think.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I hope everything goes well with the scan today and that you don't fret too much over the weekend {{HUGS}}

    Sounds like you had a good day in the office but, I would probably agree with Mark! That said, I am a master at over doing things and tend not to listen when Andrew tells me to take things's not till things catch up with me and I end up being unwell for a few days that I realise I shouldn't push myself so hard!

    Hopefully you will be able to stick more to the 10am - 3pm work hours in future :)

    I promise to catch up on my commenting later, unfortunately I have a 12 hour train journey back to Sussex to do today so plenty of time on my hands!!

    Take care.

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya xx