Sunday, 30 January 2011

PC Screwups

Well I thought today would be a good day for eBay, but looks like a little
technical issue thwarted our planes.

We have spent the majority of today getting items on the eBay listing tool
we use.

We had over 20 items on there and as it takes so long to to uploaded the

Anyway, we started to upload at 4.30 ready for the best time of 5pm and the
bloody thing crashed and deleted all the listings, and now my machine just
wont work again, so Mark is having to go through and re-do all the listings.

Last week's sales finished just after 5pm so I have been packaging the
orders up ready for postage tomorrow. So at least I have managed to do
something constructive today.

The whole eBay thing is getting to be a bit of a bug now for the both of us
and will be something that we end up doing for quite a while, as one of the
things we would like to do is make things both of a craft nature and also
for the Drag market so I'm sure we will need a retail outlet for it
somewhere, (that and I keep making cards at BASIC so will be overrun with

Anyway will go and check to see if anyone else has made a payment so that I
can wrap their products for tomorrow.

Steve x

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