Sunday, 16 January 2011

An Unexpected Visit

Well its been a funny weekend, but not in the funny Haha way.

I haven't been in the best of health this weekend, the chesty caught that I
was suffering from has got hold of me more than would normally happen, and
as a result I felt terrible, this combined with the issues I have whilst
coming down from the steroids, I was a really unwell bunny and after a call
to the Christies Hotline they suggested that I come in for a check-up. So on
Sunday afternoon, when all I wanted to do was relax and feel sorry for
myself, we were Christies bound.

Several doctors and nurses gave me a complete onceover and it was suggested
that I stay in under observation. They also gave me a high dosage of
Antibiotics to help with the chest complaint. They have also put my steroids
back up again so at least that solves that problem for today, just have to
work on it now ready to come back down again.

I also had a Chest X-Ray to ensure that there was no underlying issues. I
had to wait till 10pm last night for that but from what the radiographer
said, there was no issues, this was then confirmed this, so again that was

They sent me home this afternoon with a couple more days of antibiotics and
more steroids.

The whole weekend has helped to remind all of us of how I need to look after
myself a little more, and the fact that I have done so well has only lulled
us all into a false sense of security, just a small sniffle for one person
is a likely to be a big issue of me, especially considering that fact that
next month I will be on the full strength Chemo and my immune system will be
compromised even more.

The long shot of all this is I need to avoid anyone and situations that
would expose me to bugs, this sounds awful as its blocking the access to
family and friends, but I have to be selfish going forward and think of
myself first. Hopefully people will understand this situation and won't be
offended if I ask them not to come. I have even said to Mark, that if he has
a sniffle I will be moving to the other bedroom, it literally does mean
cutting all the situations out that I can.

Anyway I'm having an early night, something else that I need to ensure I do
more regularly, as sleep is one of the most important things for the body.

Night, till tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. {{BIG HUGS}} glad to have you back, fingers crossed you stay bug free after this little spell!

    I am sure all your family and friends will understand and will also want to do all they can to keep you as healthy as possible!

    I know a night in hospital isn't the best type of rest so sleep well Steve :) Thinking of you, Mark and family.

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x