Monday, 17 January 2011

Day of rest

Well its official, today I haven't done anything, I have been perched on the
sofa all day watching daytime TV, and I can honestly say I feel better for

I'm having another early night tonight and then will decide in the morning
if in going to work or not. I know I have BASIC tomorrow afternoon so will
see if im going in or not.

My legs are really achy today though, they were yesterday too, I feel like I
have done a thousand miles. I have been trying to stretch them out but its
not getting any better, must just be fatigue getting to me, but I wont let
it get to me, will just work my way through it.

Had a conversation with my mum today about living in a bubble, and know it's
not possible to completely block myself away from coughs and sneezes
completely but any of the situations that I can block out the better and I
will be doing, because of the fact that I have been well for the last couple
of months we have all become complacent with the small things and this
weekend was just a reminder that I'm not superman and I do need to take a
little extra care.

Those around me understand this which is good, so hopefully I won't offend
anyone if I say I can't see them if they have any sign of bugs.

One thing that has intrigued me the last few days is the number of people
that ready this blog. And Whilst watching Casualty there is a guy on there
that's also a regular blogger.

It would be great if you could just leave me a little msg on the comment
section of this blog (you don't have to sign up) just to say who you are and
where you're from, I think it would be really interesting (don't worry you
don't have to use your real name)

Anyway its shower time and then off to bed.

Steve x


  1. Hello Steve i have been trying to catch up with all your blog I only found it recently through macmillan. Anyway I just wanted to say I wish you well with all your treatment and Im sending my love to you and Mark. I just wish I had had your words to read when my sister was diagnosed with a BT (different type Steve) it would have helped us I know. I really admire your courage and determination and Im certain you can get through this, especaily with the love and support from your loved ones. I do know of a lady fairly local to me who was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4 in 2004 at the same time as my sister and she is doing really well Steve despite being given a poor prognosis. I truely believe that these Drs can get it so wrong.
    much love sally xxxx

  2. Steve sometimes a rest day helps, Your work will wait and you know your health is far more important. Followed your Blog from the start, stay focused and think positive. love to you both Shirley xx