Thursday, 20 January 2011

Back on the right path

Well today has been a good day and am on the mend now, just need to get rid
of the chesty part of the cough that is slowly coming out.

I have had my weekly visit to BASIC today and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's
very therapeutic being with other people in similar situations, I even feel
comfortable to sit there with no hat on.

One thing I have noticed though whilst there today is that my hair is
starting to grow back ever so slightly, all be it slightly bristly...

My Fatigue is starting to drop again which is good, and I actually made the
visit to BASIC myself although I did need a cuppa when I got there....

The fatigue comes and goes now on its own, I just have to put up with it
when it's here, like a miserably aunty who just won't go....

After BASIC Mark and myself went to the Cinema because its Orange Wednesday,
which makes it much more affordable, although it's not expensive if you can
get it cheaper it's a bonus. One thing I have found out though at BASIV is
if you're on DLA you are entitled to a CEA Card
this entitles the holder to go to the cinema with a carer and the carer to
attend free, this is any time of the week not just Wednesdays.

It also acts as a discount card at theatres and other venues to, you just
have to ask (they advertise the UB40 discounts but Disability benefits are
rarely advertised.

We discussed the number of benefits available to people that do not get
highlighted to people I need, and I think between the few o us we could come
up with a list and pass it round, as there doesn't appear to be anywhere
with a concise list, when it's done will publish it on my blog.

Anyway am off to bed now, as it's been a long day and again am tired.

Will update tomorrow

Steve x


  1. hi my name is janet i live in ashton in makerfield nr wigan i came across ur blog by accident i think u are a remakeable person .i have a friend who is now in remisson but she had trouble with infections and we all understood to keep away and am sure your friends and family will be the same...god bless you and your family i will remember u in my prayers....take care

  2. Thanks Janet. were getting into the routine of being careful now, because I have been so good at all other times we all have become complacent, but last weekend’s little trip to the hospital just proves that none of us can be like that now. I hope your friend continues with her healthy recovery.

    Steve x