Thursday, 20 January 2011

Back to normal

Well today was my return to the office world in a normal state.

I managed to work in the office 9.30am till 4, I will admit I was tired, but
I loved every minute of it. Its the biggest step I have taken in the last
couple of months to getting some kind of normality and structure back in my
life. Yes I have been normal at home and such but returning to work is a big
change for me, as working from home doesn't appear too have made much of an
impact, just serving to occupy my mind whilst at home.

It was great to be back in the office and immediately fall into the role
that I left over 4 months ago, and the whole team just carried on as normal,
they even pestered me to do little bits, which is just like old times.....

I had the discussion with my boss about returning and the are happy for me
to do it as and how I can.

My hair is still trying to grow back slowly but surely and everyone that
strokes my head says its bristly and definitely some re-growth there, its
thicker on the right and back than on the left where I had the Radio
therapy, but its at least a start, let's just hope that it doesn't grow back
ginger or curly, otherwise it will be funky hair colours, head shaving etc
for me going forward.

Anyway, I'm off to bed my legs are aching today, something I haven't seen
for a couple of days, it comes and goes but something I have to put up with.
Its probably the fact I have been continuously sat at my desk today and I
haven't been walking round, will have to ensure that when I do go to the
office I walk around etc to keep my legs going, it works at home so it
should work in the office.

Night all

Steve x

PS someone again said today that I am an inspiration, all I will say is I'm
no more special that anyone, I'm just a normal person that has had some
really crappy news, and has taken one of the only two decisions I had, sit
back and let this illness consume me or stand up and fight and see where it
gets me. I chose to stand and fight, stay positive and keep on going. If I
can encourage other people in the same situation to do the same then that's

Positivity, love and a bloody stubborn determination to keep going is my new
philosophy, if anyone else wants to share it then its free for the taking, I
hope it stands you in as much good stead as it appears to be doing me.

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