Saturday, 22 January 2011


Well it's the weekend, as you may know I didn't do a blog yesterday as I was
tired, and had very little that I could say.

My mum and Gran came down all day, but I don't feel this is special, this is
normal and not noteworthy, that sounds awful but I know what I mean,

It was good to see my Mum and Granny though as well as my friend Justian who
popped by.

As for the evening I was in bed by 10pm as I was pretty tired and wasn't
much after that, that I was well into the land of nod, I was that sleepy
that I didn't even wear my earplugs and slept all the way through.

As for today, its been another pretty normal day for us, tidy the house this
morning, then lunch and then Justian came by again, He's a real tonic as we
don't get to see him often so was nice for him to come round, that and Mark
was working yesterday when he came round, so we had tea and cake.

This evening we have been adding more of our costumes to eBay , we really
need to get onto the whole thing and get it cleared out, hopefully not that
Xmas is out of the way and people are returning back to normal, things will
start to sell again.

Once our dressing room is empty we have plans to do loads of other stuff so
we need to get onto that pronto.

It's sad getting rid f all the costumes, but also therapeutic in the same
light so something I can do without an issue now.

Will add the link to the shop on my blog tomorrow but you can always look up
some of the thing on my Facebook already, they will always be uploaded on a
Sunday as that's the best day to finish eBay sales.

Another thing I have been informed about via the BT Buddies website founder
Natalya is a little chap in the USA Mason. He is 9 years old and has been
diagnosed with DIPG Tumour. His mom has come up with the idea of people
sending him Valentine's day cards from all around the world, he will then
pin a little love heart on his huge map at home from wherever they are from.

This is both a sweet idea for mason and his brother and sister but also
educational too.

If you would like to send him a card, please send it to:

Mason Kempf

7700 W. 96th terrace

Overland Park



I will be sending him a card with my details on so that he can pin a little
heart of love t his map, and if you have it in your heart you will too. If
you want to pass this on to any of your far flung friends that would be
brilliant too.

I'm also getting ready this week to have a full week in the office (or as
full as I can make it, will be working from home Monday and Friday and then
the office Tuesday and Thursday, I will then phase the Home working over to
Office working. I enjoyed working last week at the Office last week, and the
whole getting back to normal is brilliant.

I have also finished the concoction of Antibiotics I have been on all week
today, which is a godsend as the tablets were huge and I didn't like taking
them, I know they were good for me but I hated the monotony of having to
take tablets at certain times of the day and being tied to a clock, I know I
have to do this when am on Chemo but that is a while structured routine for
5 days and is a little simpler.

Anyway will sign off as I have to take the last of today's pills and then
its bedtime.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

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