Monday, 24 January 2011

End of the weekend

Well I didn't do a Blog yesterday so will catch up this morning whilst I
work for my Work PC to catch up with itself.

Yesterday was a good day although I did have headache for most of it, I
think I slept funny the night before and have twisted my neck so that isn't

Over the weekend we have started the massive task of uploading all our drag
to eBay as its not selling quick enough via Facebook, so at least its now on
Facebook and on eBay so reaching a much broader audience.

It will be sad but also interesting to see the costumes go, as it's the end
of one part of my (and Marks Life) over with but it also means the start of
something completely new.

It's also exciting watching people bid on the items that your selling. And
it makes you want to list more and more, and push the bidding.

The only downside now is the fact I have loads of parcels to go to the post

We did 30 auctions as a test this week to ensure we were getting the right
mix of advert on and now we know the secret we will be uploading more this
week ready for Sunday, as Sunday is the magic eBay day.

One nice thing I have heard this weekend is the little task I sent out on my
Blog and on Facebook regarding mason in Kansas, who wanted valentines cards
from all over the world so he could put a little pin of love on his Map,
loads of my family and friends from all round the world have sent him one
and passed on the message. I really hope he gets thousand as it's such a
sweet thing to do.

Today am trying to get myself back into work mode as I really want to start
returning to the office more, so am working as normal a routine as possible.
I have to check with the Oncologist again in Feb if it is OK but he did say
there shouldn't be any issues as long as I know that I have to limit myself,
which is something I'm getting good at, I will now put my hand up and say
I'm tired and need to stop.

Will update later.

Will have to go and check my sales, its really exciting watching the bids go


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