Tuesday, 25 January 2011

10pm that's my lot

Well again last night I didn't manage to complete my blog as I fell asleep,
before 10pm

This is now becoming a regular occurrence again, it can't be a bad thing
though as if my body needs sleep then it needs sleep simple as.

That and I have been getting up several times a night to go to the loo as
the green tea is really clearing me out, good in one respect bad in the
other that it keeps me awake. I do feel the benefits of the tea though so
that's a good thing.

As for the 10pm cut off this is becoming a standard time, and have set
myself this limit now so that if I do have a late night at any point in the
week or weekend then I'm in credit as it were, at least then I can still do
all the things I want to do and not be as tired.

This week is a strange week coming up as I have my MRI scan on Friday and
so that I can have the results ready for my next oncologist meeting on the
2nd. I can't say I am not worried about the scan but I do understand that
this is not the most important one I will be having and is simply an
indicator of how things are going. The one downside of the scan is I have
the have an injection of dye to highlight my brain etc, and this has some
strange reactions as its going in and coming out again, let's just say the
smell it produces on the way out is like a pack of wet dogs, so not

I'm working a full day again today for the office and want to go into the
office on Thursday as we have interviews for new members of staff if it can
be arranged with the candidates. I will go in any way as it's nice to get
into the office at least once a week o integrate with the social aspect and
catch up on all the politics.

Will update later after my mum has been down.


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