Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Direction West

Well today I'm supposed to be thinking about work little else, the problem
is I'm thinking of little else and no work.

I suppose I have managed to get quite a bit done this morning so I am at
least well ahead in that respect but this afternoon I just haven't got it in
me to focus. I keep finding something else to distract myself. eBay is evil
and needs to be blocked for working hours, why would I want a 1000 pieces of
jewellery making bits for a bargain price of £4.99, I don't know either, but
I was strangely tempted.

I know I need to do the dishes too, but I'm resisting temptation as if I
leave my desk that will be it I will be on a whole new road to nowhere...

I thought if I wrote this it might just push me in the right direction,
between me and you - It didn't...

Never mind.

Till later


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