Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Well, again last night I didn't manage to do another Blog entry, but then
again I had done some entries during the day so its not too bad.

I actually find it easier to do entries during the day as and when they come
up rather than trying to put it all down at the end of the night when I'm
clearly tired and not in the mood.

Last night was another early night in bed after we watched the program My
Big fat Gypsy Wedding. It's just amazing the lifestyle they have and how
closed it is to the outside world.

Anyway, today I have managed to get all my work done for the office that I
need to do and will soon be having lunch. This afternoon is my weekly trip
to BASIC, which I am really enjoying as its time out from everything where I
can talk freely to other likeminded people.

This evening I will be adding crystals to a throw that me and Mark are
making as he is at a dinner presentation so will be home alone, so might as
well get it done.

Thursday is my day in the office so will have an early night tonight to
ensure am fresh and ready as I will be interviewing new people for the
office ready for summer. It's great to be back in the swing of things at the
office even though its only one day a week at the moment then hopefully can
build this up to a few.

One problem I am having at the moment is sleeping through.

This green tea although its doing me the world of good and is really
detoxing my body, it makes me want to go at all times of the day, I have
stopped drinking after 7pm to see if this helps and no, so I just have to
put up with it, I was hanging washing up this morning at 4.15am as I was
wide awake, oh well at least the washing was dry when I got up this

Oh well almost lunchtime, will update later maybe after BASIC

Steve x

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