Sunday, 2 January 2011

Out with the old....

Well like I said yesterday, today was going to be a sorting out day, and we
have, the pair of us, its actually been an infectious sorting out as Mark's
mum has been doing the same too.

Between the three of us we have managed to sort out 4 large black bags of
stuff to go to the charity shop, which means we all have more space in our

Even though its been a hectic day and very productive, its also been a good
day as its helped keep me occupied and not think about the last few days,
and the simple fact of clearing out drawers and having a clear and fresh
start has also helped mentally too as I appear to have had a mental clear
out too whilst I was at it.

Also this afternoon we have paced for our evening away at Peckforton Castle
(its the CSL advert castle in the background). We will be staying tomorrow
night and will be driving down tomorrow morning, it will be nice to just get
away from it all and not think about anything in particular, were just going
to go and relax and soak in the atmosphere.

As for the rest of the week its going to be pretty hectic and I have
literally run into 2011 with a full diary.

I am back at Christies on Wednesday for the start of my next 6 months of
treatment and then on Friday I am having my second full body massage.

All this whilst also trying to fit in my daily duties for the office. I
want to get this first week of Chemo out of the way so that I know how I
feel as I would ideally like to go back to work, at least part time from the
office, as im simply bored to tears at home. Mark has said there is loads of
things I can do at home to occupy myself, but the whole being at home is
what bores me. Even if I could just do a couple of hours in the office every
day that would alleviate the problem, and I would probably achieve more
overall. Time will tell.

Anyway am supposed to be watching Dirty Dancing, as Mark has insisted I
watch it (I have never actually seen it) so will sign off till tomorrow when
I will be updating via my mobile.


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