Sunday, 2 January 2011

It started better than the last one finished.

Well 2011 has started much better than 2010 finished.

I woke up this morning after going back to bed in a much more sociable mood,
Mark too was in a more sociable mood.

E have had a lovely day and have been spoiled too, we were collected by Nick
at about 3pm to be taken to their house for dinner and we played Wii
afterwards, now four of us sat there giggling like school children isn't
something that should be allowed (but oh so much fun)

Thanks for the afternoon guys, it's really put a spring in our step and am
now ready to hit the coming week with gusto.

Am off to bed now as have loads to do tomorrow, I feel a day of sorting
coming on.

Steve x

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both x

    So glad you guys had a good day! Sounds like Nick and Geoff are a great tonic for you both!