Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year Bles

Its am on new years day and I have just got up, I was actually in bed at 9pm
last night because things were shitty.

Yesterday wasn't a particularly good day anyway for two reasons, first
everyone is excited about the new year looking forward making plans planning
the year ahead etc etc etc, and for obvious reasons I just ant get into that
thought of mind even though I am being positive, it still bites inside. I
cans even plan simple things sometimes as treatments and the fact I don't
know how I will be feeling all stand in the way.

The other reason yesterday wasn't ery good was its the 1st anniversary of
the death of my aunt, she too died of cancer a year ago today, so this
really hit home.

So all in all it wasn't a very good day for me, and I will admit I was quiet
and did want to be on my own.

On the other hand Mark hates NY anyway so he too was in a crabby mood and do
the majority of yesterday we spent blanking each other - he thinks I was
blanking him I think he was blanking me so were both at fault. Not a good
end to the new year as we were both in bed silently at 9pm like I said.

I have woken up in a much less bitter mood this morning and hope he does
too, either way it will be sorted out.

As for the day ahead were off to Nick and Geoff's for dinner which will be
nice and will give us chance to start the new year on a positive.

One thing that did keep me occupied yesterday was the arrival of my new
gadget my new Pet Nabaztag ( and I spent some of the
afternoon trying to get that set up over the internet. Its basically an
entertainment system in the form of a rabbit that sits wherever, connects to
your WIFI and tells you the time, plays music, brings you the news and can
be programmed to do a number of other things too - these Ii have yet to do.
You can link it to other Nabazag bunnies around the world and they interact
with each other. I'm later going to figure out how to get it to work with my
Skype account so I can chat more with Leon in Israel

I'm going to sign off now as am going to go bck to bed for an hour, I have
had a cup of tea so might sleep for an hour or so.

Will update more later.

Happy New Year too


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