Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Day

Well another full day for me, and am still preparing myself for my return to
work, I just have to prove to myself and Mark, that I am capable of working
a full day in the office, once I can do this I can then explain to the
olcologist and he will allow me to go back on a phased return.

I will admit tio being tired, but this is probably two things, the treatment
but also the fact that I'm getting back into a 9 - 5 routine, which is
obviously a change to my system.

I'm coping well with it though. Its nice though that I'm being included in
the office and that fact im working with the team rather than assisting on
minor things.

I'm off to bed shortly as im tired, and its Shameless so will watch that and
fall asleep.... ) probably in the wrong order)

Health Wise I do have headache today, but that's probably down to the fact o
have work a baseball cap all day, my own fault I know....

Tomorrow I'm taking a day out and have a number of things I need to sort out
so that will be me.


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