Monday, 10 January 2011

Office Based...

Well it's been another busy day in my little world, I have worked a full day
for work, which for me is a positive step forward for me returning to work
whilst my treatment continues.

I really want to go back to work as I'm literally going stare crazy at home
so today has been a good indicator that I can do it, although I won't be
going back full time as that would simply tire me out, as I'm am tired today
so early night for me I think.

One of the issues I do have though working out of the office is the speed of
my PC, I simply can't do everything I could do in the office, my machine
just doesn't go as fast as I need it to or I want it too. This again is a
good thing as it stops me from doing too much and taking too much on.

The bookings for the Drag acts are coming in again, and am enjoying being
part of that whole drag network again. I'm hoping to expand this area over
the next couple of months as part of the Drag Queen Superstore network.

Anyway am off to bed as am tired, although I may watch Shameless in bed
until I fall asleep.

Till tomorrow when I'm doing another full day


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