Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The only real thing can mention about today is the fact I'm tired.

Although saying that I have still managed to get a lot done.

My mum came round this morning and we did the post office run again things
are really hotting up with the shop and have a number of parcels to go out
every day, so again that's something that gets me out of the house and makes
me have my walk every day.

This afternoon I was again at BASIC doing a recreational course, this is an
effort to socialise myself with people in the same boat as myself and also
do something that I cannot think about cancer for a few hours.

The group is great and we had a laugh so I will be going again next week, I
eve managed to teach the group something too.

After the group Mark picked me up and we went off to the Trafford centre to
watch a movie as its Orange Wednesday, but everything we wanted to watch
started late and I as I'm tired now I didn't want to be out too late so we
ended up at ChaoBaby - it's an all you can eat Thai Buffet, hence were both
now waddling around feeling rather full.

Another thing that happened today is the arrival of the Radiotherapy Masks
that both me and Mark will be decorating for BT Buddies, They will be going
into an exhibition in London later in the year.

It was a little odd though seeing the masks again as that part of my
treatment is now over and am moving on to other areas. The other thing is
one of the Masks was a child's mask, and it just made me think of the child
having to go through the same thing as I did.

Anyway that's about all for today, am sure there is more but I can't think
as I have headache ad am tired, so will sign off and see you all tomorrow.



  1. {{HUGS}}

    Sorry to hear you are having a tired few days :( Hopefully things will pick up a bit for you soon!

    Apologies for any upset the masks might have caused {{HUGS}} As far as we know all the masks donated were from adults except 3 that are already in the exhibition. However, it is quite difficult for anyone to think of children going through this journey :( You know how tough your own journey has been so I am sure you more than most can understand the toll this would take on a much smaller body :(

    Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing what you both come up with! I also have masks that are made of different material to the one you had. The one in Andrew's hand here is the other type used here in the UK if you or Steve would prefer one of these just let me know {{HUGS}} Thank you both, again, for doing this x

    Will catch up on more of your posts tomorrow, time for some rest now! This move has really taken things out of me.

    Thinking of you both.

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x

  2. Hi Chuck. Im fine with the mask, i was just having one of those days. We have ideas of how to decorate them both and will send them as soon as possible.

    Hope the move has gone well and not stressed you out too much.


  3. ((BIG HUGS)) looking forward to seeing what you both come up with!

    I hope you are feeling a bit less tired now and that you're having a relaxing weekend :)

    Move went reasonably well, we did have a slight issue involving lots of snow, a ditch and our car being only 6" off the ground about 20 minutes after we got on the island, very scary, but we were so lucky that out of nowhere 2 people were walking along (in the dark in the middle of nowhere) and they helped push us out! After that things went smoothly, I unpacked my new riser recliner and got to use it for the first time, I could have cried with just how brilliant it is and knowing the huge difference it will make to my life! Such simple things!

    I have started a new blog with my island diary and when send you the link tomorrow!

    Enough rambling from me, it's bedtime!

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x